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Re: Speedometer not resetting after cruise is off

sounds like the stepper motor for the speedo is sticking. All the gauges that use the needle to point to show you what is happening are little stepper motors. They are electronic pointers controlled by the instrument cluster. They can stick in place, the can loose their zero point and point in a totally wrong position. Or stop working altogether. A scanner might be able to scan for codes and see if there are codes for the speedo. The scanner should be able to run a sweep test and see if the dials move all the way up and then all the way back down. It may pass the sweep test if the condition is intermittent. The stepper motor is soldered into the circuit board. Most shops won't solder in a new one. They will recommend it be sent out and rebuilt (replace all the stepper motors and light bulbs (since the light bulbs are soldered in also) depending on the rebuilder).

Re: 2016 Buick regal hvac system not working

the first thing I would do is look for a blown fuse. The HVAC module is powered up by fuse #17 in the instrument panel fuse block in the lower left side of the dash. Should be a 10 amp fuse.

here is a picture of where the fuse #17 should be. By the book anyways. Sometimes the book is not correct.

If the fuse is good and has power with the ignition key in the run position, then you have to remove the hvac controls and check the powers and grounds. If all the powers and grounds are good you will probably have to replace the hvac control module.

Have the vehicle scanned. They should be able to scan the hvac module. I'm thinking that there won't be any communication with that module because if nothing lights up or turns on there probably won't be any computer communication. Scanning for all codes may turn up a clue before the module went completely out. It's an easy check.

2003 lesabre limited no heat


I have a 2003 buick lesabre limited.. that blows cold air instead of heat. System was flushed about 5 times, we checked the actuator doors- seems to be doing its job- we then changed the heater core, and bled/burped the system to get any air locks out. After it was put together heat worked great for 3 days and now it's back to cold air again.... (oh water pump was also changed) only thing left that we did not change was the thermostat... though, I'm not sure it's the cause. Could another air lock happen days after everything was replaced? This has been a nightmare to figure out!

Temp control works on passenger side but not on drivers side

1998 Buick Century Limited: IIt's winter and I would like hot air to come out of both the driver side and passenger side middle-level vents. The problem is that cold air comes out of driver side and hot air comes out of passenger side. Here are some clues:

- No amount of fiddling with the HVAC buttons in Auto or Manual mode seemed to fix the problem. Most of my tests were in manual mode because Auto seemed to behave the same. Also DUAL mode was OFF during these tests.

- Changing the temperature changed the temperature of the air on the passenger side but the driver side remained cold and unchanged. When temperature was set lower, both side would push cold air. At max high-temp, still cold air on driver side and then passenger side back to hot.

- I performed a 'reset' by disconnecting the battery for an hour

- Upon re-connection, the first thing I noticed was that the yellow Auto button light on the HVAC head was working. This wasn't working before.

- The second thing I noticed that the fan wouldn't come on. By fiddling with the buttons for 5 minutes, the fan came on.

- However, as soon as the fan came on, lo and behold, I got hot air coming from both driver and passenger side vents!

- To verify that this was not just a one-time thing, I turned the car off and then on.

- Immediately the original problem returned: cold air on driver side, hot air passenger side.

- The fan was also hard to start but I noticed that if I removed and put back the blower fuse, the fan would almost always start working again. (The fan is more of a red-herring....the temperature problem is the main thing I need to solve.)

- Btw, somewhere along the way the Auto button yellow light stopped working again.

- I noticed something weird: When HVAC was off, whenever a pushed a button to turn the unit on, I could hear the engine strain. It acted like, no matter what, the A/C compressor was turning on (even though the temperature was set to max-high and it was cold outside).

- Sure enough, I noticed the A/C clutch would engage whenever a button was pushed on the HVAC. I removed the fuse for the A/C clutch.

- From this point on, the compressor did not engage, however the driver side vent continued to blow "cool" (but not cold) air. Passenger side still hot.

- During testing, somehow, magically, after the HVAC was on for about 10 minutes, the driver side started blowing hot air.

- I turned car off and then on, and the problem returned immediately. The driver side blowing cold air, passenger side hot

- This morning on way to work, I waited to see if the driver side would magically start blowing hot. It didn't.

- Then, after about 10 minutes, just on a hunch, I lowered the temperature as low as it could go, and then raised it again to max

- Voila, both sides start blowing hot air.

- My question: Is there a driver side thermostat separate from the passenger side? If so, it seems like the driver side thermostat always thinks that the temperature is "too hot" and thus turns the A/C on and then channels the A/C cold air into the driver side vents because it thinks it should be cooling the driver off even though it should be heating things up. Also, apparently, even when the A/C clutch is disconnected, it puts some flap in position to channel air from the A/C to the driver side vent, rather than channel air from the heater.

- At first thought, one might think that the driver side actuator that controls a flap may be at fault. However, if this were true, why would the HVAC be initiating the A/C clutch when it shouldn't? If it was just a flap actuator problem and the thermostat was working properly, the A/C clutch would not be engaged, but the driver side would blow "cool" (outside) air.

Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.


I have a 1993 Buick Riviera and I replaced the throttle position sensor and disconnected the battery and the check engine light is still on and I'm getting a code of 21 which means the throttle position sensor is getting a high voltage. What else can I do?

Engine Swap (?)

Hey there, New to the site and have a question before I screw up and get a "told ya" remark. I have an 04 Alero with the 3400 motor and a 99 Grand Prix with the 3400 motor. The 99 Grand Prix has a cracked head I'm sure since it was run hot after a wreck and has the telltail sign of milky colored oil on the dipstick. Question is will the 3400 from the Alero fit without any mod into the 99 Pont or will it be a bad idea?

2002 Buick Park Ave

My tail lights will not work no dash lights and my speedometer says I am doing 120 when I know i am only doing 57 I have checked all three fuse boxes checked light bulbs I'm stumped someone said there is a relay for the tail lights have not found any head break lights work turn signals

97 Buick lasabre

Car runs great out of nowhere it’s doesnt want to switch to 2nd gear the rpms rev but not gaining much speed eventually with coasting it’ll let me pick up speed this gets worse after it gets heats up???? Speed sensor?

97 Buick Skylark 3.1 crank no start

It stalled at a stop sign. Hasn't restarted since. I have replaced crank and cam sensors, iad,throttle position sensors, both O2 sensors, plugs, wires, coil pack, ignition module, lock cylinder,ignition switch, fuel pressure regulator. I have tried the 10 min relearn, the 30 min relearn. Has spark and fuel. Checked all fuses and relays. The security light is on steady 100% of the time won't go off


Will I be able to swap out a 1997 buick park ave 3800 series 2 engine to a 2001 buick 3100 series 2 engine?

2001 Buick Park Avenue 3800 series 2

I replaced the coolant temperature sensor. Looks like it cracked where it screwed into engine. Is their a way to fix this?

1991 coolant sensor

I can't find the coolant sensor on my 1991 Buick Regal Custom 3800 6cyl 3.8l

1990 Ignition coil

I changed this part two times but I still have to loosen and tighten the screws until it starts why?

2002 Buick Regal LS ABS light on

I just purchases a 2002 Regal LS with 145,000 miles on it and I have an ABS light on but there are no codes for ABS (I had a repair shop read code on ABS) what could be causing this?

I also have a parking brake light on. I have replaced the the parking brake light release switch along with the brake fluid level sensor and park brake light is still on

2012 Buick Regal noise when accelerating

I'm hearing an odd noise when accelerating from a stop. Almost sounds like low growl. Once I get going, it stops. It seems to do it if the car has been sitting. My brakes are fine but I did just have to have my timing chain and the guards replaced. I just bought the car about 2 months ago and it just doesn't seem like it has the same acceleration it did when I first bought it.

2005 won't accelerate

I have replaced head gasket, plugs , wires and catalytic converter and under load or in Park when you give it gas it losses power

2005 Buick rendezvous speedometer

I have no speedo gas gauge works I checked for power to the plug switch that goes to the transmission no power? Please help!!

Buick Park Avenue 1999

My Buick shakes like it's going to fall apart. I'm afraid to drive it.

Anyone knows what can it be?

choke on 84 buick regal hot air turbo fuel injected

what type of choke mechanism to they have???

84 hot air turbo fuel injected

84 hot air turbo fuel injected ...hard to start when cold ???

99 Buick Regal problems

Having problems with my lights, and I need some help. When I turn the lights on the reverse lights stay on the whole time. They stay on when it's in park and while driving. When the automatic lights turn off they stay off. I have brake lights and my blinkers work, however my plate lights are out and the other 4 tail lights. I checked the fuse for tail lights and it was fine. I am stumped and need some help!!

how to use the ENG/MET

how do you reset the schedule to 100% on a 2003 Buick lesabre.

I have found 2 methods and would like to know how to do this reset after an oil change.

here is what I found on it>

some say stomp the gas pedal 3 times fast with Ignition on ,

others say use the Eng/MET button I never touched this maybe you can help me .

Buick LeSabre, Park Avenue, 2000-05

Turn the ignition to ON. Press the GAGE INFO button on the driver information center (DIG) switch to view OIL LIFE INDEX. Press and hold the RESET button on the DIG until the display reads OIL LIFE INDEX 100% NORMAL. The engine oil life monitor is now reset.. Turn the ignition OFF.

Buick Terraza, 2005-06 Buick Park Avenue, 1997-99

When OIL LIGHT INDEX CHANGE OIL appears in the Driver Information Center, press and hold the RESET or TRIP RESET button while the oil life index is being displayed. After 5 seconds, the oil life will change to 100%.

Buick Le Sabre, 1995-99; Buick Park Avenue, 1995-96

When “CHANGE OIL SOON” light is illuminated, access the reset button in the glove box. With the engine off, and the ignition switch in the RUN position, press and hold the button for at least 5 seconds. The light will flash four times then go out.

Buick Allure Buick Lacrosse, 2005-06 Buick Century, 1997-05 Buick Regal, 1996-04 Buick Roadmaster, 1995-96

Turn the ignition to ON without starting the engine. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds.

If the CHANGE OIL SOON indicator flashes two times, the system is resetting. Turn the key to OFF, then start the vehicle. If the CHANGE OIL SOON indicator comes on and stays on for five seconds, repeat the procedure.

a tightened bleed screw

bleed off my coolant bubbles with snapped off air bleed screw tightened in and dont leak , my mistake righty tighty, however can I squeeze the radiator hoses to burp out the system run it hot cap off and ad more Dex Coolant as it goes down? any suggestions will help me.

how to get a smooth idle

Buick 03 V6 3800 45,000 miles, when in Idle a slight shake is noticeable to me then as soon as I put it in drive its smooth as ever,

what can I do to get the best smoothest Idle when not in gear?

GM 3.8

Hi all,

Have a 2009 Buick Lacrosse 3.8L that has slight oscillating power surges between 37 and 42mph, with no

driveability issues other than this one and no DTC codes. Graphic monitoring of the engine ignition timing

with Torque software indicates oscillations between 23 and 27 degrees in precise agreement with the power surges.

Lab scope indicates Ignition Control Module (ICM) X3, X18 and camshaft signals to the ICM are within parameters.

IC timing control from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the ICM appear within parameters. Has anyone

experienced this same issue and if so were you able determine a solution?

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