Chevy Malibu Engine Misfire- Replaced Spark Plugs And Coils

My Question is what is the problem when i start the car it shakes and has a hard time picking up speed? I did a test and it said a misfire. So i replace the plug, plug wire, ignition coil pack. I started the car and it still shook but not as bad. Then i replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Then i took it for a test run. The car reach a max speed of 45mph. But it still shakes and has a hard time picking up speed. So i don't know what the problem is. Later i took it for another test run and this time the car only went 10mph and it started to smoke inside the ride. It also had a bad smell inside. So Thanks for your time and hope to get a response.

2004 Chevy Malibu. 2.2 Ecotec. Check Engine Computer codes = Misfire.
Lube Jobs Replace oil and oil filter, replace air filter, replace tires, replace head light.
Work done to repair this problem = Replaced the ignition coil pack, spark plugs, Plug wires(boots), fuel pump, and fuel filter.
And tried cleaning out the converter.

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A few possibilities...
Sounds like the car is running only 2 cylinders. The ignition control module is a common cause for this. Need to find out what cylinders are misfiring. You can do this by removing the coil assembly, and install 4 old plug wires between the coils and the cylinders. Then use a grounded test light to cancel each cylinder. The ones that do cancel and make it run worse or die- these were firing and are OK. If 1 or more do not cancel, they were not firing to begin with- and that is the cylinder(s) that have a problem. Check for spark coming out of that cylinder plug wire. If no spark, then sounds like ignition module.

Bad fuel injectors will also do this, but not as common.

The engine timing may have jumped. Need to do a compression check on all cylinders to make sure they are all close readings to each other.

I drive a 1996 Chevy Malibu 2.2 liter. I live on a small island where the engine never really warms up. The EGR tube becomes restricted with a gummy carbony sludge about every 1000 miles. There is very little blow by. Has anyone attempted to insulate the erg tube in an attempt to keep it hot and reduce condensation of exhaust? I am seeking a permanent solution. 1996 Chevrolet Malibu.

I Have not heard of any type of insulating the tube. A Little blow-by is too much. May want to try an oil additive to reduce blow-by. Also check the PCV system. If it is restricted that will cause engine blow-by. Aside from that, you may have internal engine problems such as worn piston rings or cylinder walls.

Chevrolet Malibu 2005 4 cylinder, starting the car to warm up after a couple of minutes would sputter a little rough idle then stalls, had this issue past 6 days, maybe bad gas, don't know. Car starts after a few minutes into a rough idle slightly sputtering then stalls.

Possibly you have gotten a bad tank of fuel. Be sure to run it our then fill up with fresh gas. You may have and ignition coil going bad. This will give the sputtering, but should not cause a stall. Check the throttle for being full of carbon. This is a common cause for your problems.

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