2005 Cavalier Won't Crank Over

2001 Chevrolet Cavalier 4cyl.
Question: When i turn the key in the ignition it cranks once and then nothing but an air like sound coming from under the hood. Battery is only 3 weeks old, so i figure it's something else amd not that.

Not sure what you mean by an air noise. If you mean it is cranking but does not sound right, then you may have a timing chain problem where the engine is out of time. If the engine is out of time then that can cause a woosh of air when releasing the key from cranking because compression is leaking past the valves.

If the engine is not cranking anymore, have the starter checked, as long as you are sure the battery is good. There should be poewr on the purple ire at the starter hen the key is in the 'Crank' position. That can be checked with a simple testlight.


Question: 2005 Chevy Cavalier won't start. I changed the crank sensor. Has no fuel pressure at shrader valve pressure test port and engine just quit.
 Answer: Well, with no fuel pressure at the test port, you more than likely have a bad fuel pump. Have you checked the fuses and relays?

 Ok. You can try this- have someone under the rear of the car in a quiet place. Then another person turn the key to the 'ON' position. They should hear the fuel pump in the gas tank hum for 2-3 seconds. If not and all fuses check good, then try ganging on the bottom of the tank while turning the key on. Sometimes that will free up a fuel pump for the time being and will tell you for sure the pump is bad. If so, you're going to have to drop the gas tank out of your Cavalier and replace the fuel pump assembly.

I'm getting a clicking sound coming from my throttle position sensor area.
 That noise is the electronic throttle body, and is normal.

Any head's-up I should think about when I pull the tank.
 It is a pretty straightforward repair. Drain as much gas as you can. If you don't have a lift, you need to get the rear of the car as high as possible. Support the tank with a floor jack, remove the bolts for the 2 straps that hold it to the underbody, remove the fuel lines and EVAP lines. The tank has to kind of slide out on an angle towards the right side of the car, to get it over the exhaust and out. Once free from the car you remove the tank sender assembly on the top center of the tank. A large ring needs to be released. Then the pump can be replaced.

OK. Great ! Thanks,
 No problem at all, glad to help!

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