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More Chevy Car And Truck Questions- Page 3
Gas Leak
Replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly on my truck, now fuel is spraying
out under the hood. What could i have done to make this problem.
Brakes are locked up
On my 2001 Chevy Silverado 4wd p/u all 4 calipers are compressed,
brake pedal feels like theres pressure on it.
Silverado Won't Start
Replaced the neutral safety switch on my truck, now the shifter moves without
pressing the brake pedal and it will not start.
How To Change Shift Solenoid
I have a check engine light and code for a bad transmission shift
solenoid B. How to replace this or dies it have to go to a mechanic.
2006 Chevy Cobalt DTC Code P0641
I have a code for the 5 volt reference circuit low for the MAP and Mass
Airflow sensor on my Chevrolet Cobalt. How do I diagnose which one is
bad and needs to be replaced?
Malibu Dies At Idle With Air Conditioning On
My 2005 Malibu stalls out when coming to a stop and idle, but only
when the air conditioning is on. What is wrong with my car?
1995 Chevy Lumina Starts And Dies
After starting my Chevy Lumina it stalls out in a minute. After restarting it
chokes out and dies again. Check engine light is on but cannot get the codes.
2005 Suburban Transmission
My transmission is not shifting into second or third gear. Reverse is working
fine. The engine light is also on. What is wrong with my truck?
Evap Code P0446
Have this code on my car. Is that a bad purge valve or vent solenoid?
Reduced Engine Power
My 2003 truck says reduced power and the check engine light is on. The gas
pedal does not work either.
Humming Noise In Front End
My 2001 has an ABS light and noise in the front end. We replaced both hub
bearing but the light is still on.
2006 Trailblazer Fan Speed Problem
The front blower motor speeds do not work on my truck. What's wrong with my truck? The
rear A/C blower works just fine.
2005 Chevrolet Colorado Hard Starting
My truck is hard to start when the engine is hot. Also the blower only works on a few
speeds, even though we replaced the fan resistor.
Chevy Blazer P0410 And Engine Won't Start
My Chevrolet Blazer cranks over and will not start. The check engine light is on with code
P0410. The pump is running but still has this code.
Trailblazer Will Not Start
After replacing the battery in my truck, the transmission acts like it is stuck in neutral. The gauges
are all bottomed out an the it dies out coming to a stop at idle.
2006 Cobalt Rough Idle
My car has a check engine light and the idles is very rough. The engine hesitates
when stepping on the gas pedal. It if driving, just a bad idle.
200t Trailblazer Brake Calipers Locked Up
The brakes are locked up on my truck. Is this a fluid contamination? Also i am
loosing coolant and no heat from vents.
1992 Blazer Hesitating Badly
After my truck was sitting a long time it wont go when hitting the gas. We replaced a lot of parts.
2005 Trailblazer driver side low beam headlight the only one working.
2001 Silverado Belt Noise
After replacing the belt on my Silverado truck, it is making a noise again. My
truck has fuel pump pressure but still wont fire.
2004 Trailblazer Shakes And Stalls
What's wrong with my truck? When i come to a stop with the air conditioning on, it
shakes and dies out. Always when coming off the highway and slowing down.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche Module
I need to know what this part is and if it is causing the check engine light on my truck.
I could send a picture if that will help tell me what this is.
How To Replace Crank And Cam Sensor
My 2004 Chevy Trailblazer has a check engine and i need to know how to replace the
cam position solenoid and crank position sensor.
2002 Impala Temperature Gets Hot
I have replaced the intake manifold gaskets, water pump, radiator, thermostat and coolant
but my car still overheats. There are no leaks on the engine. What is wrong with my car?
1998 Chevy Tahoe Shifter Broken and Wont Start
I have to turn the bracket under the steering column to shift gears, but now my truck won't start.
What is wrong with my Chevy?
Chevy Corvette Won't Start
I have a check engine light on my Corvette. We replaced the ECU, module and spark plugs.
How do i check the fuel injectors? Car blows gas and black smoke from the exhaust.
2005 GMC Envoy P0128 And P0410
My truck is stalling and running rough when coming to a stop. We replaced the coolant
temperature sensor but still have a check engine light for the thermostat and secondary
air injection pump or valve.
2007 Chevy Silverado Idle Problems
My truck accelerates on its own but the Tachometer stays at zero. I have to shut off the
truck then restart it to fix the problem.
2004 GMC Envoy Rough Idle And Engine Light
My GMC envoy with the 4.2L engine is vibrating at idle. The check engine light is on and
there is misfire code P0300. We have changed the spark plugs, coils and fuel injectors.
2009 Chevrolet Equinox P0171
While trying to correct these problems, the service traction system light came on.
We scanned the computer and also got code P2534.
Silverado Won't Stay Running
My truck is hard to start and wont stay running. Also the steering is very loose. The tie rod ends
were checked and are good.
2002 Trailblazer Electrical Problems
I am having problems with the low beam lights, Onstar and check 4 wheel drive lights in
my truck. No codes are recorded by the mechanic.
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<< Previous Page Chevy Questions
1992 Chevy Lumina Dies Out
My Lumina will start but then the check engine light comes on and the engine will
stall. We replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils but that did not help.
Silverado Service Engine Light
I have a check engine light on my Chevy Silverado. It came on right after i got
an oil change. What could have caused this?
Oil Leak On Chevy P30 Step Van
I have an oil leak on my van and the transmission will not shift gears. Oil is
leaking from the pressure sender. Can that cause my trans problem?
GMC Envoy Code P0108 MAP Sensor
I have a check engine light and my GMC Envoy will stall out at idle. The code
came up for the MAP sensor. What is wrong with my truck?
2008 Chevy Express- No Overdrive
The cruise control quit working on my 2008 Express van and then the transmission will
not go into overdrive gear. What makes these things related?
2005 Impala Check Engine Light
Light came on changed gas cap light still on driving last night headlights went off and
when I clicked brights handle came back on also traction off light.
2003 GMC Sierra Belt Noise
I have a constant noise, somewhat like a chirp, that I'm having trouble finding. I ran the
car with both belts off and no noise. Then ran it with just the ac belt on, still no noise.
2004 Chevy Impala Radio Not Working
The radio stopped working, it still lit up and you could do everything but there is NO sound at
all. Checked all fuses and then bought a brand new Pioneer radio, still has the same issues.
Check Engine Light And Runs Rough
I had the intake manifold gaskets replaced on my 3800 V6 and now the car runs
bad and has an engine light on. Could the mechanic have done the repair wrong?
2012 Chevy Impala Engine And Tire Light
I had the codes scanned and got P0014. Also the low tire pressure light
is on the dash. The dealer won't replace the sensor.
Cleaning EGR Passage On Chevy Monte Carlo
I have EGR codes on my 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo. I want to clean the passages.
Can you give me some help on how to do this repair?
Chevy 3800 Temperature Gauge Reads Hot
After replacing the intake manifold gaskets on my 3800 motor, the temperature gauge
reads full and the HOT light comes on.
2009 Ford Edge Won't Start
After getting a trailer hitch installed, my Ford Edge will no start. The dealer told me to
wait an hour and try it again. Could these repairs be causing the problem on my SUV ?
1995 Grand Am Has No Fire
My car will crank over but not start. There is no spark from the ignition coils. I replaced the
crank sensor and computer already.
2001 Dodge Caravan Instrument Cluster Went Dead
I checked all the fuses. I removed the gauges cluster and looked at all of the solder joints
on the board but they are good. Do i need a new part installed?
1995 GP Engine Noise
My car has the common engine ticking noise in the morning. It goes away
after it warms up. Sometime the car will stall after revving it up a little.
Multiple Random Misfires
I have a check engine light with code P0300. It is showing random
misfires on several cylinders. We change spark plugs, wires and the
catalytic converter.
Chevy S-10 Extreme ABS Codes
Not receiving ABS signal on either the left or right side speed sensors.
What could be causing this problem?
What IS This Part Called?
My son put his 2000 Cavalier in the ditch last night. He was going very slow,
but there is a frozen ridge in the ditch. It was very foggy and our gravel road
is mush right now that sucked him right off the road when he got too close to
the edge. We found this part when we pulled the car out.
Ongoing starting Problem With My Truck
My Trailblazer sometimes the starter will crank and times it won't. The dash
lights will not come on then will be. I have used this video to test the circuits.
I replaced the ignition switch with no help.
Loud Noise In The Front Of My Car
I have a 2007 Chevy Impala, there is a loud noise coming from the
passenger tire when turning left, I took car to dealer they said it was front
end struts, then i took care to firestone they could not find anything wrong,
Need Intake Air Temp Sensor Wire Colors
I am installing a cold air intake system and performance chip on my 2006
Chevrolet Silverado. It is either the 5.3L V8, or the 6.0L. I need to know
where the intake temperature sensor IAT is located.
GMC Sierra Dash And PRNDL Lights Out
I have several dash light out on my truck. They come on when i hit the top of the dash.
Also, the shift indicator lighting is very dim.