2004 Chevy Venture Van. I have 2004 Chev Venture was having a battery issue with old battery
not holding its charge. Decided to purchase new battery, had battery in about 2 days went to
start , dead as a door nail. Checked alternator, fuses found no problem. The only thing different
right now we have been having a cold spell for us around minus 8 to 10. Went out to take my
daughter to work, van was dead as a door nail once again. Jumped van an started immediately,
any help would be greatly appreciated, Lou.
You could have an
electrical draw that is draining the battery. A draw is a small amount of
voltage that is being used at all times by something on the vehicle. Excessive draw can kill a
battery after a few days or even overnight in some circumstances. I would assume that the
batter is good since it's new, and unless you see the battery light on while driving or running
the van, I would guess the alternator is functioning correctly.

If you have a multimeter, you can check for a draw yourself. Disconnect the negative battery
cable first, then make sure you have the multimeter set on 'amps'. Connect one lead to the
battery cable and the other lead to the negative post on the battery. It doesn't matter which
way you connect them, if it shows negative that is ok, it will still read. Make sure the key is off,
and once you connect the leads you will have about 2-8 amps of draw.

That number is ok to start with, and it will decrease over about 10 minutes as modules shut
down and go to sleep. You want to end up with no more than about 50 milliamp (that's .050
amp) of a draw once the car has shut down completely which might take a bit longer than 10
minutes in some cases. From what you describe, you will probably end up with more than
that, which will indicate an excessive draw.

With that, you'll have find what is causing it. Any aftermarket equipment such as alarms,
remote starters, radios, etc, need to be disconnected. As you disconnect things or pull fuses
for circuits, watch the meter to see when the draw is gone and you will have found the circuit
that is the problem.

2002 Chevrolet Monte  Carlo SS. The battery went dead now radio does not play but it does
not say that it is locked,
If there are no lights at all on the radio display or backlighting, then you may have just blew a
fuse. Check fuses. There is a box in the dash and one under the hood. If they are OK, then
the radio may be damaged. Removing it and testing for power and ground would be needed.
A wiring schematic would be needed to this diagnosis.
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2004 Chevy Venture Battery Goes Dead