Chevy Malibu Humming Noise In Front End

2001 Chevy Malibu 3400. Warning lights: ABS and traction control warning light are on the dash. I Replaced both front hub bearings.I had a humming noise in the front of my 2001 Chevrolet Malibu. The noise happens when driving and gets louder as the vehicle speed increases. There was also the ABS and traction warning lights on the dash. When on the highway, if driving on off ramp and turning to the right, the noise got so I replaced the right front hub bearing.

We took it for a drive and the noise was still there. At a mechanic shop he said that i replaced the wrong wheel bearing, so i changed out the left front wheel bearing. The noises are now gone, but i still have the ABS and traction light on. I thought the wheel speed sensors were in the hubs? What is wrong with my car? The warning lights should have gone out. I did not have the computer codes scanned, but from what i have read, the fronts are the most common thing to go wrong on the Chevy Malibu.

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You most likely have two different problems on the Malibu. The noise was obviously the hub bearings and is now fixed. The ABS/Traction problem was not fixed with the replacement of the hub bearings, so, if indeed it is a problem in either of the front wheels, it would have to be the wiring harnesses to either of the wheel speed sensor connectors.

This is a very common problem, where the harnesses get corroded due to moisture intrusion and either the wires break or no longer transfer a signal.I would highly recommend getting the ABS computer scanned so you know which wheel or wheels is causing the trouble. Then go about replacing that specific harness for which ever wheel speed sensor(s) are setting a code.

1999 Chevy Malibu.Question:Shows front left side axle (CV)removal separating from differential side gear shaft. Mine did not.i have not pulled all the way out yet. Now that they're together do i have choice? What happens if i pull gear shaft out? How do i get it back in?

If i understand the problem you are trying to tell us, you are removing the left axle and it is stuck? You need to use two pry bars 180 degrees from each other between the inner axle housing and the transmission. Carefully "Pop" it out. If you are asking what happens if the axle boot and CV joint separates, then you would need to disassemble the axle and reinstall. There would not be any damage done to it at all.

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