1999 Chevy Blazer. Engine size 4.6 liter.Rebuilt transfer case installed in 2007.
Question = My Blazer has push-button 4WD. During normal driving the 2-Hi indicator is lit. However
in recent weeks I've noticed that this light is going off for short periods of time. It eventually comes
back on, but I'm worried there may be a problem with my transmission. Any ideas what might be
causing this? Thanks so much for your help!
Well, first off. This would not be a
transmission problem. This is only related to the 4 wd.
Transfer case.

There are three common failures. Listed from most common and inexpensive, to most

1. The actual 4 wheel drive switch in the dash. If the lights are acting up but no change in the
truck actually being in 2 or 4 wd, most times it is a faulty switch.

2. The transfer case control module is acting up. This can also cause this lighting problem. It is
located under the passenger side of then dash. Have had a few go bad, and also a few go bad
because they got water in the electrical connector. Unplug the module and look for green
corrosion on the terminals.

3. The "Encoder Motor" This usually causes problem when trying to shift in and out of 4 wheel
high or low. A faulty encoder would cause it to not change gears, and would also set computer
codes in the module.

1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer Engine 4.3L Vortec.
Changed transmission fluid and filter.
Question = I recently sent in a question, but I'm not sure with all the other ones your all getting, if
you either over looked it or it didn't go through. Anyways, I have the 4L60e transmission in my 93
Blazer and its not working very well.  I am wondering if there is another transmission that will bolt
up to my 4.3L?  Someone I know has one out of a 87 blazer, but I think it is a 2.8L V6 instead of
the 4.3L.  The bellhousing looks to be similar, but was wondering from your experience with
transmissions, and GM cars if it or another one would bolt up?
The older Blazer trans would not work. Totally different animal. Any 4l60 E transmission ill work
from a similar truck. Best is to go to the dealer with the VIN number of your truck, and get the part
number of the trans and have them print out the list of years, makes, models that part numbers
also goes in. Then you would have a list of vehicles with this transmission.

1996 chevy blazer.
Question = hot air coming from the vents when driving the power to the heater is off.

Airflow is normal. The vent system is calibrated to have a certain amount of outside air come in to
the cabin. This is a safety feature and mandated by the federal government.
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Chevy Blazer Transmission Problems