No Power, Engine Runs Bad
I have a 2002 grand Prix. It doesn't have any get up and go. When I floor it, it bogs right down. I
changed the fuel filter but it made it worse. I had it put on a scope at two different places and...
My 2000 Jerky on Acceleration
i have had trouble with the can being jerky while accelerating
also i tends to do this more the warmer the car gets. Runs good in the
am but by lunch time it's acting...
2001 Grand Prix Check Engine Light Code P1404
OBD2 code p1404 was pulled.  Replaced the EGR valve, but code came back. Any ideas much
appreciated on how to fix...
2003 Pontiac 3800 v6 Wont Start
The car will turn over, run for a couple of seconds and then shuts off.  After about
the 10th try it...
1997 Headlights, Blower Fan Clicking in Dash
blower motor works only on high mode the lower modes do not work and also its
affecting the daytime driving lights...
2001 Pontiac GP Radio Unlock Code
In 2005, I took my car to get serviced in West Los Angeles
at the Martin Cadillac Dealer. The radio had been unlocked and my 4digit code was lost...
1997 Pontiac Prix ABS Code C1242
abs ,check tire press and trac off
codes = c1242 rear esb will not hold motor. Question = Why does my pontiac have
ABS light. What is rear ESB...
2003 Pontiac GM What is Codes P0128
Just as my car turned over on 170,000 the check engine light
came on. I had Auto Zone check code. Came up p0128. Light stayed on for about 50
miles then went off...
1990 3.1 Crank Sensor Broken
Tried to remove crank sensor and top broke off
after backing out 1/2".
Question = Is there another way to get the sensor out without dropping the pan?
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1l Engine Damage
All spark plugs had been smashed and had bits of
melted aluminum on the porcelain. Crown on one piston was broke Off piston rings damaged.
2002 Pontiac Transmission Problem No 4th Gear Slips
2003 Prix Wont Start Security Theft Flashing
my car and it ran for 3 seconds and shut off. I tried a couple times and the same thing
happened. Why is my security is flashing and I have no...
My 2002 Grand Prix V6 Stalls. Idle RPM Fluctuates Up and Down
My car will sometimes die on the first startup and then
crank on the second try. The rpm gauge will jump to about 1500 rpm's, then drop to
zero and then level off at about 900 rpm's. It has also...
How to Replace Airbag Module on 2004 Steering Wheel
how do i remove the drivers airbag from my 04 grand prix gt?
Help with Traction Codes on My 2000 Pontiac GTP
Why does my ABS light go on. I have some codes I can not find
definitions for P1521 TCS issue DTC C0244 DTC C0550
2005 3.8 V6 Belt Noise Whirling sound
We have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3800 series engine and
the car makes a whirring noise (Sound like a manual transmission in reverses)
when accelerating from a stop.  It first started...
2002 ABS and TRAC OFF Light Codes C0035, C0036
question = WHAT IS MY ABS PROBLEM? Why does my car do this.
My 2003 3.1 V6 Autozone Scan P0753 Shift Solenoid
My "Service Engine Soon" light just came on about a month ago and when it did my cruise
control stopped working as well.  I can feel it has trouble shifting and I have hooked it up to a
machine that AutoZone has...
Is This the Right Part Number for Dash Harness
I have a question on the Instrument panel or (Dash) Wiring harness for my car. My VIN # is...
TCC Stuck on Code P0742 my 1998 Pontiac GT. Where is it located to replace
question = where is the torque converter switch? And can I fix this at home?
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP A/C Vents Blow Warm
With the AC on one Rt. upper dash vent is the only one providing cold air. I must have
a damper not working somewhere. The other vents have the same volume of air but it
is ambient. #2 provides cold AC air...
SES Code P0420 Catalyst and P1811 Long Shifting Adapts
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with a 3.8L Series II engine. I am having 2 different issues
with this vehicle. First, the transmission has started jerking hard into gears. It seems that
it only does it once the car gets up to a normal operating temperature. I will be stopped at
a stop sign or stop light and...
Runs For 10 minutes then Stalls
Replaced the fuel pump and alternator. Car still dies out after running for a few minutes.
Is this a fuel pressure regulator (FPR) or battery problem.
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Automatic Headlights
I cannot get the head lights to come on when locking the car with the
remote. Tried the owners manual instructions.
Blower Fan Runs Only on High
I replaced the blower motor resistor and the ignition switch wiring harness several
times but it still only funs on high speed. What else can cause this problem.
Program a New Key
Tried to get the Pontiac to start with the theft learn, but traction, battery
and charging lights started flashing on the dash. Still won't start.
1999 Grand Prix Flywheel Breaks
The flywheel keep breaking on my Pontiac. Have replaced it twice. Made sure to use
new bolts and correct torque.
Your Pontiac has a broken window regulator. That is
the part inside the door that the window bolts to. The
motor controls the regulator to raise and lower the
window glass. You will need to replace the assembly.
Right rear passenger window falls down and will not go back up.
The crank position sensor is located behind the
crank pulley on the front of the engine. You will need
a pulley to get the pulley of the engine.
Location of crankshaft sensor on 1999 grand prix gt 3800 v6?
CEL Flashing
The engine light is flashing on my car. We replaced the spark plugs but
still did not pas the emission test. Fuel pressure check out good.
2007 Grand Prix Lights Flash and Humming Noise
My car battery was dead. Brake lights stay on. There is a also a humming noise
in the front end of my car.
1996 Grand Prix Hesitates
We have replaced the catalytic converter, MAF and other sensors, but my car still
hesitates and has a check engine light.
2006 Engine Hesitates
My 2006 Grand Prix chuggs when accelerating. I have replaced the spark plugs and wires.
The check engine light was flashing.
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Pontiac Grand Prix Questions
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS C0045, C0046, P0420 And P0172
My Grand Prix has an ABS light and check engine light. We changed hub bearing wheels
speed sensors and the catalytic converter. Still getting engine misfires.
2001 Grand Prix Brakes Light
When I turn the key on my Pontiac, the brake lights are always on. I checked the
fuses and they ar all good. Turn signal and backup lights are working fine.
1998 GTP grand Prix Has No Power
My car has a check engine light codes P0730, P0742 ans P1810. These codes are for
TCC stuck and component slipping in the transmission.
1995 GP Engine Noise
My car has the common engine ticking noise in the morning. It goes away
after it warms up. Sometime the car will stall after revving it up a little.
1997 Supercharger Grinding Noise
My Grand Prix GTP has a grinding noise from either the belts or pulley but may be
from the supercharger. How can i determine where the noise is coming from?
Grand Prix Fuel Pump Not Working
I have a 2003 Grand Prix SE, I have replaced the fuel pump with a new one and the relay
switch is clicking when the key is turned, regardless, the fuel pump is not kicking on.