Chevy Trailblazer Belt Tensioner Replacement

2005 Chevy trailblazer. How to change idler pulley

The belt tensioner is held on by 1 bolt. Just release the tension of the belt by installing a long 3/8 ratchet in the tensioner arm and turn it clockwise, then slide the belt off. Bolt for the tensioner is either a 13mm or 15mm head bolt. The idler pulley is held by 3 bolts that go in the side of the block.

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Chevrolet trailblazer 2006 check engine light. Question = If my fuel sending unit is bad does that mean that my fuel pump is in trouble?

The answer is simply no.
The level sensor is part of the fuel module. Which is comprised of the fuel pump, housing, pipes, filter, and the level sensor. The sensor can be replaced separately. Different fuels have been causing problems with this part and cause it fail. This has no effect on the fuel pump.

Although, it is kind of up to you to have the pump replaced during level sensor replacement, since the whole module need to be removed. It is a good practice to replace the pump on high mileage vehicles, since a pump can fail at any time and cause the truck to not start.

I have no driveability problems and have erased the code but it eventually comes back. Should I replace the cam phaser actuator solenoid to play it safe? Is the correct part number 12615873? It seems that the power steering unit would be in the way of removing the solenoid, should I remove it and is there anything else I would have to do? Thanks this is a very impressive site ! 2005 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2 Inline 6 cylinder. Check engine light code P0014.

Yes, i would replace the actuator solenoid first, and also change the oil. The power steering pump needs to be removed or loosened enough. Three bolts through the pulley. Then clear the codes. Check that the connector is not full of oil. If it is, clean it out with brakes clean and apply a little di-electric grease. A 'Crank position variance re-learn' may need to be done after replacement. This can only be done with a computer diagnostic tool.

If the code returns, you may have an internal engine problem. There is a detailed description in out site for crankshaft thrust bearing problem that causes the crank pulley to walk in and out. Engine replacement may be required. But these instances are rare.

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