2002 Chevy Venture Gas Gauge Goes To Empty

2002 Chevy Venture. I stopped for gas a local gas station one Saturday afternoon and filled my van up with gas. The gas gauge was working at that time I bought the gas. At first I thought it was bad gas. It has not worked since that day.

It will read full unless is idling then it will go to empty but go back up to full after I've driven it and went around a curve or stopped and turned. Then it goes back to full. I've learned to drive without a gas gauge by using my mileage and gas purchases every time. So plan on the miles I can drive on full tank or whatever.

I'd like to solve this problem soon. Being a single parent of 3 children still living at home I am not sure I will be able to afford the repairs. If it is something simple I can do myself I will....my step dad was mechanic and I learned a lot from him plus working for a car dealerships over last 9 years has not been a bad thing either.

Chevy Venture Van

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See picture below. Two possibilities. The most common problem is a faulty fuel level sensor. This sensor is attached to the side of the fuel pump assembly in the fuel tank. The gas tank would need to be removed to replace the sensor. Another possibility is a corroded connection for the wiring to the fuel pump. There is a connector under the van that is prone to getting water into the connector and causing a fuel gauge problem, and sometimes the ABS light. It's just a matter of unplugging the connector, cleaning the terminals, and adding a little di-electric grease to the terminals.

Fuel level sensor causing gas gauge problems.

This morning I took my daughter to school and the van seemed to be accelerating, or pulling itself, on its own. Once I got home and put it in park the engine revved up very high and continuously. I shut it off and then started it up again and it didn't do it. Any thoughts on what would cause this? I would like to have some help information wise before I go to a mechanic. I am female and not mechanically inclined by any means. They usually see me coming! Help please, Sherry.

First thing that is needed is to get the codes scanned from the computer to see if any are in there. Most of the large national parts store chains will do this for free. If there are no scanner codes, or there is a code for a Throttle position Sensor (TPS), then this is a common problem on this engine. The TPS is most likely the problem.

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