Cam Actuator Solenoid Codes P0016 and P0014

Problem with my 2002 chevy Trailblazer. 4200 inline 6 cyl. I have a customer with a SES code p0016 and i am not too familiar with the adjustable cam timing on this 4.2l engine. Would appreciate some help. Thanks.

A common cause for code p0014 or p0106 on Trailblazers and GMC Envoy is the 'Exhaust Cam Actuator Control Solenoid'. They fail internally, or they leak oil into the connector cavity. It is mounted to the front passenger side of the cylinder head near the power steering pump. When it fails, it can also give 'Crank sensor correlation codes'. After replacement, a 'Crank sensor variation re-learn' procedure must be performed.

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We have also had a FEW of the Cam Actuators fail, but not many. The actuator is part of the exhaust cam timing gear and the front timing upper cover will have to come off. This is a very involved repair and would highly suggest an experienced technician for this. The problem is that if these things are not the problem, and there is allot of metal debre on the screens of the actuator, this can be a sign of excessive end play on the crankshaft. This would mean engine overhaul, or replacement if the end play is severe enough to cause damage to the engine block. This is worst case scenario.

Most of the time it is just the solenoid, and cam / crank position variance re-learn procedure will take care of it. If by chance the replacement of the tensioner and belt was for belt noise, this could be an indication of excessive crankshaft end play, as the belt would not be aligned with the other pulleys since the crankshaft has walked forward.

2006 Chevy Trailblazer ext. Check Engine Light trouble codes P0014. Replaced idler pulley and oil change by pep boys. Pennzoil 5w30 at 57222 miles. No prior work done since car was bought in 3/07. Prior to our ownership it served as a rental car, but not to used. I'm a soldier deployed in Iraq right now. My wife told me today that yesterday the truck cut off 4 times. Each time it cut off she was at a standstill(traffic light, parked, making a u turn, etc.) and she went to take off. When she would start it she had to hold the key until it started (apparently on these new Chevy's all u have 2 do is flick the key and they start now). Then it happened twice today, again she had to hold the key to start it. Second time she said the engine "putted" a little then started and it threw a code, so she went to Autozone and had the code read.

They said the code was p0014. Said it started to do it a 3rd time so she floored the gas and it did not cut out. She's not mechanically inclined. So shes taking it to pep boys today. She doesn't quite trust anyone because my last deployment she was taken advantage of by mechanics. For hers and my piece of mind what are your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, about this? Possible causes, what ! Parts should be checked, possible troubleshooting? I am mechanically inclined but i am not familiar with these newer chevy engines,and I'm in Iraq so i can only tell her if the shop is in the right ballpark or not. Done some info digging and Ive seen fixes as small as a solenoid replaced to as large as a engine replaced.

Answer: See above.

Since this solenoid only controls oil to the exhaust cam phaser why would the crank sensor variation re-learn procedure need to be done if it is replaced? Nothing with the cam to crank timing is effected by replacing that control solenoid. After I have changed the exhaust cam actuator solenoid,how do I do a relearn?
 You need a scan tool that has that capability of doing the relearn. You can go to the dealer and pay 1/2 labor to have them do it for you.

I am a heavy engine mechanic at a GM Dealership. The CASE relearn procedure is NOT NOT necessary when the camshaft actuator solenoid is replaced. A CASE relearn is ONLY required when the crank sensor has been replaced. Dont waste your money unless you have replaced your crank (CKP) sensor.
 Replace the CPAS yourself. It's simple. Remove the serpentine belt, remove the three bolts holding the power steering res and move it out of the way, unbolt the unit and remove.

Even after replacing actuator the p0014 still pops back up after a few miles. No change in engine performance.
 With an actual actuator replacement, you may need to do a crank variance relearn. Or you have another problem, like a worn timing chain.

If the cam actuator goes bad will it make the engine sound like its knocking? There are three screens on it and one of mine in the middle was clogged up with junk and a little bit of metal shavings.
 No, it will not cause an engine noise. The metal in the screen is caused by a worn out engine bearing, and the metal just happens to be caught in that screen.

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