Chevy Cavalier Starting And Other Electrical Problems

1999 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L. Always stay on ABS lights and brake lights, but recently all flash on and off and my hot and cold hand goes up and down. Replaced new alternator,new starter new engine and transmission. New alternator.

This morning my car wouldn't start now 5 hours later it started fine. I had a new alternator put in 2 mos ago. But i notice my dash lights flashing again like before when i needed a alternator. Could it be wires crossed. The young lady i bought it from had someone put in a alarm and cd player. Please help me. Thanks.

With these things going on, and the fact so many things have been replaced, there could be a bad / broken wire(s) anywhere. ABS codes may or may not be related to the other concerns. You may have a faulty instrument panel for the flickering lights.

The system would have to be scanned for codes. A common problem on this engine is loose or broken grounds. There are several ground areas on the transmission bell housing. Again, with so much work done to it, i would not even be able to guess. Be sure to check that the battery cables are tight and clean, move around some harnesses with engine running to possible find area of wiring problem.


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2000 Chevy Cavalier. Engine size = 2.2L Ecotec. Warning lights- ABS. Computer codes C1214 Question = what does code antilock brakes code C1214 means and how can I repair it myself without a mechanic?

DTC C1214 System Relay Contact or Coil Circuit Open is the description for that code. The ABS lights is on and the system is deactivated because of this code. Normal braking is not effected. Unfortunately there is not a lot to check with this problem. There are two fuses for the ABS system, one is in the fuse block in the left side of the dash and another is located in the underhood fuse block near the left fender. Be sure to check them both.

If the fuses are good, you most likely have an internal Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) problem. The relay inside the EBCM is not serviceable and you would need to replace the unit. The EBCM is attached to the Brake Pressure Modulator Valve, which is located just under the master cylinder.

After replacement you would need to perfrom and ABS module bleed procedure and also bleed the regular brakes down at the wheels.

Hello. My 2003 chevy cavalier has the service vehicle light on. A wrench with the word service on it. Also the odometer does not show any number, it says ERROR. Any help would be great, thanks.

Thanks for the tip/donation. These symptoms you are describing sound like a problem in the BCM (Body Control Module) The bcm sends the odometer reading to the dash cluster. Since it says 'error', the dash is not receiving the correct data. The service vehicle light is on because of this problem. To be sure, you need to have the BCM scanned for codes. If you find B1000, then the BCM will need to be replaced. I will send you instructions on how to do this if you are going to do it yourself. Once again, thanks for tip/donation.

2004 Chevy Cavalier LS. Service w/ wrench, ABS, No Traction lights. Replaced brake pads replaced over a year ago. My service, ABS and No trac lights are all coming on intermittently, but at the same time. They go off when I turn off the car and restart it. They come on when I am in the middle of driving or sometimes when I put it into reverse and back in to drive. There is also a noise when I make left hand turns.

The light with the wrench is the "Service Vehicle" light. These lights are most likely all related. Sounds as if you have a problem in the ABS system. A problem in the ABS will cause the ABS light to come on, traction control system will be disabled, and the service vehicle light will come on. The ABS computer will have to scanned for codes. By what you describe, most likely have a front wheel speed sensor problem, or the harness going to one of the front speed sensors has a broken wire inside the insulation, or full of water.

Question: 2004 Chevy Cavalier service light abs light and t/c light all are on what is this
 Answer: This could be a lot of different things, depending on which service light is on. A check engine light can disable traction, ABS will also disable traction. Need to get the computer codes scanned.

Question: The computer scan came up with nothing wrong.
 Answer: If you're having the lights come on, there will be a code set. If you had it scanned at a local parts store, their scanners do no read ABS codes. You should take it to a Chevrolet dealer so it can get properly looked at with the right equipment.

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