Chevy Malibu EVAP Code P0446- Vent Solenoid

2002 Chevrolet Malibu. 3.1L V6. Engine Light code P0446.
Question = The P0446 shows probable causes:
1. Purse or Vent Solenoids defective.
2. Check connector and wiring.
3. Fuel saturated vapor canister.
4. Failed evaporator vent solenoid.

My question are the follows:
1. Is the purse or vent or evaporator vent solenoid is the same thing ?
2. Where is the location of this solenoid ?
3. Any suggestion or hint to replace this solenoid in the fast way ?

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Code P0446 is for a problem with the EVAP vent valve. This is what controls the evaporative emissions system by opening and closing it causing the system to seal or vent to the atmosphere. To answer your questions is order...

The purge valve and vent solenoid are two different parts. The evaporator has nothing to do with the emission system. That is part of your air conditioning.

On the Chevy Malibu, the vent valve is located behind the drivers side rear whee, in the top portion of the wheel well. It is is just bolted to a bracket and very easy to replace. It has one electrical connection and a large hose.

The purge solenoid is on the back side of the 3100 engine. Two small vacuum hoses and one connector. The code you are getting is for improper flow. This is most likely caused by the vent solenoid, but could also be caused by the vacuum lines on the purge valve being switched around if someone did some work on the back of the motor- like an intake manifold gasket repair or valve cover replacement.

You would need tom test for power into the vent valve, an then ground by the PCM (computer) to determine for sure it is faulty.

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