Chevy Monte Carlo Blower Still Runs- Engine Flashing P0300

after stopping and shutting off the engine ,removing the key, why does my blower fan motor still runs. Start and stop the engine, remove the key, still runs, took the blower fuse out of the fuse panel by the passenger side door, still runs. Took out the main 30 amp fuse under the hood that says blower motor, it stops the fan.

By what you are describing, this sounds like the blower control module / resistor is shorted, or the a/c control head is malfunctioning. The blower control module is the most likely cause since pulling the 30 amp fuse takes all power from the module. The way to be sure is to disconnect the blower module and test for speed signal coming from a/c control head. There should be no signal with key off. Unplugging the a/c control head during this malfunction will also tell you if the a/c control head is at fault.

The blower control module receives signals from a/c control head and power from that 30amp fuse, so disconnecting it takes both out of the system. The blower control module is under the pass. side dash, in front of the blower motor. If would like to make a donation/tip and come back I will help with step by step diag. of this system.

1999 chevy Monte Carlo My engine light pop back on after my E-check. My heater not work and when I got it on 0 I hear a noise, then when I put it on 1 it stop so what do i do.

OK, so i think i can understand what you are saying. There is a noise in the blower motor? Then there is probably leaves or paper in it. Very common problem. Remove the blower motor and clean it out. If there is nothing in it, then replace the motor.

Problem with my 1997 Monte carlo LS.:br> Check engine lights flash codes p0300. Changed all sparks plugs and wires.
Question = Why does my check engine light have this code p0300. We replaced coils and spark plug wire.

First you need to find out which cylinder(s) is misfiring. If plugs and wires were replaced, another common cause for misfiring is a burned / corroded ignition coil. That should have been obvious while replacing the plug wires. Another common cause for p0300 on this engine is a sticking injector or rocker arm problem.

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