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Battery light won’t go out

I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 4.3L V6. My Battery light came on & then would go out every time I drove it then it came on & never extinguished. I got it checked & it was a voltage regulator bad. I bought a new alt & recharged my battery. Cranked it up Battery light came on went out like it’s supposed to but then It came back on & stayed on. Anyone have any solutions to this problem? Also replaced serpentine belt.

Silverado Volt Guage

I took my new 2011 Silverado 5.3 to the coast;the volt guage started reading 15+ for 10 minutes then 12 flat for a while then back and forth. On the way back it behaved normally. Is there anything other than the Voltage Regulator that could cause this?



I’m freezing on my morning commute

I have a 2003 K2500 Duramax that barely gets warm in the winter. You have to drive this truck about an hour before it will get warm enough to be comfortable. I have had this truck for about 10 years and it has been this way since I bought it. The engine temperature rises to about 165, but rarely gets warmer.

1997 silverado 1500 is saying i am going faster then i actually am


2003 Silverado dash shift position


2002 Chevy Silverado radio gets no reception - help

Hi all.

I have an '02 Silverado with factory radio/cd player. It quit getting ANY reception about a month ago. All the pre-sets are still there but all I get is static on all AM and FM stations. Seek will not find any stations AM or FM.

I checked the antenna wire connection at the antenna right away and it looked good and tight.

After a month of talking, whistling and singing to myself I decided to investigate further (my rendition of Redneck Woman sent me over the edge). I took the instrument cluster bezel off to access the radio. Pushed down the plastic tabs on either side and pulled the radio out. So far so good. Antenna wire is secured to the back of the radio and the multiwire connector is secure. Hmmmm. Can't pull the antenna wire off. Can't see that it threads on but it will not come off. At least not easily.

A. Is the radio itself the likely problem or the antenna or antenna wire?

B. Should I force the antenna wire off or is there some trick to it?

I haven't messed with car stereos for 20 years prior to today so I am not that up to speed with today's version.


intake air temp control sensor

Where is this part located on a 2010 silverado 1500 v6?

92 Silverado K3500 7.4 L

Ok... Uneven and sometimes surging at Idle. Smells very rich at start up. It will run at low RPM, but when Accelerator is pressed, falls on its face. Now after about ten minutes of nursing it up the hill to work... it will begin to run normally. I have changed Mass Air flow sensor, O2 Sensor, Therm Temp sensor, Another sensor that runs the cooler fan, and Finally The Throttle position Sensor. Only ting left is the EGR valve and many have told me to just clean it out with Carb cleaner and re install., which I have done. I did learn that Throttle Position sensor should be Calibrated ...LOL How the Hell does one accomplish that?

Any Help? You guys have always been great.

99 Silverado 4x4 rear driver lock up

Hi guys I need some help .the other day when I dipped my bother off I noticed that my tires locked up I thought I had a flat frost but my rear tires were both locked up it seem when I got home . I applied the ebreak I noticed on the dash there was something like this (!)(P) and one the bottom of that it said break I figured it was B.C. I applied the ebreaks so I realeased it and it seem to loosen the passenger side wheel.awesome right no now my driver side tire is locked it won't budge and I notice that something might have broke on the right passenger side FML I have no idea what it is ...any suggestion

This is my only truck and I live in the desert so this blows can anyone tell me what should I try to do before I call a mechanic don't need a male trying to rip me off just cuz I'm a female any advice would be appreciated rhanks

1989 chevy ,350 bro 1500

I need help with my 89 c1500 extended can 2wd. I have changed the plug caps rotor and coil on my own... I am now having a problem cranking my truck it will not start but when I do eventually get it started it has trouble running it won't stay running and has a hard time moving like it's getting no gas I don't know what is wrong any help at all would be appreciated

Keyless remote entry

Remote entry not working. New remote won’t program. Replaced receiver unit under under dash but the two used ones would not program either. GM in all their wisdom has discontinued the receiver unit and has no replacement. Junk yard part only. Anyone else had to his problem?

91 Silverado Just died as I drove. Now won't start

I was driving and truck just died. Tried to start back up. wouldn't. Changed fuel filter, added fuel cleaner in case fuel filter was clogged. still no start. It turns over but won't start. Battery is good also. What else could be wrong with it?

02 silverado 1500 4.8

I cant figure my fuel pressure problem cant get it above 52 psi changed the pump.filter,regulator when key is turned on it jumps to 60 then immediately drops to 50 running its at 48-50 it jumps to 60 when I take the vacuum hose off regulator any suggestions

Vortec 7.4l fuel pressure

I have a 98 k2500 with a 454, 130,000 miles on it, and am having issues with random misfiring under a load. I have replaced the cap, rotor, plugs and wires, and the issue has come back after only a few hundred miles. I checked my fuel pressure, and it has a solid 60 psi at idle and with the key on/engine off, but when given some throttle, it drops to around 50 or lower, and doesn't seem to gain any psi as the throttle is held down. Is this an indication of a bad fuel pump or plugged fuel filter? I have both parts brand new, waiting to be installed if so, but don't want to put them on if I don't need to. Please help!


So all my gauges are wacked out on my truck, they work intermittently and then the needles will just drop. all or different ones at different times and then some will work again and some wont. Just depends on the day, also when I'm rolling down my driver window, my seat heater turns on. Is this all interconnected? maybe a computer problem? Driving me nuts!!!

1992.Silverado K3500 7.4 Liter,Manual Trans

Pulsing Idle... Sometimes accompanied by "Service engine soon" light. it s about 100 RPM pulse. Then it will smooth out and then it will start again. O2 Sensor or some other Sensor , or Fuel Filter...Its been a good long while since I ve changed that. Runs fine other than the Idle Bug..

Re: 2014 Silverado transmission

Tcm inside new/used tranny is junk dealer can't communicate with it. there for ecm doesnt know its in park or neutral to start all the power drops out because that's what cars do these days when u hit the key

Power steering issues with hydroboost

My 98 k2500 with vortec 7.4l has hydroboost brakes, and at idle and just above idle rpm, it has no power assist in the steering. Even in neutral while revving the motor. Once moving and rpm increases, the power assist returns. Is this a sign of a bad pump, or weak pump, and are the power steering pumps the same for hydroboost and non- hydroboost equipped vehicles? Would fluid contamination be a possible cause of this?


I have a 98 K 2500 with 8600+ GVWR and 454 Vortec motor, I'm in desperate need of front end alignment specs as I cannot find them anywhere on the internet. I have searched multiple combinations and looked for three days and I can no longer search the internet without losing my marbles! please help! thank you

1992 Silverado 4 wd

Four wheel drive light is not coming on so Im guessing 4 WD is not engaging. This has to be some Stupid electrical thing...Can anyone help?


2001 chevy silverado 1500 4.8 new alt and battery, still die

Coming home from work noticed on freeway lights getting dim, RPM'S not functioning battery light on. push gas peddle and it goes.21 miles to get home and still no change ,but right before I got there everything started flickering and finally shuts off. Jump started it n made it home,shuts off as I reversed to turn and park jump started it and as I'm parking it everything is off but take foot off of brake pedal and it goes by itself very accelerated. Bought brand new battery and new alternator that is replacing one I had just installed about 4 to 6 months ago. Started it up and idling rough wanting to turn off , also had a sound system professionally installed a while back and since it stalled on me can't hear anything from my stereo...I take the negative battery terminal off and it turns off , with new battery and alternator...please help, it's driving me crazy.

2005 2500hd burnt wiring on neutral switch

Purchased a used camper and was pulling it home from town 2hrs from where I live. Lost lights on the way home, pulled over to check fuses blown my ign fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Check wires in steering column, nothing. Tried to jump starter didn't have enough juice. Stuck in bfe for 3 hrs so called a cab went to wally world because it was midnigh. Bought a battery installed it and it fired right up. Now I was short on fuses so I left a 20 amp in my 15 amp ign that kept blowing. Next day leaving a store go to crank it up nothing. .... tapped on starter fired right up. ... got home nothing ever since tested starter fine...power to the ign fuse, further investigation found a burnt plug on my transmission neutral safety switch. Ordered one from a local parts store for 180 bucks. .. get it and it's only a7 wire. ...mine a12 place would exchange since it was a dealer order bs.... so I decided to make the older clip work done the 7 wire plug didn't have the lil clips on the inside to add more wires to it. Starting pulling wire and noticed my red wire was melted and had melt wired a good 12 inches before the plug. Took plug apart and rewired the pins I could and use the one out of the new one as well. Metered all the wires make sure I put the right wires in the right pin slots. While installing the clips I noticed there were more melted wires further back so I checked and rewired any wires that looked problematic. Buttoned it all back up worked great for 1/2 day then same thing now Ive pulled the relay (which is good) and use a wire to basically bypass the switch. Is there a way to test the neutral safety switch in this situation? Now I turn the key on pop the hood jump the switch truck starts great however the gear indicator doesn't show when it's in park and will appear once truck is in motion. Are the odds are there are more burnt wiring that's causing this or could it be the switch? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Replace hydroboost with vacuum assist brakes

I have a 98 k 2500 with hydroboost and have trouble with the system, and have heard they are prone to brake calipers sticking on and catching fire, etc... plus mine is leaking hydraulic fluid so was wondering....what does it take to convert hydroboost to vacuum assist power brakes

2wd transmission in 4wd

Can a 2wd 4L80E be adapted to work in place of a 4L60E in a 4wd truck/SUV like the 2wd th350 can be used in place of a 700R4 in a 4wd? I have done the 350/700r4 swap before but I have little knowledge of the newer transmission specs as far as output shaft length etc. I do know that the 80E has a bigger output shaft diameter than the 60E but I also have a t-case that came factory behind a 4L80E. Just don't have the 4wd transmission to compare. Any insight is appreciated and thanks in advance.

Re: Starts bit doesn't stay running

Ok, I haven't gotten a new starter on it yet, so I haven't checked for injector pulse, but for argument's sake, let's pretend there was no injector pulse due to the passlock system shutting it down...what would be the remedy

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