Oil Pressure Sensor Location- Crank Sensor Broke In Block

1990 Pontiac Grand Prix No spark and no pulse to injectors. 12 volts to coilpack. Tried to remove crank sensor and top broke off after backing out 1/2. Question = Is there another way to get the sensor out without dropping the oil pan?

IF there is any portion of the sensor sticking out, then you can get it out by spraying with penetrating oil, twisting back and forth, and repeating.

You will have to work at it for awhile, but they will usually come out. The penetrating oil need to get down into the block and loosen the carbon that is holding you up. If no portion is sticking out, need to get a 90 degree drill and short drill bit to drill into the center of it, then screw in a screw, then pull sensor out. Last resort is to remove the oil pan.

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Problem with my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am Check engine light, low coolant light. Has new intake gaskets, head gaskets, new transmission. Tried New ignition switch. I Need to know here the oil pressure sensor is located on the 3.1 engine in a Pontiac?

The engine oil pressure sensor is located on the front of the engine. From under the car, it is to the right and a little up from the oil filter.

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