Chevrolet Blazer Repair Questions

4WD and 2HI Light Problem on My 1999 Chevy Blazer
My Blazer has push-button 4WD. During normal driving the 2-Hi indicator is lit. However in recent weeks I've noticed that this light is going off for short periods of time. It eventually comes back on, but...

4.3L Engine Misfire After Intake Gaskets
I recently replaced intake gaskets and all gaskets with intake (throttle body, distributor, upper and lower intake). When I started the Blazer idle was fine, I revved the engine and still seemed fine. I went for a drive and after reaching operating temperature the engine.

S-10 Has Spark Knock and EGR Codes
Start up truck. Runs and idles fine until it gets warm. After that when putting a load on the engine such as going up a hill or accelerating from a light, a spark knock can be heard at the 1500rpm range. When the engine hits 2000 rpm, it goes away...

2000 Chevrolet Blazer P1345
Replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rot and the whole distributor. Still have small misfire and now code P1345 cam and crank sensor correlation.

Rear Brakes
I replaced the rear brakes pads and rotors on my 1998 Chevy Blazer and now they drag and get real hot. Caliper pistons and slides are lubed a move freely.


Chevy S-10 Extreme ABS Codes
Not receiving ABS signal on either the left or right side speed sensors. What could be causing this problem?

2001 Chevy blazer. What is A.I.R system

1999 blazer misfires, p0300, p0301

Blazer 2003 crank not start

Question: How do I fix this for my 1998 two door Blazer. The transmission is slipping when you get up to speed above 20 mi./hr and then it kicks out and back in and when I put it in reverse it spends to I turn off the engine restart it so I can put it in reverse taking out old fluid and putting in new transmission fluid in.
 You may have a shift solenoid going bad, or a sticking valve in the valve body. If the fluid change did not help, you are going to have to have a technician drive it to determine if the transmission needs to come out and disassembled and repaired.

Question: What could be wrong when i put my truck in drive it has rough idle runs rough?
 That could be a lot of things. A vacuum leak is most common. Also on the Blazer, restricted fuel injectors or stuck open EGR valve could be the problem, as well as bad spark plug or wire.

Question: My 99 four door 4w drive Chevy Blazer will not start now. Acts like it wants to but wont turn over. We have replaced fuel injector gave it a complete tune up and they bypassed the security and it ran for a couple days and the check engine light went out but now its doing the same thing and will not start again at all. I was wondering if there was a passcode that I need to reset it or a rest button? Please help...
 There is no reset button on any GM vehicle. You need to check fuel pressure. If it is a little low, the truck will not start. It needs to have at least 55 PSI.

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