Chevy Venture Door Lock Remote And Weak Battery

Need to program a keyless remote. This is the second one I have had. It had worked and then stopped. Bought a new one and followed program instructions like before but nothing happened. All locks will open with key in the door, but locks don't open with inside switches or remote. Any suggestions? Remote FOB Problem with my 1998 Chevy Venture. Mileage = 200,000+ Engine size = 3.4

This does not sound like a remote FOB problem. The door locks are controlled by the Door lock receiver. Sounds like your Venture van either has a problem in some wiring splices, or maybe one of the door lock switches, or even both.

If you have not already not been to this page, click the link below for a video of a common area of wiring problems on this van and how to easily repair it.
Venture Van Lock Problem Video

Chevy Venture Van

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2001 Chevy Venture warner brothers edition. 3.4L V6.
Question: My van makes a crackling sound at start up but it goes away and no more noises occur after its started. The lights before start up are dimmer and the power seat doesn't move as quickly. What is wrong and whats the approximate cost of the repair.

This sounds like a weak battery problem. A weak battery will cause things like relays, lights and switches to buzz, flicker or work slowly. Check to see if the battery cables are tight. A fairly common problem is that when you try to tighten the cables, the lug in the battery will twist or even pull out of the battery. You would need to replace it and possibly the cable bolt or entire cable.

Problem with my 1994 Oldsmobile Ciera Cutlass.
I was getting out of the car and pulled the door handle. Somehow it disconnected and now i can't get out of the car from the inside. I have to roll the window down and use the outside handle.

It sounds like the inside door handle is broken. This is quite common on the older Oldsmobile Ciera. A lever on the backside of the handle attatches to a rod for the latch. The lever breaks off.
You will need to replace the inside door handle. Remove the door panel, drill out the rivet that holds the handle in place and install a new one. Pretty sinmple job.

Chevy 2001 Venture Brake Fluid Low warning.
How dangerous is it to drive with this warning coming on , can I put brake fluid in myself, if so what kind of oil should i use? Thanks.

With low brake fluid, and the warning light coming on, it is very dangerous to drive the van. You could lose braking and not be able to stop the vehicle in an emergency. The light is on because the brake fluid level is low in the master cylinder. That usually means one of two things. Either you have a brake fluid leak, or the brake pads are extremely worn out and the calipers are almost pushed out completely. Both of these are bad situations, but the leak is worse.

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