1999 Chevrolet Blazer.
4.3L V6 Vortec
SES on. OBDII codes = p0300 p0301
work done prior = fuel injector cleaner, plugs wires fuel filter.
Question = engine misfire Random cylinders 1 and 6

A common cause of misfires on this engine is sticking injectors. Injector cleaner does  not always
work, if you are referring to an additive you put in the fuel tank. The best  way is to have a fuel
injector cleaning service done. This is done by a technician using  a special pressurized cleaning
system. This also is not 100% cure, but much better than  just adding a cleaner to the fuel tank.
Of course this is assuming there was no sign of  the #1 and #6 plugs burning oil or coolant, which
will also give misfires.

2000 Chevy s-10 Engine size = 4.3 Vortec
Warning lights = yes codes = P1345.
Repairs: replaced plugs wires cap rotor distributor and still have correlation problem and
small misfire
Question = I am trying to get rid of this code but every time i try to clear it comes back
right away. I have replaced everything possible that i can think of that may have caused
the misfire, it all started with a misfire at id
it sounds like you are saying that you started with a misfire, now after these parts were replaced,
you now have the misfire gone, but a code P1345. This is a common problem when replacing the
whole distributor. The distributor is either not in the EXACT correct position, or you need to do a
"Crank - cam correlation relearn:" This must be dine with a computer scan tool. First try and turn
the distributor a little one direction, clear codes, then go back the other direction if code returns.
These are very temperamental. A VERY small adjustment will usually clear this. If you cannot, you
will need to do a relearn procedure as stated above.
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Chevy Blazer check Engine Light Code P0300