Airbag Warning Light On The Dash

The supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) system supplements the protection offered by the vehicle seat belt system. The SIR system has several inflater modules located throughout the vehicle. The inflatable restraint steering wheel module, inflatable restraint dash module in passenger side of dash, and the inflatable restraint side impact module - LF and RT. These can be located in the sides of the seat or inside side body trim. Each inflater module has a deployment circuit that is controlled by the inflatable restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), which is mounted inside of the vehicle, usually under the passenger side carpet.

The computer determines the severity of a collision with the assistance of various sensors and inputs. When the system detects a collision of sufficient force, it will process the information provided by the sensors to inflate the airbags. The SDM performs continuous diagnostic monitoring of the SIR system electrical components. Upon detection of a circuit malfunction, the SDM will set a diagnostic trouble code and inform the driver by commanding the instrument panel cluster (IPC) to turn the AIR BAG indicator ON. The steering column and knee bolster pads are designed to absorb energy during frontal collisions in order to limit leg movement and lessen the chance of injury to the driver or passengers legs.

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Has my car been in a accident if the airbag light comes on when i start my car.
 ANSWER: Not necessarily. The airbag light does mean that car was in an accident. As with all warning lights, if one comes up on the dash and stays on, that means the computer for that system sees a problem. A scan would be needed to see what is wrong. But, if the car was in an accident, and not properly repaired, the light would also be on.

can a front air bag sensor go bad? 2005 Buick Lesabre
 As with any sensor, yes, the front impact or also called discriminating sensor can go bad and cause the airbag warning light to come on the dash.

My 2006 Chevy equinox air bag stay on after I start the vehicle. I got the DTC computer checked and it stated nothing in DTC. I changed the fuse 10amp and still nothing. Left the fuse out for 24 hrs and then the light stay on again. Help?????
 Did you scan the airbag computer or the powertrain computer? If the light is on, there must be codes, or no communication- which means a bad module.

Mechanic said he fixed the air bag light on 2002 Cavalier. Found out they painted over it inside the dash. What can be done
 Assuming you mean what to do about their fix and not the actual problem of the car, I would try some legal action after confronting the manager and demanding your money back and the car to be repaired at no cost. This trick MAY be against federal laws.

My airbag light stays on in an older truck I bought. I found that the fuse is missing for this. If it was in an accident, is there a chance the airbag could go off if I replace the fuse.
 With the fuse out the airbags theoretically cannot blow off. The fuse was probably out to disable it because they did not have the money to fix it. Replacing the fuse can re-enable the system, but it should not function with the light on. Unless the previous owner was afraid of airbags and did not want them. So it is up to you to replace the fuse or not.

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