Chevy Blazer Starer Does Not Even Click

For a year and a half, I been having a problem that the starter will not start. No notice at all. Not even your normal clicks in the starter. Then after a few seconds it will start. This April it made me wait 10 minutes. After that is when I had it first checked out. Found nothing but replaced battery. It worked fine for 3 months after that 10 minute wait. Then it acted up again. However the frequency was not like it was when it was acting up a April. Then at the end of August, it made wait 10 minutes again. An hour or 2 before that I drove threw heavy rain for a couple of miles. That was the last time that happened. I had the garage checked out, nothing turned up. What could this be? Electronics or starter? Oh, yeah, the security light is not on. 2003 Chevrolet Blazer 4.3L V6 Vortec. Repairs done prior = I went for 2 Diagnostics and nothing turned up. The battery was replaced was first time.

The key is to do some diagnosis when it is acting up. You would need to check for power at the PURPLE wire on the starter when key is in CRANK and not starting. If there is power, but wont crank, then you need a starter. If there is no power, then possible neutral safety switch problem, or a loss of 12volts to the neutral switch. A cause could be a faulty ignition switch or wiring problem. The ignition switch feeds power to many different circuits of the vehicle. This is all assuming you do not have a non-factory alarm or remote start, because these cause all kinds of problems.

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1997 Chevy Blazer 4x4. Repairs for this problem = Replace fuel pump approximately 1 - 1 1/2 months ago, since the gas gauge says full when engine turned off and empty when engine turned on Question = Now when the engine is turned off gas flows like fountain from under the hood.

Answer: The gas leak you have is most likely the fuel feed line to the engine. Look on the back of the drivers side of the engine. This is where the lines go into the injector assembly. Either a line has sprung a leak, or a seal on the lines going into the top of the injector assembly is leaking. Remove air duct from top of engine throttle body to see this area better. If they are leaking then they must be replaced. It is a little tight back there but the repair must be done to prevent a fire hazard.

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