Chevy Tahoe Heater And Blower Fans

We just had our first real cold snap. My heater fan quit. It had previously given no problem. When I attempt to turn it on now a clicking sound is heard but the fan really never kicks in on any speed. The sound never changes and no air flow is noted.

I believe the heater fan is located just above the passenger foot area but want to confirm this and the procedure for removing the fan cover and fan itself.

I also want to replace the fan relay while working in this area. Is the relay under the hood or located under the dash near the fan? Is there more that one relay as well? Thanks for the help.

1999 Chevy Tahoe Limited. V-8 gas

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If in fact it is the blower or resistor, yes the blower is under the right side of the dash. Remove the lower dash panel, and the panel to the rt. of foot well. It is a little tight getting the motor out. The blower resistor is accessible through the glove box, is on top of the HVAC case, to the left of the motor. The HIGH blower relay is next to the resistor.

Be sure and check all fuses before any part replacement to be sure it is not just a fuse. Underhood fuse block, and dash fuse block.

after engine is started on my 1996 Chevy Suburban Tahoe the ABS lights wont go out and no other electrics work, no heater,no electric windows, no wipers etc. What would cause this???

Some times if driven over a sharp bump, the abs light goes out and everything works as per normal. Thanks very much for your time and help. Problem with my 1996 Chevy truck Engine size 5.7L Vortec V8.

Sounds like an electrical problem is related to all these things. Most likely a ground. First check that the battery cables are clean and tight. Next, I would suggest having one person in the truck, and another under the hood pulling on wiring harnesses.

The person in the truck would see some change in the systems if a loose connection or a ground wiring problem was moved by the other person. This sounds like a ground problem. There are many grounds under the hood, under the truck, and the dash. Looking over several schematics would be needed to determine if there is a ground in common with all these systems.

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