2000 buick regal 3800 supercharged.
service engine light and low tire light are on.
Question = Hi, Ive been having a problem with my 2000 Buick regal supercahrged.  It has been dying while i
am driving and when it happens it usually starts right back up. When it dies, no lights are effected and the
radio dose not cut out at all, only the accelerator and power steering is effected. Lately it has not been
starting all the time some times i have to wait 20 min. or longer until it turns over.  It sounds normal when i am
trying to turn it over does not bog down at all.  And it also idles high.

Answer: First of all, with the check engine light on, you need to get the computer codes checked. The
stored trouble codes may give an indication as to what the problem is. You can them scanned at  most of the
large parts stores for free. The dying out problem may be a common failure of the crank position sensor on
3800 engine. When they get hot, the cause the engine to stall.

You would need to let it cool down before it will start. Another possibility is your Buick is loosing fuel
pressure. This could be a bad fuel pump. You may also have a bad ignition module. You would need to
check for spark at the
spark plugs, fuel pressure at the fuel rail port and fuel injector pulse signal to
determine what is  missing. If one or more is not right, that will give a clue to where the problem is.  

If you have no spark but the fuel pressure and injector signal are good, then testing of the
ignition module
would be needed next. If no spark or injector pulse, then I would suspect the crank position sensor. A high
idle could be a vacuum leak. This would not cause the car to stall or not start, so it sounds like you have a
few different problems with your Buick.
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Buick Regal Dying Out And Starts Right Up
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Mine is a 2004 Buick Regal. I change spark plugs and wires. Now when the car warms up it seems to have a miss in it. Someone (a mechanic)
told us it was the catalytic converter... is it possible?

What was the reason for changing the plugs and wires?
Was it just for a basic tune-up maintenance?

I changed the 3/6 coil because it was bad and that didn't fix the problem so i changed the plugs and wires.

Does the engine miss at idle or any engine speed? Does it do it more on hard acceleration? Does it seem to have no power under hard
Is the check engine light on the dash?

Hard acceleration. Kind of pops at hard acceleration.

OK. Most misfires under accel
eration ARE ignition related. Try spraying a water bottle on the other coils when the engine is running to see if
you can cause t
he engine to misfire, You would see the spark jumping erratically around the coils towers. If you are sure that the other coils
are OK, then i would suspect a plugged converter. This usually feels like a severe lack of power, more than a misfire.
If you get the PCM
scanned for codes, there may be a code P0420 stored in the computer. This is for catalytic converter efficiency. That would confirm a
plugged catalytic converter and would need to be replaced before any other repairs. A bad misfire can cause the converter to go bad. Usually
the engine light would be flashing, not just on steady.

Wow you are awesome thank you very much. I will check this out. Thank you so much.

You are welcome. Let us know what you find with your Buick.