Tire Pressure Monitor Warning System

Service Tire Pressure Monitor System

The tire pressure monitor system in todays cars use a radio frequency (RF) transmitter ( Tire Pressure Sensor ) in each wheel valve stem to relay pressure information to the module. The Service Tire Pressure Monitor System light / warning means there is a problem in the system, not a low tire. The Low tire pressure warning would come on for a low tire.

The system would need to be scanned for codes if the service monitor system warning comes on.

After a tire rotation, the tire positions need to be relearned in order for the system to tell you which tire is low. A special procedure and tool is need to do this.




my Saturn Vue is out of alignment, would that cause my low tire sensor to be on and would it cause my traction control light to stay on?
 ANSWER: No. You either have a tire low air pressure, or a faulty sensor. Have the ABS computer scanned for codes for warning light.

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