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2003 lesabre limited no heat

I have a 2003 buick lesabre limited.. that blows cold air instead of heat. System was flushed about 5 times, we checked the actuator doors- seems to be doing its job- we then changed the heater core, and bled/burped the system to get any air locks out. After it was put together heat worked great for 3 days and now it's back to cold air again.... (oh water pump was also changed) only thing left that we did not change was the thermostat... though, I'm not sure it's the cause. Could another air lock happen days after everything was replaced? This has been a nightmare to figure out!

Temp control works on passenger side but not on drivers side

1998 Buick Century Limited: IIt's winter and I would like hot air to come out of both the driver side and passenger side middle-level vents. The problem is that cold air comes out of driver side and hot air comes out of passenger side. Here are some clues:

- No amount of fiddling with the HVAC buttons in Auto or Manual mode seemed to fix the problem. Most of my tests were in manual mode because Auto seemed to behave the same. Also DUAL mode was OFF during these tests.
- Changing the temperature changed the temperature of the air on the passenger side but the driver side remained cold and unchanged. When temperature was set lower, both side would push cold air. At max high-temp, still cold air on driver side and then passenger side back to hot.
- I performed a 'reset' by disconnecting the battery for an hour
- Upon re-connection, the first thing I noticed was that the yellow Auto button light on the HVAC head was working. This wasn't working before.
- The second thing I noticed that the fan wouldn't come on. By fiddling with the buttons for 5 minutes, the fan came on.
- However, as soon as the fan came on, lo and behold, I got hot air coming from both driver and passenger side vents!
- To verify that this was not just a one-time thing, I turned the car off and then on.
- Immediately the original problem returned: cold air on driver side, hot air passenger side.
- The fan was also hard to start but I noticed that if I removed and put back the blower fuse, the fan would almost always start working again. (The fan is more of a red-herring....the temperature problem is the main thing I need to solve.)
- Btw, somewhere along the way the Auto button yellow light stopped working again.
- I noticed something weird: When HVAC was off, whenever a pushed a button to turn the unit on, I could hear the engine strain. It acted like, no matter what, the A/C compressor was turning on (even though the temperature was set to max-high and it was cold outside).
- Sure enough, I noticed the A/C clutch would engage whenever a button was pushed on the HVAC. I removed the fuse for the A/C clutch.
- From this point on, the compressor did not engage, however the driver side vent continued to blow "cool" (but not cold) air. Passenger side still hot.
- During testing, somehow, magically, after the HVAC was on for about 10 minutes, the driver side started blowing hot air.
- I turned car off and then on, and the problem returned immediately. The driver side blowing cold air, passenger side hot
- This morning on way to work, I waited to see if the driver side would magically start blowing hot. It didn't.
- Then, after about 10 minutes, just on a hunch, I lowered the temperature as low as it could go, and then raised it again to max
- Voila, both sides start blowing hot air.
- My question: Is there a driver side thermostat separate from the passenger side? If so, it seems like the driver side thermostat always thinks that the temperature is "too hot" and thus turns the A/C on and then channels the A/C cold air into the driver side vents because it thinks it should be cooling the driver off even though it should be heating things up. Also, apparently, even when the A/C clutch is disconnected, it puts some flap in position to channel air from the A/C to the driver side vent, rather than channel air from the heater.
- At first thought, one might think that the driver side actuator that controls a flap may be at fault. However, if this were true, why would the HVAC be initiating the A/C clutch when it shouldn't? If it was just a flap actuator problem and the thermostat was working properly, the A/C clutch would not be engaged, but the driver side would blow "cool" (outside) air.

Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.


I have a 1993 Buick Riviera and I replaced the throttle position sensor and disconnected the battery and the check engine light is still on and I'm getting a code of 21 which means the throttle position sensor is getting a high voltage. What else can I do?

2001 Regal 3800

My transmission shifts hard once it warms up. Where is location of Vacuum Modulator if it even has one

2001 Regal 3800

Does it have a vacum modulator. My transmission shifts hard

04 Alero heads to 99 Grand Am

I have an 04 Alero and was wanting to know if the heads will fit on a 99 Grand Am. And where do I find a vehicle parts interchange information at?

Engine Swap (?)

Hey there, New to the site and have a question before I screw up and get a "told ya" remark. I have an 04 Alero with the 3400 motor and a 99 Grand Prix with the 3400 motor. The 99 Grand Prix has a cracked head I'm sure since it was run hot after a wreck and has the telltail sign of milky colored oil on the dipstick. Question is will the 3400 from the Alero fit without any mod into the 99 Pont or will it be a bad idea?

2002 Buick Park Ave

My tail lights will not work no dash lights and my speedometer says I am doing 120 when I know i am only doing 57 I have checked all three fuse boxes checked light bulbs I'm stumped someone said there is a relay for the tail lights have not found any head break lights work turn signals

97 Buick lasabre

Car runs great out of nowhere it’s doesnt want to switch to 2nd gear the rpms rev but not gaining much speed eventually with coasting it’ll let me pick up speed this gets worse after it gets heats up???? Speed sensor?

97 Buick Skylark 3.1 crank no start

It stalled at a stop sign. Hasn't restarted since. I have replaced crank and cam sensors, iad,throttle position sensors, both O2 sensors, plugs, wires, coil pack, ignition module, lock cylinder,ignition switch, fuel pressure regulator. I have tried the 10 min relearn, the 30 min relearn. Has spark and fuel. Checked all fuses and relays. The security light is on steady 100% of the time won't go off


Will I be able to swap out a 1997 buick park ave 3800 series 2 engine to a 2001 buick 3100 series 2 engine?

2001 Buick Park Avenue 3800 series 2

I replaced the coolant temperature sensor. Looks like it cracked where it screwed into engine. Is their a way to fix this?

1991 coolant sensor

I can't find the coolant sensor on my 1991 Buick Regal Custom 3800 6cyl 3.8l

1990 Ignition coil

I changed this part two times but I still have to loosen and tighten the screws until it starts why?

2002 Buick Regal LS ABS light on

I just purchases a 2002 Regal LS with 145,000 miles on it and I have an ABS light on but there are no codes for ABS (I had a repair shop read code on ABS) what could be causing this?
I also have a parking brake light on. I have replaced the the parking brake light release switch along with the brake fluid level sensor and park brake light is still on

2012 Buick Regal noise when accelerating

I'm hearing an odd noise when accelerating from a stop. Almost sounds like low growl. Once I get going, it stops. It seems to do it if the car has been sitting. My brakes are fine but I did just have to have my timing chain and the guards replaced. I just bought the car about 2 months ago and it just doesn't seem like it has the same acceleration it did when I first bought it.

my 99 buick lasabre

installed new MAF today hoping it would clear problem of staling but it did not. auto zone checked error codes p1676. where is this part located on my car thank you for the help. is it a complicated task?

2005 won't accelerate

I have replaced head gasket, plugs , wires and catalytic converter and under load or in Park when you give it gas it losses power

Rough Idle and Knocking

I have a 2003 Buick Century 3.1 L engine with 49K miles, has been running great until the other day, went to the store came home everything was fine, but when it was put into park it rev'ed slightly then started Idling very rough, and knocking..
I have replaced the EGR Valve, The Plenum Gasket, Plugs, wires, and all 3 Ign. coils.
I've checked vacuum hoses, fuses, and various connections.
I got rid of the EGR code but still have the P0300 code of Engine Misfire, any ideas what to check? keep in mind everything has been FINE up too when it was put into park the other day, and yes it has not moved since, still idling rough and knocking.....HELP!!! Rick Maxwell Goodyear, AZ.

Also there has been NO Overheating Issues, and Oil is Changed every 3K

2005 Buick rendezvous speedometer

I have no speedo gas gauge works I checked for power to the plug switch that goes to the transmission no power? Please help!!

Buick Park Avenue 1999

My Buick shakes like it's going to fall apart. I'm afraid to drive it.
Anyone knows what can it be?

choke on 84 buick regal hot air turbo fuel injected

what type of choke mechanism to they have???

84 hot air turbo fuel injected

84 hot air turbo fuel injected ...hard to start when cold ???

99 Buick Regal problems

Having problems with my lights, and I need some help. When I turn the lights on the reverse lights stay on the whole time. They stay on when it's in park and while driving. When the automatic lights turn off they stay off. I have brake lights and my blinkers work, however my plate lights are out and the other 4 tail lights. I checked the fuse for tail lights and it was fine. I am stumped and need some help!!

how to use the ENG/MET

how do you reset the schedule to 100% on a 2003 Buick lesabre.
I have found 2 methods and would like to know how to do this reset after an oil change.
here is what I found on it>

some say stomp the gas pedal 3 times fast with Ignition on ,
others say use the Eng/MET button I never touched this maybe you can help me .
Buick LeSabre, Park Avenue, 2000-05
Turn the ignition to ON. Press the GAGE INFO button on the driver information center (DIG) switch to view OIL LIFE INDEX. Press and hold the RESET button on the DIG until the display reads OIL LIFE INDEX 100% NORMAL. The engine oil life monitor is now reset.. Turn the ignition OFF.
Buick Terraza, 2005-06 Buick Park Avenue, 1997-99
When OIL LIGHT INDEX CHANGE OIL appears in the Driver Information Center, press and hold the RESET or TRIP RESET button while the oil life index is being displayed. After 5 seconds, the oil life will change to 100%.
Buick Le Sabre, 1995-99; Buick Park Avenue, 1995-96
When “CHANGE OIL SOON” light is illuminated, access the reset button in the glove box. With the engine off, and the ignition switch in the RUN position, press and hold the button for at least 5 seconds. The light will flash four times then go out.
Buick Allure Buick Lacrosse, 2005-06 Buick Century, 1997-05 Buick Regal, 1996-04 Buick Roadmaster, 1995-96
Turn the ignition to ON without starting the engine. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds.
If the CHANGE OIL SOON indicator flashes two times, the system is resetting. Turn the key to OFF, then start the vehicle. If the CHANGE OIL SOON indicator comes on and stays on for five seconds, repeat the procedure.

a tightened bleed screw

bleed off my coolant bubbles with snapped off air bleed screw tightened in and dont leak , my mistake righty tighty, however can I squeeze the radiator hoses to burp out the system run it hot cap off and ad more Dex Coolant as it goes down? any suggestions will help me.

how to get a smooth idle

Buick 03 V6 3800 45,000 miles, when in Idle a slight shake is noticeable to me then as soon as I put it in drive its smooth as ever,
what can I do to get the best smoothest Idle when not in gear?

GM 3.8

Hi all,
Have a 2009 Buick Lacrosse 3.8L that has slight oscillating power surges between 37 and 42mph, with no
driveability issues other than this one and no DTC codes. Graphic monitoring of the engine ignition timing
with Torque software indicates oscillations between 23 and 27 degrees in precise agreement with the power surges.
Lab scope indicates Ignition Control Module (ICM) X3, X18 and camshaft signals to the ICM are within parameters.
IC timing control from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the ICM appear within parameters. Has anyone
experienced this same issue and if so were you able determine a solution?

Ac freon

95 Buick regal, flushed,vacuumed ac system, then installed new compresser, accumulater,and office tube, system will not now take the freon without filling up with air, condenser was also flushed, where else can a restricted area be that causes the problem? It takes half a can then nothing.

Compressed clutch

If a new ac compresser is empty of refrigerant will that cause the clutch not to engage when air is turned on?

How To Ac flushing

How to flush the ac system when installing a new compresser on a 95 Buick regal 3.8l?

Passenger front window regulator

Will a window regulator from a 1996 Buick Century Custom fit a 2003 La Sabre Custom?

Recharge ac compresser

When recharging a replacement ac compresser how many ounces of oil should be used and what kind to add with 134a freeon? 95 Buick regal custom 4 door sedan 3.8L

1997 Chevy S-10

Need some help I have a 1997 Chevy S-10 that was running, I bought it and drove about 10 miles and ran out of gas. I put new gas in it and the truck would start but would not take gas. It would just idle and when put in drive it would pull itself but still would not take gas if you pushed down the pedal it would die out it has a 2.2 liter engine if that makes any difference.

98 Regal 3.8 Voltage Problems

If battery is charged car will start and run the voltage at that time is around 12 volts at battery.
- Voltage starts dropping until Voltage reaches around 6 volts and car dies.
- If I leave jumper cables on it will keep running.

Things I have replaced:
- Battery
- Alternator
- Ground cable from battery to starter and chase ground
- Had starter checked it check out OK
- Replaced the ignition switch

Additional information
This started with the car would not always start you had to giggle the key or something then most of the time it would go ahead and start then it got to the point it would not start.

Still acts like a grounding issue but with a charge on the battery if I check from the engine to the battery I get voltage OK.
- From different places on the engine including the alternator I get voltage.

2002 Rendezvous- Shifter slides... Stuck in park.

The shifter on my 2002 Rendezvous slides but does not shift any gears. It is stuck in park.
First... Is there a button or something that I can do as a quick fix? I need to be able to move it out of the street.

Second... What is the issue and solution?

Thank you in advance.

2003 Buick Rendezvous over heating

I replaced my thermostat several months ago due to it over heating. Then, about a month ago, i topped off my radiator fluid, and forgot to put on the cap, resulting in all my fluid escaping and over heating my car. i added fluids and the worked fine, no over heating issues. Howeer, it the temp guage would never go above cool. So, i replaced the tstat again, thinking this was the issue. Now my car seems to want to over heat. goes all the war to 3/4 hot. What do i do now?

Heater issues

I have a 2003 buick lesabre custom, I changed the valve cover gaskets, and now I don't have heat. It started to warm up as I drove, then just got cold. Still blows, but only cool air.

Rough idle - codes listed

Vehicle is a 1990 Buick LeSabre. Ran great for a while. Occasional minor drop in idle but nothing concerning. Recently engine would stutter when giving gas at 45 mph+. Maybe twice during a 20 mile trip. Been like that for months. Here in the last month it idles rough more often. Acts like its going to die when accelerating from stop. Does die when using reverse 75% of the time.
Added fuel treatment, no help. Plugs and wires replaced less than 7 months ago.
Unplugged Mass air flow sensor and ran it down the street. Still acting as before.
Here's the codes I got from auto store.
GM 21 thru 26
GM 32 thru 35
GM 41
GM 43
GM 66
Im going to attempt cleaning the resistors on the Mass Air Sensor by dripping some rubbing alcohol on them.
Any help much appreciated!

Temperature Sensor Location

2003 Ultra where is the temperature sensor located on 3800 engine, cooling fans do not come on until A/C is started.

Car not starting in below freezing weather

We recently bought a 1999 Buick Park ave, the car runs great starts just fine until the temp drops below freezing. then it will not start until the weather warms above freezing. The car cranks over just fine, not a battery issue. just will not fire, dose not even act like its trying to fire.

Fan stopped blowing and climate control display went black

2002 buick rendezvous cxl - just had starter done last week and yesterday had alternator done. Changed a high beam bulb last night and right after when I started the vehicle & turned the heat on, the climate control display went black and the fan quit blowing. Checked inside fuses 30, 26, 39, and 41, they are good. Not sure if related, but today the wipers quit during mid wipe. It's a snow storm here and can't drive my vehicle without the heater working and now without wipers. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Oil level light off and on

Where is the oil level sensor located and how do you replace it? Does anyone have an image of the location?

Rod knock in engine after getting gas

My Saturn just started knocking after I got on the gas a bit it's good on oil was wondering maybe a spun a bearing or any other suggestions still runs but is on limp mode.

1994 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 94 buick park avenue that has an idle problem. I recently had the harmonic balancer replaced and ever since it likes to idle high and hold high rpms during driving or sometimes when it gets down to normal rpms either by itself while idling or when i come to a stop it starts to struggle and a couple times it has died. I have looked at all the vaccum lines and they are all attached so i checked the accelerator arm and that seems fine. Looked at the intake manifold and everything seems fine there. I do know i have an exhaust leak from where the donut gasket goes but that was like that before the balancer replacement and it didnt have this problem. Any ideas, maybe harmonic balancer on too far or not enough? Also it doesnt want to communicate with a scanner. Also i dont have a service engine soon light on anymore.

1995 Buick regal Door locks replace

How do you replace the interior door lock sliders in a 95 Buick regal?

2006 lucent coolant leak 3800 series

Have a coolant leak, but it is not external. A very slow leak

Buick intermittant high idle and car accelerates on its own

I'm getting these symptoms second hand for a 2002 Le sabre Limited. It will do 45-50mph on hiwy without touching accelerator. I've been told accelerator is not showing any depression when driving and butterfly no open in park. Then put in neutral rpm's come down then put back in drive and it repeats. This wasn't as bad to start then got progressively worse and now constant. When in park idle ranges up and down 1200-2000 rpm's. All these symptoms occur with the cruise and A/C on or off.

Check engine light has never lit up. No codes. All sensors have been monitored with normal readings.

Throttle body has been off and cleaned. MAF, IAC, TPS, MAP, PVC all changed. Plunnem was checked for cracks when T-body off. Ether sprayed all over engine with no change in idle and no vacuum leaks can be found.

Cranks and starts normal. Does not miss or hesitate. Any Ideas?

2003 buick regal instrument lights flash,ticking noise

I have a 2003 buick regal,and when I try to start it the instrument lights flash,and it makes a ticking noise when this happens. I have replaced the PCM and the instrument cluster. also checked the battery connections. the starter will kick out but kicks right back in. please advise.

09 headlights at random on & off

I have a 2009 Buick LaCrosse CX 3.8 . What i have is that the headlights turn on and off by them self at random . Not running parked nobody around. Can use some help on this one . Thanks Chuck
Buick Water pump replace procedure

How do you replace a water pump on a 1995 Buick regal custom, and is there an image of the procedure?

Catalytic converter clogged and smells

I have a 2004 Buick Regal that stalled 2 days ago. I smelled sulfur and my mechanic friend said that my Cat Converter was clogged. I bought a universal one and took it to a shop and they welded it on for me. I left the shop and didn't make it 3 miles and it stalled again. I called the shop and they said they replaced the converter but didn't do anything else. What else could make my car do this??It starts and instantly stalls.

Resivior for windshield liquid

Where is the resivior for windshield cleaned located for a 1995 Buick regal, I'm new to general motors products.I have looked on both
Sides and I still unable to locate it. The engine is a 3.8liter v6.

Hood ornament replacement

How to remove and replace hood ornament on 1995 Buick regal?

Re: 2010 Buick Lacrosse electronic mystery

there is a rubber bot over the wire harness that goes from the door to the body. Moving the boot out of the body opening and pushing it into the door to expose the harness is one way to see if there are broken wires without damaging the boot.

Starter continuously engaged

2002 Ranger 3.0 v6. Starter engaged and would not shut off. Had to disconnect battery cables to shut the truck down.
I have,
1- Changed ignition switch No change Starter starts with key off when battery connected
2- Removed and had starter and solenoid checked at Autozone (Passed)
3- Removed starter relay from engine fuse compartment
4- swapped Relays around
5- Put test light between ground cable and neg on battery. Light comes on, solenoid clicks
a= Tried this while each fuse was removed. Same result

What's next to try

my 2002 buick lesabre ABS Traction

I hit a very large pothole and my "abs" light and traction control off light came on. Now it's telling Me system needs stability. I don't know what to do.

Buick Lesabre lights problem

2004 buick lesabre bright lights will not work and the lamps are good

Car Trouble - 99 Buick Century Limited

Hey need help, I have a 99 Buick Century Limited, I just had a motor put in about 3 months ago, the car drives good it's just that when I drive it like 3 or 4 blocks it cuts off, but it starts back up. Also I have no heat, I put AntiFreeze in there still doesn't work. Could any one help with this question please, would greatly appreciate it.

radio will not shut off

I have a 2010 buick LaCrosse. When I turn the ignition off the radio and dash lights remain on for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes the radio turns off and the dash lights stay on. Can this be reset so that the radio and lights turn off when I exit the car? Thanks, Ron

1998 Buick lesabre tranny problem help

My trans. fluid and filter have not been changed in about 50K miles. Daily driver. Yesterday, I put car in drive, and nothing happened. Put car in reverse and nothing happened. Put car in park again, then back into reverse..Drove fine.
Today, car sounds like it is not shifting up enough. Running in lower gear. Car has 180K on it. 3800 engine.

Should we drain fluid, change filter, and add seafoam, which someone recommended?
How much trainy fluid do I use?

HELP PLEASE!!! I am broke, and do not want to take '68 Electra Convertible out of storage!

95 Buick regal won't start help please

The car will crank up but won't turn over it's happened before but istarted it right up the next day but this time it just won't start please help

Buick Century idling eratically

Hi car experts, I'm hoping you can help me fix my car. Below is a description of my problem, and things I have already tried--thanks, Beth.

My well maintained 1998 Buick Century, with 160k miles, is idling funny, but only when warmed up. If I start the car when it is cold, starts fine, runs great. If I start the car when it is already warmed up, like after filling up with gas, then it might not start on the first try. And once it does start easily, or may start and die, and once I get it started the idle goes way up and down. I've tried to fix it myself as I don't have a lot of money, and would like the car to keep running for a few more years. After reading, and trying lots, I came to the conclusion, since it runs so well at other times, that it might not be a serious problem, but a sensor that is giving the car bad info. I read to unplug sensors one at a time to figure out which one might be bad. When I unplug the MAF sensor, the problem goes away--I felt pretty proud that I had figured out what ails the car. I bought a new MAF, installed it, but the problem is still there. Aside from the MAF being bad out of the box, what might be my real issue? Could another sensor or problem be hidden when I unplug the MAF?

What I've tried:
Car has good compression. I tried what I saw on youtube, and sprayed carb cleaner on all the hoses while it was running, to check for vacuum leaks, this did not change the idle speed, and visually, despite their age, they all look good. I have put in new spark plugs and wires. The check engine light is on, but the folks at Autozone say it is only the evap system--I tried a new fuel cap, that didn't make it go away. Could the evap system cause idle problems such as this? And if so, why does unplugging the MAF make the problem go away?

The only problem that exists with the MAF unpluged, is when I first put it in gear to drive, the car loses power when I go to step on the gas, but only the first one or two times, after that car runs totally fine--is this what the car should act like with the MAF unplugged? But if I plug in the MAF, the car doesn't lose power when I first step on the gas, but once heated up and I restart it, it does the crazy idle.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated,

2002 Buick Park Avenue interior lights issue

my 2002 buick park avenue interior lights won't shut off and when I put the car in reverse it doesn't lock the doors and when I put it in park it doesn't unlock the doors because they were not locked. can you please help me with this?

car trouble

what is the purpose of the module control or the climate control on a 96 Buick park avenue what does this box run i know it control head lights and dash lights does it also have anything to with blowing out air

03 Buick Regal No tail lights

Hello All !! I am new to this site in hopes that someone can help me out .... i have a 2003 Buick Regal Ls model Vin. K,, all my lights work except my tail lights.. all headlights , brake lights , turn signal , dash lights , and interior all work fine but no tail lights. I've replaced fuses even went as far as replacing dimmer, multifunction switch , and bulbs.... NO LUCK.. can someone tell me if theirs a relay for tail lights or what can be the cause of problem... Thanks

Buick Regal tail lights diagram

2003 Buick Regal Ls model Vin. K,, all my lights work except my tail lights. All headlights, brake lights, turn signal, dash lights, and interior all work fine but no tail lights. I've replaced fuses even went as far as replacing dimmer, multifunction switch , and bulbs.... NO LUCK.. can someone tell me if theirs a relay for tail lights or what can be the cause of problem... Thanks

1993 buick lesabre DTC codes 47 38 65

What causes a 1993 buick lesabre service engine light to come on and temperature light to come on and go off after seating. I was at mc getting my kid a happy meal and the temperature light came on and whent off my service engine light was on for a couple days. I changed the MFS and was good for week now back on. When at mc the temperature light came on so I turned off the car and when I left was still on put shut off down the road here are the code O'Reilly gave me= dtc 47 dtc 38 dtc 65, but it run fine beside it feels like it doesn't want to go for a second when I'm stopped be side that it's run OK can someone please email me at xxxxxxxxx.

2002 Buick rendezvous poor idle

My 2002 Buick rendezvous runs as if it's going to run out of gas UNLESS the air conditioner is on. As soon as the compressor kicks on it runs fine. Otherwise it idles funny and sputters badly. Any ideas how I might fix this?

outside rearview mirrors

I own a 2004 LeSabre that doesn't have heated external mirrors. Besides the mirrors themselves, what else would I need to replace to have heated external mirrors? The car has just under 70K miles, so a little expense would be acceptable. Kevin

Re: Buick Park Avenue surges

you should have it scanned for codes and pending codes. drive it with the scanner reading the data stream and see if the torque converter is have a problem with the lock up. or if the trans is going in and out of overdrive, Or if the computer is reacting to a sensor problem.

2005 Buick Rainier tires locking up

My 2005 Buick Rainier AWD locks up when trying to turn in and out of parking lots. I have replaced the transfer case oil, but even after 80 miles that has not worked.
Any answers or experience with this problem?

94 buick regal steering column

my sister in law has a 94 buick regal & she let some people use it & they didn't bring it back, well it was towed & when we went to get it the keys were gone, well she let this friend of hers bust out the key lock & now she can't start it. the car will start by the starter & run 2-3 sec then quit. how can I start the car & keep it running without the key. she needs help. will any buick steering column fit & she does not want one that has the chip in key type. :?

Power Steering locked up while driving my 02 Buick Century.

I was turning right when my Steering wheel locks up!
So I pull over and somehow regain control then drove home and checked my new power steering pump and the power steering reservoir is full.

I never had this happen before and I had recent work done on my car I had a new power steering pump and AC Condenser along with a new radiator aswell a new radiator support put into my vehicle.

I would very much like to know exactly what is wrong with my car and how much it will cost yo repair?

Spark Plugs

Hey there
Can I install NGK spark plug 6509 on buick 3.5L rendezvous cxl 2006?
If I cannot what dangers are there?
On some sites I see it mentions a fit and others it doesnt.
Please advise
Thank you!

"Add to crankcase"

Where do I add liquid to the crankcase in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue, 3.8L, V6 engine?
I think it gets added the same place oil is added... Directions on this bottle of "Oil Treatment" say Add to crankcase, but I am not sure where the access to add liquid to the crankcase is located.
Please help; I do not want to kill my engine. :? :cry:

1999 Buick Regal SES light still on!

I had my ses light read and it came back with two problems ; Engine coolant temp sensor and control circuit fans #2
i replaced the sensor as well as the relay for fans.but the ses light is still on and fans dont come on at all past line after halway mark. Need help i need to pass smog asap!

95 buick lasaber stearing column ..wont start

bought a car that has had history of stearing column malfunctions. the switch for gear select keeps breaking. car will start if jumped at starter solinoid soon as jumper is pulled the car dies. does anyone know if i can put a jumper wire on this switch and which wires to connect together

pontiac grand prix

I took a supercharger lower intake manifold heads fuel pump and wire harness with computer and fuse box from a 97 gtp and put them on my 99 grand prix gt I'm having wire issues running lights stay on when key is not in also idling very rough could be a bad fuel injector but can't get readings from computer I'm going to get a harness from a 99 gtp and see if that helps . Wondering if anyone has done this and what problems they had or tips they can give

99 Buick Regal fans not kicking in and SES light?

I got a 99 regal runs perfectly fine only issues is the car overheats because the fans will not turn on. I unplugged the temp sensor plug and the fans automatically kick on so I know its not relays or the fans. What could it be? Also after I tried jumping a Fan relay connection and caused a spark the Service Engine Soon came on. It was never on before this and the car has no running issues! Hopefully i can get some answers here THANK YOU :)

Vacuum hose diagram

Have a 1996 Buick Le Sabre SE with a 3800 v.6 i can not find the correct diagram as to where the vacuum lines go. We forgot to photograph before removing. I have searched Google and it shows a diagram with 5 ports my car has 6 ports. Purchased a Hanes book but it does not show it.

1998 Lesabre DTC p0300 and p1665

1998 Lesabre DTC p0300 and p1665 , 108k miles. starts and runs but is misfiring bad. MIL blinking. Stalls if I try to drive. Had a slight gas smell for the past couple months. Strongest when the fuel tank is less than 1/4 tank. I was driving it and car started jerking and lost alot of power. Also notice antifreeze resivor was empty. No fluid leaks. Any clue what the problem could be?

Optional Information:
Year : 1998
Make : Buick
Model: Lesabre Custom
Engine: 3.8

Already Tried:
Removed and cleaned EGR. Replaced PCV, Cleaned throttle body, replaced front 3 spark plugs and wires(couldnt reach the three in back).
Was going to try crankshaft sensor but was told its a hard job?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Headlights and driving lights not working

I have a 2003 Buick Century. My driving lights and headlights do not work. I have tail lights, stop lights and parking lamps.

2000 Buick LeSabre Custom

I have a 2000 Buick LeSabre and the computer is saying it is the vacuum modulator, where is it located?

alternator issues, somethings killing it, but what

After fixing the idlen and stalling issue, my 94 lesabre battery light keeps coming on and eventully shuts down, ive replaced the battery and alternator 3 times, my question is what can continously kill an alternator??? Please help

93 Buick century special transmission problem

I have a 93 Buick century special 3.3 v6. It has new catalytic convertor,new throttle positioning sensor, new oxygen sensor, new pcv valve. It runs great the gears on dash are 1,2,D no circle around it just causal D when i try to accelerate best way to describe it is feels like its choking itself out. I have to feather the gas to get it going. Before i know it im 35mph before it shifts from 1rst to 2nd after it hits drive its fine if i have to slow down enough to down shift to 1rst it does it all over again i cleaned maf too i asked couple mechanic about my car one said sounds like a bad ecm i checked auto parts store for price they said my cars transmission doesn't run off the ecm a 4 speed does a 3 speed doesn't. The other mechanic said could be shift solenoid or pressure modulator both $30 parts how long does is take to replace a shift solenoid? Or pressure modulator? So i can figure what I'll pay labor for my mechanic to change them he

1994 Buick Lesabre Keeps idling High and stalls

1994 Buick Lesabre Keeps idoling High and stalls when coming to a stop or making a complete stop. The service engine light stays on most of the time then goes off but comes right back on. The battery light plays peek-aboo with me I replaced the Battery and alternator and the light still comes and goes. It idols high and then goes back to regular then idols high again.. I replaced the throttle sensor, its still doing the same thing. Car never cuts off untill you are slowing down to make a stop or you stop completely and then slowly cuts off like you are out of gas. I have taken the car to two different shops so I could get the code reader put on and both places are unable to read anything its like it wont connect???? I dont know what else to do It sounds like possibly there is a vacuum leak somewhere when the engine is rev'd but nobody can find one anywhere I dont know what else to do someone help!?!?!

No air through vents Buick Park Avenue

Air will not blow through my vents on my 95 park ave, I have replaced the blower motor and still no air. What could be my problem?

95 Buick LeSabre Electrical Issue NEED HELP!

This is pertaining to an electrical/ignition problem for a 95 Buick LeSabre with 94k miles. The car battery is consistently dieing. I have 7 amps drawing from the battery when the car is turned off. The battery is brand new, I have replaced a replacement just to be sure I could eliminate the battery however it is the $80 battery from auto zone so theres a slight chance it could be the quality of the battery. I have taken it to my buddy to test parts on the car that draw power when the car is off to see what might be sucking the juice from the battery. The car will not be able to start 3 days after it was last turned off. The odd thing is the car started the past three straight days, I can it to recharge the battery and when I went out today to start it, the battery was dead. This is the first time any thing like this has happened to the car.

Do you have any suggestions on why this is happening? I’d be glad to answer any questions that would provide additional insight into my dilemma.

Re: 2005 Le Sabre speedometer wont go to zero

Yes, each gauge has a stepper motor that control it inside the instrument cluster.

Re: 2002 Buick Century Transmission filter

I found a picture that may have the parts you described

Re: 2002 Buick Century, lacks power, poor gas mileage.

Yes, you could have a plugged catalytic converter. They can also set EGR codes. The proper test is to use a back pressure gauge in the oxygen sensor port. But, you can unbolt the exhaust at the rear manifold from under the car, ahead of the converter then see if power and acceleration is restored.

You could also have a faulty MAF sensor. You would need to look at airflow readings of MAF to see if they increase as RPM increases. You can also unplug it when it is running, if it dies- restart it, then see if power is back to normal.

I would also check the fuel pressure regulator. If it was leaking, that would cause the very bad gas mileage, and could be the cause of a plugged catalytic converter.

Re: 2002 Buick Century Front tire wear

If it is wearing that badly, either the strut has been pushed way out of alignment, or more likely since you have movement you describe, the wheel bearing is loose.

Have that wheel off the ground, move it to get it to wiggle and have someone look at the ball joint and strut. If they are not moving, but the axle is, then the hub bearing is bad.

Tire wear problems

Re: buick doesn,t maintain rpm on up hill pull keeps droping

HI when the car buick lesabre 94 was working ok going up a
long up hill grade motor increses rpm to 2000 2500 and
stays there untill i reach the top and motor rpm come back
to 1800 again 65 mph, now on a up pull or on a level road
going over 50 mph in overdrive rpm drop to 1200 steping on
gas pedal rpm still 1200 step harder still 1200 if i tap the
gas pedal up and down fast rpm jumps to 1800 and back
down to 1200 again a few seconds later this go on and on
until i slow down to under 50 mph and in 3 gear rpm stay
at 1800 and every thing works ok no more tapping the gas
pedal just takes more gas to get somewhere.
when the rpm drop to 1200 going up hill car stammers
because motor running too slow to pull the load
question is what makes the motor speed up to 2500 0r
3000 and stay there in [ overdrive only] over 50 mph gong
up hill thank you hope this helps you make a better
analycis note this in overdrive only 4 gear that i have
this problem

Re: how to remove front struts from a 1996 Buick Park Avenue

ok, be careful. keep in the back of your mind that the spring holds the weight of your car up

Re: 1996 Buick Park Avenue interior lighting

Thanks carriedi for that info. on my 96 Buick Park Avenue . My wallet just might be :D !!

Harmonic Balancer - 1993 Buick park avenue 3.8l v6

1993 Buick park avenue 3.8l v6

Issue just started - out of rhythm knocking or banging from best area.

This is a video I took of it yesterday: ...

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

98 Lesabre engine light blinking

Plenum replalced almost two years ago by neighbor. Took it on long drive afterwards and it had a very small misfire when driving it I could feel it. I let the car sit for almost two years and just recently had my mechanic look at it. He had to replace brake lines and fuel lines and fuel filter. He is not the person who did the plenum repair. btw, because of previous history with an olds I knew about the white smoke and dexcool and shut car off the first time I saw it and there did not appear to be much damage other than the plenum so the neighbor said.
My mechanic said the engine sounded fine and he took it for a ride. I picked it up two weeks ago and am having terrible gas mileage and smelling pure gasoline when I start the car and back into it. Engine lgt. is on. Sometimes blinking. Drives good. slight misfire when in D,R but not in P OR N. My mechanic is on vacation. I am a female. Ok, lol, what could be the problem. Thanks guys, so much.

Re: 1999 buick lesabre wont start

you would have to see if you have spark and injector pulse. Without a lab scope or scanner the way you can tell if you have a cam and crank signal is to check to see if you have spark to the spark plugs or the injector pulse to the fuel injector.

Re: Buick Lesabre showing code p0171

I replaced the MAF because it was giving a code, I forget which one now but it wasn't functioning properly I tried cleaning it first but it made no difference so I replaced it, I am unfamiliar with freeze frame and fuel trim

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