Chevrolet Blazer Hesitation and Headlight Problems

1992 Chevy Blazer. Complete tune up spark plugs,wires,cap and rotor. Question: got the car about 2 weeks ago was sitting for about 4 months.

Anyway at the beginning i had no acceleration. If i tried to accelerate it would bog out and make popping sounds out the muffler. So first thing i did was change oil. Oil filter. Air filter, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. It improved about 20 percent meaning it has some acceleration but if i try to force it a little more i still here the popping sound out the tail pipe and still bogs out. Meaning my truck right now is a cow. It has 188k miles on it dont no much about the trucks.

You could possibly have a clogged fuel filter that is limiting the amount of gas the engine is getting, and causing it to bog down or the fuel pressure is low. Also, if the vehicle has sat for an extended period of time, the gasoline that was in it has probably turned bad and separated. You might want to run through that tank of fuel and then put a few tanks of premium through it to see if that helps. You should also add a fuel system cleaner to the tank and run that through.

Another possibility is a catalytic converter that is coming apart internally, or blocked up with deposits. That would cause a bad hesitation and popping when trying to accelerate. You may want to check engine timing and make sure it is set correctly. I believe your vehicle should be at 0 degrees BTDC at warm idle. Quite a few things to check, I'd start with the easiest like changing the fuel filter, putting good gas in it, etc.

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2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Checked bulb, fuses and relay switch seem OK. Only my driver side low beam headlights won’t work.

Ok. Then you need to check that headlight socket for power and ground using a test light. Also see it the socket looks burned or has green corrosion. With the lights on and using a test light, check for power into the socket. I believe it is an orange or red wire. If you do have voltage in then you next need to check for a good ground circuit also.

If there is no power, then you are going to need to look for a broken wire between the socket and the relay center. If you do have power, then you need to check the ground side. The ground is what completes the circuit and the lights will not turn on without it, even if you have good power feed to the circuit.

A bad ground could be a broken wire between the socket and the grounding point, or the terminal is corroded or loose. Usually a corroded one will cause other electrical problems as well.

A way to test it is to use an Ohmmeter with one lead at the ground wire in the socket and the other to any good clean metal point on the truck. You should not see more that .2 or .3 ohms resistance.

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