Problem with my 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo.
3800 V6.
GM Computer codes = P0128 P0440 P1440


P0128- Coolant temperature beyond thermostat regulating temperature.
P0440- Evaporative emission  system problem.
P1440- EGR position performance.
Todays GM vehicles use many sensor, switches, solenoids, and other  electrical components
to control or monitor every aspect of the engine.
From controlling the fuel and ignition systems, to monitoring the emissions.
A problem in any of these systems, or subsystems, can cause the check  engine light to come

The first step in any diagnosis of the check engine light is to get the  computer (PCM or ECM)
scanned for codes. Any time this warning comes  on, a code is stored in the computer memory
along with many data  parameters that were present at the time of the fault.

Problem with my 2006 chevy Monte Carlo 3.9L
dash lights =
service tire monitor system
GM Computer codes = I have a OBDII
question =   service tire monitor system. Have remote start remote doors all work. Receiver not picking up
a pressure reading. All blank. Will OBD2 help? Diagnosis exact problem. The pressure comes and goes
Answer: Your scanner would need to be able to read the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
If one of the wheel sensors were bad, it should just show 1 tire pressure as a "--". You could try a
re-learn procedure with or without a scanner.

If there is an overall system problem, it says "service system"
There is a bulletin for changing the receiver module, antenna, and remotes that may apply.
There is an article on our site with more detail.
Just go to our site and search "Monte carlo keyless" or Impala keyless".
what is code P0440 for a 1999 Astro van mean?
P0440 is a general fault in the Evaporative
Emission System. You may have a leak, a sensor
or valve problem. Or maybe the gas cap is loose
or the Astro van was running when filling with gas.
I have a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. My dash lights went out and I had a ground
repaired, not replaced. Then I had a new BCM installed. Did not fix the problem.
When he repaired the wire it fixed it for about 3 or 4 mos. In sure it must be the
same wire, I just need to know where it is.
You will have to be more specific. Every module
has many different grounds. Try calling the shop
that did the work and ask them.
P0440 check the wire harness on the canister;
I had same problem with dash lights. I replaced the headlight/dimmer switch.
Perfect fix.
What is code P0440 for a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo?
Code P0440 is a problem in the evaporative
emission system. Most likely a leak. Most common
on this car is what is called an EVAP that
solenoid. But that will usually set a different code.
Testing of the system different components would
be needed to find out which part is bad.
i have a 2007 Chevy Colorado and i get a service code relating to the tires it says
servc temp and the tire light flashes it goes out after a while i have checked the air
pressure and it is fine?
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2001 Monte Carlo Codes P0128, P0440 And P1440