2008 Chevrolet Impala

Question = Well.. Say I want to pass someone. I get into it, RPMs go up. And I hold it there for a
minute. After i park it and let the car idle, I hear a, like a whine, or "power steering" whine, but its not
the P.S. It won't do it when you turn. After letting sit and idle, if you rev a little, the engine whines, and
gets louder. Any suggestions why my Impala is doing this? Thanks!

Be sure to check the trans. fluid level. Low trans. fluid can give a whine noise that is related to engine
speed. You may need to remove the serpentine belt after you get the noise to start. Then re-start the
engine and see if it goes away. That would indicate one of the accessories on the drive belt is the
culprit. If it does go away, then re-install belt. While it is whining, you can use a stethoscope to try to
isolate what is making the noise-Alternator, water pump, A/C compressor.
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo.
Question = when driving down the road my car will jerk to the left and right at times. What could cause

Answer: There could be a couple different causes that are making your Monte Carlo jerk to the left
and right. Your vehicle could need an alignment, as being mis-aligned will cause the car to pull one
direction or the other. You could also have bad tires, such as worn tread or a steel belt that has
shifted. This will also cause erratic steering and driving. Another possibility would be something wrong
with the front suspension or steering linkage. A loose tie rod end, control arm or ball joint, even a bad
steering rack can all do this. I would recommend getting your car checked out as soon as possible to
see which of these is causing your issue.
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Chevy Monte Carlo steering Noise In The Front End

2005 Chevy Monte Carlo.
Question = when I turn  to the right I get a clicking noise all new parts brand new  hub brand new inner
and outer
tie rod ends on both sides. New bushes all around.

If the clicking noise is equal to wheel speed, then it sounds like you have a noisy CV joint in that axle.