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Re: gas loosing prime after setting a while

how many pumps is a lot?

does it have a manual choke? What kind of carburetor?

When you pump the gas pedal, watch to see how much fuel shoots down the carb, if your accelerator pump is worn it may not give you a good steady stream of fuel to prime your intake.

older cars should take 3 to 5 pumps all the way to the floor to prime the carb. then put the choke 1/2 to 3/4 closed and start the car. (cold only) Engine warm, it should just start up.

3.8L no start 2005 lesabre

i swapped a 3.8 in a n2005 lesabre. only runs if I spray gas in throttle body. no pulse to injectors. does cam sensor have input for that? previous engine blew heater core and head gasket because (i think) the fans didn't come on. speedometer was pegged below zero. is that ECM trouble?

Re: replacing all brake lines on 2005 rendezvous awd

your abs pump isn't marked like this one? see where it's marked RF, LF, RR, LR?

have you already taken off the lines? you could look and trace them to where they go. two go to the front and should be two go to the rear. You just have to disconnect one front and one rear line at the pump and disconnect the line at one of the front wheels and one of the rear wheel and see if you can blow air through the line. (low pressure) If the rear line allows brake fluid through then mark for that wheel. If brake fluid doesn't go out then it's for the other wheel. Do the same for the front.

Buick lucerne squealing engine

My 2008 v6 Buick lucerne makes a very loud squealing sound when running and gets louder with acceleration. I removed drive belt completely and started car without it and still same sound. What's causing this?


I need a repair manual for my 2014 Buick encore and I can't find one, can you help

Need help

Where is the coolant temp sensor located at for a 1988 Buick regal

2003 buick Park avenue ultra 3.8 supercharged

Car backfires, no run.

New timing kit, crank and cam sensors,oil pump,spark plugs and wires,coils,lifters, pushrods,oil level sensor,oil pan gasket,heads rebuilt, supercharger gone threw,all injectors cleaned,fuel pump new.

Fuel builds up, and motor backfires, will not run, code is timing, but reset it 6 times, same outcome.

Please help.

Re: Vapor locking, catalytic converter has been removed for many whydoes it vapor lock after running poorly for 30 minut

what is the year, make model and engine of the vehicle you are asking about?

Re: LASH for a 3.8 v6 buick park avenue

3.8 engine is hydraulic lifters. Oil pressure takes up the lash. there is no adjustment so no spec. only the "S" body has a lash spec. (Suzuki models) All the other GM engine use hydraulic lifters.

why are you asking about valve lash?

Radio locked code

My 2002 Buick radio is locked how do I unlock it


There is a hose come from the engine and stops near smog pump but it’s not connected to anything?

96 3800 series 2 riviera vacuum

im unsure where each vacuum line connects can use any kind of help diagrams pics ty

Re: Check engine light shows running lean on bank one,what is te problem?

there are things to look at. A vacuum leak on bank one. O2 sensor stuck lean on bank one. Dirty injector(s) on bank one. etc.

Look at bank two fuel trims. Are they getting close to being lean also but not quite as bad as bank one yet? Could be a dirty MAF.

Is there a freeze frame for the code? What is the code's actual number? Freeze frame would help a lot because it will tell you what was happening to the engine when the code was set.

What is the make, model, year and what engine does the vehicle have?

Most of the time, engine codes only give you a direction to look and not what is actually wrong. I remember that back in the day, even dealerships were replacing a lot of oxygen sensors when they got a lean code. Fords especially. The codes would come back in a short time. It wasn't the O2 sensors it was the MAF would get dirty and the dirt would at as insulation so the air flow would show less than actual. The computer sees the MAF number and sends the calibrated fuel but then the O2 sensor would measure the exhaust and see that there isn't enough fuel getting to the mixture. That sets a lean code. And the engine is running lean. Bad info in = bad info out.

Re: Ignition problems

a common cause for dies on decel is a dirty throttle body. The sides of the throttle plate build up deposits in the throttle body abd when you let off the gas you don't have the minimum air flow to keep the engine running before the IAC can adjust for it. Clean the throttle body and see if that takes care of the problem.

As for the voltage reading, you should verify the readings. It is possible that the computer may have a different voltage from battery voltage from bad connections somewhere between the battery and the computer. Corrosion in a connector of at a ground bolt can cause resistance dropping the voltage. So, check for good power and grounds at the ECM

Re: Shifting problems,how to fix

I am not understanding... what happens when you just put it in drive? It is an automatic, right? Why do you put it in first and then shift into second?

the transmission should be a computer controlled trans.

Have you checked your trans fluid level? If it's very low you may be running it out of fluid.

you should have your vehicle scanned. See if there are any trans codes. Scan the trans to see what the pressures are and what is happening when you drive it.

If it works in first gear, can you get it going up fast enough to put it into drive and skip second? Don't over rev the engine but get it up to a speed that third gear would drive at. If the trans continues after that then second gear may be gone. Need a trans rebuild.

Buick Regal Sportback 2018 tail stop lights issue

Dear All!

I live in Europe and I own Buick Regal Sportback 2018 made in accordance with US standards. There is another standard of tail lighting to be in Europe. Coner signal light to be orange and rear stop light to be red and commonly it is combined with tail position lights.

Unfortunately, corder light and rear stop light are combined in Buick and when I changed my light from Opel Insignia Grandsport and I have orange corner and stop now combined.

Do someone have wire diagram for Buick Regal 2018? I need to fix it.

Or does someone know if I change Body control module to Opel's one, will it fix the issue?

Thanks in advance


Re: Speedometer not resetting after cruise is off

sounds like the stepper motor for the speedo is sticking. All the gauges that use the needle to point to show you what is happening are little stepper motors. They are electronic pointers controlled by the instrument cluster. They can stick in place, the can loose their zero point and point in a totally wrong position. Or stop working altogether. A scanner might be able to scan for codes and see if there are codes for the speedo. The scanner should be able to run a sweep test and see if the dials move all the way up and then all the way back down. It may pass the sweep test if the condition is intermittent. The stepper motor is soldered into the circuit board. Most shops won't solder in a new one. They will recommend it be sent out and rebuilt (replace all the stepper motors and light bulbs (since the light bulbs are soldered in also) depending on the rebuilder).

Re: 2016 Buick regal hvac system not working

the first thing I would do is look for a blown fuse. The HVAC module is powered up by fuse #17 in the instrument panel fuse block in the lower left side of the dash. Should be a 10 amp fuse.

here is a picture of where the fuse #17 should be. By the book anyways. Sometimes the book is not correct.

If the fuse is good and has power with the ignition key in the run position, then you have to remove the hvac controls and check the powers and grounds. If all the powers and grounds are good you will probably have to replace the hvac control module.

Have the vehicle scanned. They should be able to scan the hvac module. I'm thinking that there won't be any communication with that module because if nothing lights up or turns on there probably won't be any computer communication. Scanning for all codes may turn up a clue before the module went completely out. It's an easy check.

2003 lesabre limited no heat


I have a 2003 buick lesabre limited.. that blows cold air instead of heat. System was flushed about 5 times, we checked the actuator doors- seems to be doing its job- we then changed the heater core, and bled/burped the system to get any air locks out. After it was put together heat worked great for 3 days and now it's back to cold air again.... (oh water pump was also changed) only thing left that we did not change was the thermostat... though, I'm not sure it's the cause. Could another air lock happen days after everything was replaced? This has been a nightmare to figure out!

Temp control works on passenger side but not on drivers side

1998 Buick Century Limited: IIt's winter and I would like hot air to come out of both the driver side and passenger side middle-level vents. The problem is that cold air comes out of driver side and hot air comes out of passenger side. Here are some clues:

- No amount of fiddling with the HVAC buttons in Auto or Manual mode seemed to fix the problem. Most of my tests were in manual mode because Auto seemed to behave the same. Also DUAL mode was OFF during these tests.

- Changing the temperature changed the temperature of the air on the passenger side but the driver side remained cold and unchanged. When temperature was set lower, both side would push cold air. At max high-temp, still cold air on driver side and then passenger side back to hot.

- I performed a 'reset' by disconnecting the battery for an hour

- Upon re-connection, the first thing I noticed was that the yellow Auto button light on the HVAC head was working. This wasn't working before.

- The second thing I noticed that the fan wouldn't come on. By fiddling with the buttons for 5 minutes, the fan came on.

- However, as soon as the fan came on, lo and behold, I got hot air coming from both driver and passenger side vents!

- To verify that this was not just a one-time thing, I turned the car off and then on.

- Immediately the original problem returned: cold air on driver side, hot air passenger side.

- The fan was also hard to start but I noticed that if I removed and put back the blower fuse, the fan would almost always start working again. (The fan is more of a red-herring....the temperature problem is the main thing I need to solve.)

- Btw, somewhere along the way the Auto button yellow light stopped working again.

- I noticed something weird: When HVAC was off, whenever a pushed a button to turn the unit on, I could hear the engine strain. It acted like, no matter what, the A/C compressor was turning on (even though the temperature was set to max-high and it was cold outside).

- Sure enough, I noticed the A/C clutch would engage whenever a button was pushed on the HVAC. I removed the fuse for the A/C clutch.

- From this point on, the compressor did not engage, however the driver side vent continued to blow "cool" (but not cold) air. Passenger side still hot.

- During testing, somehow, magically, after the HVAC was on for about 10 minutes, the driver side started blowing hot air.

- I turned car off and then on, and the problem returned immediately. The driver side blowing cold air, passenger side hot

- This morning on way to work, I waited to see if the driver side would magically start blowing hot. It didn't.

- Then, after about 10 minutes, just on a hunch, I lowered the temperature as low as it could go, and then raised it again to max

- Voila, both sides start blowing hot air.

- My question: Is there a driver side thermostat separate from the passenger side? If so, it seems like the driver side thermostat always thinks that the temperature is "too hot" and thus turns the A/C on and then channels the A/C cold air into the driver side vents because it thinks it should be cooling the driver off even though it should be heating things up. Also, apparently, even when the A/C clutch is disconnected, it puts some flap in position to channel air from the A/C to the driver side vent, rather than channel air from the heater.

- At first thought, one might think that the driver side actuator that controls a flap may be at fault. However, if this were true, why would the HVAC be initiating the A/C clutch when it shouldn't? If it was just a flap actuator problem and the thermostat was working properly, the A/C clutch would not be engaged, but the driver side would blow "cool" (outside) air.

Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.


I have a 1993 Buick Riviera and I replaced the throttle position sensor and disconnected the battery and the check engine light is still on and I'm getting a code of 21 which means the throttle position sensor is getting a high voltage. What else can I do?

2002 Buick Park Ave

My tail lights will not work no dash lights and my speedometer says I am doing 120 when I know i am only doing 57 I have checked all three fuse boxes checked light bulbs I'm stumped someone said there is a relay for the tail lights have not found any head break lights work turn signals

97 Buick lasabre

Car runs great out of nowhere it’s doesnt want to switch to 2nd gear the rpms rev but not gaining much speed eventually with coasting it’ll let me pick up speed this gets worse after it gets heats up???? Speed sensor?

97 Buick Skylark 3.1 crank no start

It stalled at a stop sign. Hasn't restarted since. I have replaced crank and cam sensors, iad,throttle position sensors, both O2 sensors, plugs, wires, coil pack, ignition module, lock cylinder,ignition switch, fuel pressure regulator. I have tried the 10 min relearn, the 30 min relearn. Has spark and fuel. Checked all fuses and relays. The security light is on steady 100% of the time won't go off

2001 Buick Park Avenue 3800 series 2

I replaced the coolant temperature sensor. Looks like it cracked where it screwed into engine. Is their a way to fix this?

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