Chevy Colorado Hard Starting And Blower Problem

Truck is hard to start when hot. Will try to start and then die unless you give it gas at right moment. If it does start without additional gas pedal, very rough idle and low (200) RPM for first 15 seconds and then gradually settles back to normal. 2005 Chevy Colorado. Rick W.

Sounds like the problem on your Chevy truck is just a throttle body full of carbon. You need to start by cleaning the throttle. This can cause may problems like low or rough idle, hard starting and even a check engine light. Use a carb cleaner on a rag. After cleaning, take it or a good drive on the highway while doing a few hard accelerations to blow it out.

If that does not help, but it should, you would then need to check the fuel pressure when the engine is hot. Low fuel presure will also cause these conditions.

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Chevy Colorado truck. Current problems are coming from 2005 chevy Colorado blower motor i am guessing. Have already changed the resistor and also the connector for it due to the fact it was burnt up pretty bad. Have a new wiring harness coming for the control to blower system.

As of right now it is blowing and only working on speed 4 and nothing else. i am fixing myself due to history with electronics. i am trying here just really getting aggravated. Please help as soon as possible. And can you send me all possible problems it could be and hopefully one will work thank you for your time.

Well, if the blower motor works, even if only on high speed, it is NOT a blower motor problem. Usually this is always a bad blower motor resistor and/or connector if it is burnt up which you say yours was. If you've replaced it and the connector and still have no function, I would re-check your wiring job. You could have possibly wired a few of the wires in the wrong place. If you're sure its ok, then that only leave a control head as the issue.

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