Car Repair Questions For Buick Regal

These are some of the Buick Regal questions answered by our expert mechanics.

2000 Regal Stalls And Start Back Up
My car will dies out when driving but start back up. The service engine light and tire warning are on the dash.

2001 Regal Stalls out at Stops
At a stop sign I turned the blinker on and the car shut off. Hard to move out of gear-played with the shift enough and finally moves. Sometimes it won't start.

Reverse Light Always On My 1995 Buick Regal
Doesn't matter what gear its in or anything. Have to disconnect the battery to shut off the lights. I know its a short somewhere, but is it possible that the steering is jacked up?

Buick Regal Sputters then Dies
I replaced the fuel filter but the car still dies out after starting good but driving down the road a little.

AbS code C1237 on 1998 Regal
The brakes drag and hold the car back so it is struggling to move when i accelerate.



Passkey Cylinder Problem
My 1999 Regal will not start. I turn the key and nothing happens. Is this problem the Passkey cylinder or the ignition switch?

1998 Buick Regal Transmission Problems
The transmission is slipping on my car. The engine revs up between gears. Does this mean i need a new one or can it be repaired?

1999 regal P0341
Cam sensor code came back even after cam sensor replaced. What next.

1997 Regal Won't Start
Crank sensor and battery was replaced but did not help the problem with my car.

2002 Regal 3.8l no power
Engine has a misfire. Could it be the MAF, fuel, catalytic converter ?

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