Chevy Impala Service Charging System Warning

The car would not start or even turn over. I tried battery charger overnight, but it was still showing less than 12 volts although it did start. It is my elderly neighbors car and they insisted that they wanted to go ahead and get a new battery. I got a new battery for them and changed it out. Afterwards the radio won't come on and the dash was still saying to service the charging system, they say that this has now gone away and the car works fine except the radio does not work and the remote unlock stopped working.

They also told and I heard it also, after starting, a loud click/clacking noise under the dash on the passengers side, it eventually stops after starting. My Internet research makes me think this is the blend door motor/gear on the AC. Not sure if this is related to the battery problems or not.

I think the key remote may just be reprogram with the key in the ignition but I am not sure. More of a concern is the radio, my research on the Internet makes it sound like they will need to take it to the dealer to reset anti theft lockout if that is whats wrong. Can you help me? I was trying to be a good neighbor and would feel bad if they will have to take it to a dealer to fix it.

Chevy Impala

Well, I have not heard back from you yet, so, I would suggest checking the fuse in the under hood fuse block labeled "RADIO", and also the instrument panel fuse block labeled "AMP" if your system has an amp. It may be good idea to check all fuses.

If all OK, then the radio may be bad. Todays radios do not go into theft lock with just a loss of power, as in a battery change. The clicking may be an HVAC door motor. These can be difficult to replace depending on which one it is.

For the remotes, there is actually a bulletin that may apply to correct this condition. A new module, 2 new remotes, and an antenna. You may also try to re-learn the remotes using the Driver Info center. The procedure is in the owners manual.

Strange things can happen when a battery fails, is charged, or jump started. A shorted battery internally or the charging or changing of a battery can cause odd electrical problems. The thing is that all these things should be under warranty. If the car is less than 36 months since took delivery, or even if it is a little over. Just changing a bad battery and these problems not occurring is not any fault of yours, and would be covered under warranty.

Thanks for the response, sorry for the delay, I didn't check my email's yesterday. I was able to relearn the remotes using the driver info center. I am pretty sure the clicking noise is the AC door because I can trigger the noise when I push the button for outside air, when I push the recirculating air button the sound immediately goes away. As for the radio, I will check the fuses, the clock shows the time but you cannot get into the setup on the radio to set the time correctly. None of the buttons on the radio do anything.

It sounds you wont fine a blown fuse for the radio. The clicking of the HVAC door motor may be it trying to re-calibrate itself. They have position sensors in them, and it cannot find its full travel position numbers from 1 stop to the next.

The remotes not being able to be learned could be a module problem. All these things must be related to the battery problem it had. It may sound weird, but try disconnecting the negative battery cable for a few minute. Then reconnect, turn the key to the ON position- not crank. Leave it in the ON position for 1 minute, shut the key off for 30 seconds, then try to start and see if any of the problems are corrected.

If not, then you will need to go to dealer. Removing power from these different systems MAY help with the clicking in the dash, and / or the radio. Again, these should all be under warranty.

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