Common Dash Warning Lights

A few typical dash gauges clusters- also known and the instrument panel.

Many warning lights, indicators, or messages can come on for a number of different reasons on your car or truck.

Click links below for pictures of some typical dash warning lights with descriptions.

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Warning lights on dash

Check Engine (SES)

Service Vehicle Soon

Anti-lock Brakes

Theft / Security

Battery / Volts / Charge

Tire Pressure (TPM)

Airbag / SIR

Traction / TRAC Off


2000 Silverado truck with dash light on like a video camera. Is it a sensor? If so which one.
 ANSWER: Can you give a little more information. What side of the dash is this light. Looks like a video camera?

Red circle with a wavy line and I brake.
 The brake light either means your emergency brake is applied, you're low on brake fluid, or you have an ABS brake problem. As for the red circle with wavy line, I'd have to see a picture of it to tell you for sure what it is.

I have a dash board light on 1995 Camaro and i dont know what it is pleae help
 You will have to describe it for someone to help.

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