Chevy Cavalier ABS And Airbag Lights

2000 Chevy Cavalier Engine size = 2200. Airbag Light On Tip/donation = yes. Question = How do i replace the airbag sensor? My car was in an accident and has been repaired but the SIR light is still on the dash.

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Are you referring to what is called the "front end discriminating sensor" Or the airbag "sensing and diagnostic module"?

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Sorry, I mean the airbag sensing and diagnostic module. I was told this because of the airbag light is always on. The car hit a truck head-on and the airbags deployed. All repairs were completed but the light is still on with codes they said.

The SDM is located under the carpet, under the passenger seat. The seat will have to be removed. Then replace the module after you turn thre key off, and fuses removed. The module will only bolt in ome way. There is an arrow on module that points to the front of the car. It MUST be installed in the correct direction because inside is a microswitch that will roll foraward during a sudden stop. If installed the wrong way the switch will not work and the airbags will not deploy on the event of another accident.

After that you will have to perform a setup procedure on the module and the body control module(BCM) with a dealer scan tool. This will setup the vehicle VIN number in both. If the setup procedures are not performed, you will have an airbag light on and trouble codes in the BCM.


Problem with my 2004 Chevy Cavalier LS.
Engine size = 4 cylinder with the service w/ wrench, ABS, No Traction lights. Brake pads replaced over a year ago. Question = My service ABS and No TRAC lights are all coming on intermittently, but at the same time. They go off when I turn off the car and restart it.

They come on when I am in the middle of driving or sometimes when I put it into reverse and back in to drive. There is also a noise when I make hard left hand turns.

The light with the wrench is the "Service Vehicle" light. These lights are most likely all related. Sounds as if you have a problem in the ABS system. A problem in the ABS will cause the ABS light to come on, traction control system will be disabled, and the service vehicle light will come on.

The antilock brake computer will have to be scanned for codes. By what you describe, your Cavalier most likely has a front wheel speed sensor problem, or the wiring harness going to one of the front speed sensors has a broken wire inside the insulation, or full of water.

Tug on the wires at each front wheel speed sensor to see if one breaks or stretches. If it does then fix the wire, clear the codes and take your car for a drive to see if that fixed the problem.

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