Chevy Lumina Power Steering Line Replace- Engine Hesitates

APV Chevy Lumina APV Engine size = 3.1 liter.
hHow do you remove the high pressure power steering hose from the rack? Do I need to lower the sub frame or can I get at it from the engine compartment?

The best way to get the lines off the rack in your Chevy Lumina is the lower the frame a few inches and be sure to support it. Dont go down too far or you may pull the steering shaft out of the lower steering column, and make more work for yourself. If worried about it, just remove the steering shaft pinch bolt and pop the steering shaft off the rack.

Problem with my 2008 Chevrolet Impala Engine size 3.5L V6. No dash lights or codes in the computer.
Well.. Say I want to pass someone. I get into it, RPMs go up. I hold it there for a minute. After i park it and let the car idle, I hear a, like a whine, or "power steering" whine, but its not the P.S. It won't do it when you turn. After letting sit and idle, if you rev a little, the engine whines, and gets louder. Any suggestions why my Impala is doing this? Thanks!

Be sure to check the transmission fluid level. Low trans. fluid can give a whine noise that is related to engine speed. You may need to remove the serpentine belt after you get the noise to start. Then re-start the engine and see if it goes away.

That would indicate one of the accessories on the drive belt is the culprit. If it does go away, then re-install belt. While it is whining, you can use a stethoscope to try to isolate what is making the noise-Alternator, water pump, A/C compressor.

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