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Pontiac torrent 2006

I have a 2006 Pontiac torrent it throws cold air and not hot fan work radiator is fuel the hoses I can touch when it gets to temperature is that normal

Caliper or wheel bearing

How I figure out if my caliper or wheel bearing hub is bad? I have a 2006 Pontiac G6 V6 3.4L.

Went to change my brakes because the passenger side was starting to grind. Metal to metal. Upon attempting to put everything back together, it just seems like it was a really tight fit. No wiggle room at all. Also should note that I replaced the rotor because it was also worn down. Also had to replace the brake caliper mount as one of the bolts had heat welded and would no longer compress and depress as it should. So brand new brake caliper mount, new rotor, new brake pads. Upon putting everything back together. When I try to spin the wheel it grabs and rubs. I thought maybe it was just the new pads that needed to be broken in. So I started the car and reversed it a couple feet and I could feel and hear it grinding. Could it possibly be the brake caliper? Or is it the wheel bearing hub? Hoping it's the caliper because that is about $120 less to replace. But I am pretty sure it's the wheel bearing.


03 Pontiac montana, 3400.changed all six spark plugs,started ran drove fine untill it warms up then starts missing and dies.could that be coil packs or the module?

Blower motor

On my Pontiac Grand Am my fan motor was working while I was driving I shut the car off about an hour later when are we started the car the blower motor would not work anymore


The clip on the fuel rail on my 2002 Pontiac Bonneville ssei L87 needs replaced. Can't find a name for this part and it's pouring gas out. Help

potiac grand am gt

i have pontiac grand am gt 1997 i have connector with one brown wire and one white and black wire under hood not sure where it connects too

Re: Car won’t even crank/ Car was sabotaged

the first thing to look at would be your battery connection. A bad connection would look normal but when you put the big load for the starter there isn't enough amps to run the system and the connection opens.

the security might need to be reset. Do you know the process to reset it?

did the problem happen for the shop you took it to? Did you toe it to the shop? or is this an intermittent problem?

'01 Pontiac grand prix w/3.1

I need to know how to set the timing chain on this vehicle. It's supposed to have a sticker under the hood but it's gone and I can't afford the manual when the info came with the car for free at one time.


Need to know how to replace airbags in 04 gran am.

Re: Engine swap

I am not qualified to answer questions on engine swaps to a different motor. From what I read though, it won't be easy and it won't be cheap. Most people say to buy another car that has the engine or power that you are looking for. That will be cheaper than the engine swap and a lot less headache.

most sites said you need the engine and trans together. the wire harness, the PCM. It might be possible and I just didn't find the correct info.

phone: 937-671-7345

might be able to give you more information.

Intermittent crank no spark

98 bonneville 3800 series 2. Crank no spark. Replaced cam sensor, crank position sensor, icm, all coil packs. Car stalls and won't restart. Cranks but no spark. Unplugged icm and car starts and runs again. Will stall a day later , unplug icm and restarts. No codes other that evap.

Re: Grand Am remote start issue

that does sound weird, but I am curious, why are you disconnecting your battery? If this only happens when you disconnect your battery ground connection, that should happen every 5 or 6 years right? Once you replace your battery you shouldn't have to disconnect it until the battery goes dead in 5-6 years...

If it is the remote start feature that is reacting to the battery being disconnected you can try disconnecting the remote starting feature. You can do that through the DIC (driver information center)

PERSONAL PROGRAMMING MODE:This menu allows you to customize several features on your vehicle. These adjustments can only be made while the vehicle is in PARK (P). Press the set/reset button to display the first screen.

Press the options button (the one that has "i" in a circle) to access modes. scroll down until you get to remote start. If your vehicle has the remote start option, you can disable it here.

REMOTE START: If your vehicle has the remote start feature, this screen allows this feature to be turned OFF or ON. The remote start feature allows you to start the engine from outside of the vehicle using your remote keyless entry transmitter. See “Remote Vehicle Start” under Remote Keyless Entry System Operation on page 2-4 of your owners manual for more information. If OFF is selected, the remote start feature will be disabled. If ON is selected, the remote start feature will be enabled. To program this mode, use the following procedure:1. Press the set/reset button to scroll to OFF or ON.2. Press the options button again to advance to the next screen. PROGRAMMING FINISHED will appear on the next screen. This confirms that the personal options programming is complete. DISPLAY OFF will appear on the next screen. The screen will count down and then go blank. Press the options button to advance to a new screen.

Re: 02 grand prix gtp

boost control solenoid is controlled by the PCM. If you have boost at idle I would be checking the vacuum lines. Check the bypass valve actuator and the bypass valve for sticking or just stuck. Of a bad boost control solenoid.

to check the system for operation you will need a vacuum gauge and a scanner that can communicate with the PCM and you can tell the PCM to open and close the vacuum to the system. A vacuum pump would also help so you can apply vacuum and see if you can make the bypass valve actuator retract.

Have you hooked up a scanner to see what the PCM is doing? Do you have any codes stored in memory? If you do what are the code numbers?

why did you replace all those parts? are you having other problems other than just the boost gauge showing boost at the wrong times?

1998 pontiac bonneville security light flashing

Hello I have a 1998 pontiac bonneville and it isn't starting. It has a brand new starter and the battery if charger around 700. The security light is flashing constantly whenever I place the key in the run position but it doesn't do anything else. I tried doing the 10 min on run than 5 second off and repeating 2 more times like I was told but it didn't do anything. Is their any way to fix it or does it have to be took to a mechanic.


2000 Pontiac grand am gt ram air 3400sfi rocker arm torque specs in ft lb?

Re: thermostat

okay, did you have a question about something?

Re: Grand Am rough idle

you really need to drive with a scanner on the vehicle. You need to see if the trans is slipping or shifting gears. If you are moving and s steady speed but your rpm changes then the engine reved up without changing speed. That's something inn the drive chain changing.

Knocking sound, well, that's something that someone needs to hear. I would suggest taking it to a local shop and ask if they can come out and listen to the noise. So many things is could be without knowing what it sounds like or where it might be coming from.

the knocking and the hard shifts may or may not be related. What about the title of this post? Does it have a rough Idle too? Is the check engine light on?

oil leak in Pontiac Firebird 3800 v6

i have an oil leak coming from the switch located on the front of the motor right above the oil filter.

is this the oil pressure switch?

Shift solenoid code P0752

Got a code of p0752 on my 2004 Pontiac Bonneville...v6 3800 series.

Re: Is there a right and left rocker arm

the rockers should all be the same but on some engines the push rods are different lengths. If you re-use the valve components you should keep the push rods and the rocker so that you put them back in the same position as they were originally.

year, make, model and engine would help. Pontiac 3.4L has intake and exhaust push rods that are different lengths.

Re: Grommets

not sure what you are talking about. the push rods just drop in on top of the lifters. The grommets you are talking about, are they the valve seals? When you buy a head gasket set they usually come with the valve stem seals. If you are replacing the heads you don't need those. the replacement head should have those on it. If you got complete heads. If you get just a bare head (no valves in it) then you would install the new valves and valve stem seals before you install the valve springs and keepers.

the push rods sit on top of the lifters. the lifters sit in holes in the block. There nothing over the lifters that holds grommets in place for the push rods. So, no torque specs.


you might know that already but just in case... I have had cars towed in that did not get them in right and the car doesn't run. If they are lucky they may have bent push rods. If they are not so lucky they have bent valves.

Or I may be mistaken. I don't know of any grommets for the push rods but I don't know everything. At least that's what my family says

Pontiac Grand am GT Coolant leak

I have a coolant leak on the passengers side of my 1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1. I have replaced the intake gaskets and also the water pump but it is still leaking. It leaked just refilling the coolant and not even running. It is leaking on the passengers side from some where above and on the backside of the crankshaft. I also now developed a leak from it seems under the radiator (new leak after putting everything back in except battery)

Where are the coolant elbows located as I have heard they are notorious for cracking. Or could it be the timing chain gaskets, if so how much work am I looking at?

Thank you for your help

2001 Grand am vent valve wire

I plug my scanner in and gave me 0449. Went under car and realized someone replaced vent valve solonoid. Held up by small zip tie. The valve part was broke off and wires from solonoid looked as if they went when valve went. Where do they go to. I see a 3 plug assembly. One had no wires so am I correct to think of goes there? I connected test light and tried across prongs and to ground from that plug. No light. Ideas?

Re: Shuts off when at normal temp

sounds like the time where the computer is supposed to take over (normal operating temp.) it doesn't have some parameter it's looking for. You need to have a graphable scanner hooked up to your vehicle and see what happens when it reaches normal temp.

check to see if your engine temp is -40F. if the temp sensor is open it will go to -40f

Re: 1998 Pontiac grand am gt 3100

It's very hard to tell you about something that I can't see. A coolant leak follows a path that is the easiest to go down. It may zigzag down as gravity pulls it. Your best bet is to have someone with an angled mirror and a flashlight look at your engine while it is leaking. Water outlet, intake gasket, coolant hose adapter are all common leaks.

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