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97 Sierra, lost turn signals and hazard lights

I have a 97 Sierra, and I lost the signal and hazard lights. I have checked the fuses and relays and they are good. I had heard there was alot of electrical trouble in these trucks associated with the switch for the hazzard lights mounted in the top of the steering column on the left side, just in front of the steeeing wheel. Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and what solves this issue? Please help

04 Envoy intermittant cruise control

When I start my Envoy in the morning the cruise doesn't work. After I shut it off and restart it cruise works fine. Same thing happens after it sits at work all day (13+ hrs). It is now becoming more prevalent and needs shut off and restarted more often which doesn't always fix the issue. I haven't found anyone else having this problem. Please help.

Gmc envoy

Check engine light on its reading misfire on cylinder2 i tried everything pretty much,new plugs new coil pack new injectors, dont know wat else it could be please help thx.

2004 GMC Envoy P0410 Trouble Code

This trouble code keeps coming up on my Envoy. Reading information about this code points to the pump not coming on as the primary problem. The pump comes on when the ignition switch is turned on so I'm at a loss as to what to do to repair this problem.


Hello there, can someone please tell me why my 2007 Envoy vibrates only when I turn the a/c on? Spark plugs and and air filter has been replaced. Also check engine light is on and the code says that it's the thermostat. Not sure if the thermostat can cause the vibration. But it will be replace in a few days. Thanks

99 Tahoe 5.7 with 4L60E

I have a 4L60E from a 99 4x4 Tahoe with a 5.7, and I have a 2002 4x4 Yukon with a 5.3 with a bad 4L60E. Will the 99 work in the 02 without electrical or mechanical modifications, and if not, what needs to be changed? I can't afford to buy another transmission

I need help with my gmc enovy

Please somebody tell me what you think is wrong with my truck .. I changed the ignition switch out and its still not starting

1991 gmc c1500 4.3

my knock sensor is on bottom of my block.,should antifreeze came out??? there is a blockage of black crap inside the hole where the knock sensor goes,should i scrape it out,or leave it before putting in new sesor??

4l60e transmission swap from a 99 tahoe into an 02 yukon

I have a good 4L60E out of a 99 Tahoe and I'm putting it in an 02 GMC Yukon and I've been told that there are differences in these Transmissions what do I need to do to make this transmission work in the Yukon? I have already purchased it and don't have the money to buy another one

2007gmc sierra classic hd

GMC pickup won't start! I just put another engine in it its been down for about a year and a half. When the key is off, there I be got 12v at starter . when I turn key on it doesn't . the instrument panel has the security light on along with everything else. The only way to get power to go off is disconnect the battery. Anyone have any clues?

95' GMC G2500 5.7 won't stay running

1 1have a 95' g2500 vandura . it has had a full tune up , changed out MAP sensor,oxygen sensor ,full flush of coolant system , had a mechanic check through the spark plugs and get a clean bill of health however it will emits smoke and will stall within 2 milesw of driving . it runs strong untilit just gives up . It has been in the garage 2x now with the same complaint and because they dont drive it around town it doesnt show them whats going on .
things I have replaced to try to fix this .

MAP sensor
Ignition module
Ignition coil
Oxygen sensor
Fuel pressure regulator
All new plugs / wires / distributer cap .
New air filter .
Fuel filter
Complete flush of the coolant system


Re: 2002 GMC K 1500 front drive shaft

does your vehicle have locking hubs? (is there a means to disengage your axle from your wheel hub)

2002 Gmc Envoy No Start

Need some help here ran great one day next day wont crank over ,starter will crank when jumped with screw driver,battery good tested, also have no gear indicator or fuel gauge,thought ign. switch but has power and send power when held in crank position..need some direction as to where to go next since no gear indicator and fuel gauge is reading E ..Thanks for any advice.

Can you help me with a few codes that came up with my 2010 Y

the 1st code is P0AC4 and the 2nd one is P0BBD. Today is the 2nd day that my car has stalled in the stop and it is fine until the next morning and does it in the exact same location. When it stalls I cut the engine off and restart it and no problems with it until the next morning. Could you enlighten me on the causes that may be happening and what I may need to do. Thanks

4.3 engine swap

Hey everyone! New to the sight and could really really really use some help. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with a 4.3 Vortec that's blown. I have a donor vehicle which is a 1998 GMC Jimmy with same motor and transmission the Jimmy is four wheel drive my truck is 2 wheel drive what do I have to do to swap the motor from the Jimmy into my truck and use my transmission? Thanks for all the help!

2004 Yukon 1500 XL Denali suspension air dryer

I just replaced my rear shocks and compressor. In the process I also used an air dryer kit. As I was cleaning out the air dryer It looked really bad so I decided to try to blow through the top portion of it to see if I could push any debris out. I found that I could blow air from the inside to the outside but not from the outside in. Is that normal? I don't want to risk burning up a brand new compressor because it can't get the air it needs. Do I need to consider replacing the air dryer or is it OK as is?

Gmc envoy wont restart gauges dont work

I have a 2003 gmc envoy. This morning it started fine but once I turned it off it would not start. The light come on. My radio and gauges dont work. I have checked the battery and the contections. Sometimes my security light stays on and sometimes it goes off. Any ideas?


I have a diagnostic code showing up on my car which is P0521. Can you explain that code to me and tell me what I may need to fix on it.


Vehicle is a 2000 Jimmy 4x4 with auto trans and 4.3 eng.
Tranny is bad-
Due to the wiring, is a 2000 transmission the only year that I can replace it with or are there any other years that will be a drop in replacement?
Thank you.

another what is this

what is that pump for? I'm guessing its for exhaust emission.
the hose piece in the picture is hooked up with the pump.
Can this be removed completely and still run?
Thanks in advance for your help.

What is this thing?

I just bought a 1987 GMC Sierra3500 and this thing was hanging down from under the dash by the brake.
anyone know what it is for?

1987 guage issue

I have a 1987 GMC Sierra 3500 5.7 . with the gauges fuse in and I turn the key the fuel pump comes on like it should but after the time it should run I hear a click under the hood,sounds like at the carrb area, then the fuel pump keeps running and wount shut off. with the guaages fuse out the pump works as it should.
what the heck is it?

1999 GMC Safari Van Anti Theft Passlock Module

My van stopped running about a month ago. There is no alarm light on and no one has been able to bypass it. I've tried looking for the module #09352885 CJWR to replace it but the dealers say the part has been discontinued and the junkyards don't have it. Do you have any idea where I can locate the part or get my vehicle to start?

2003 blowing cold air

My2003 gmc sierra just had new heater core installed. My temp on truck when hot is 99 but all I get is cold air from vents no heat. Dual climate control...any ideas please...

coil arcing 94 gmc van

had crank no start, chkd coil lead, got 12v, check coil white lead had probe light flash(icm good), replaced coil, now arcing from postr to body of coil

97 blazer back hatch light switch

i got a new replacement light switch for my 97 blazer but can not see how to adjust the depth setting for the switch as it is way to far out as is. Any body know how this adjustment is performed.

engine coolant temperature gauge

I have a 2008 GMC Envoy. This morning the engine coolant temp. gauge never moved, it stayed at cold while I was driving. The engine never got hot, the gauge just won't register. What do you think the problem is? Thank you.

GMC 2001 Sierra does not always start!

Turn the key and all I hear is a click. This happens about two or three times then the third or fourth time I turn the key it starts right up. The starter does not drag and the battery is strong. Is the click a solinoid problem?

This is not a similar topic

My 2001 gmc sonoma's heater started acting up today. It would only blow hot air while while accelerating with high rpm. Then when I would level my speed off cold air would blow again. Anyone know what the problem could be?

rough idle

rough idle after changing all plugs and ignition packs, no reading from the under dash scanner,188900 miles

1999 GMC Envoy won't start

All electric works lights, radio, power windows, etc, it will turn over but won't start. The battery is good and, The check engine light isn't on either.

99 GMC Sierra Won't Start

My 99 GMC Sierra (newer body) won't start in the morning (around 75 degrees F outside) but will in the afternoon (around 95 F outside). It cranks fine; just a fire, air, or fuel problem. Also, lately after startup it lags a little bit when accelerating, but after it warms up it runs fine.

wiring or connection problem battery discharge

the battery discharge in the night , i have to disconnect it every night
always there is some thing wrong , stop working , and come back again
normally in the morning when I attach the battery , or after restarting , but some times while running ,
some times together , some times separately
dashboard lights
fuel gauge
battery red light comes on

99 2500 speedo not working

old body style 2500 speedometer is not working and it doesn't shift properly I already replaced the sensor on the transfer case and the sensor on the side of the trans. Not sure what to try next any help would be great.

06 envoy idle problem

When first turn on or anytime the car is cold the idle goes crazy up & down up & down. When i put it in gear it goes away.

I want to replace this sensor!


Fuel vapor sensor location and replacement on a 2002 chev. Malibue 3.1
04 gmc envoy code c0055

It's throwing a c0055 code which I believe is abs wheelsensor but I'm not having Speedo problems how to check or fix?

random miss fire

1996 gmc sierra 1500 sle 5.7 keeps throwing code p0300 have replaced plugs , wires , distributor , cap , rotor , coil, truck starts fine then dies at idle .

Re: 2001 GMC sierra 1500 4x4 vibration in floor when acceler

I would check for a bad u-joint first.

1988 GMC Sierra 1500 5.7 V8 High Idle,EGR not hooked up

My 88 gmc runs good but has high idle, While a New EGR has screw in it. When I hooked Egr up, truck runs, Idle does come down, but when gas is applied the motor wants to stall or miss fire while driving.
Can my timing be off, Could use help finding this problem Please.

'96 Jimmy 4.3L - No start at near freezing and colder temps

Starting is great and immediate from spring to fall, once we get close to go. When this first happened it would only fire for a fraction of a second as I turned the ignition off. Having worked on vehicles from previous decades I think Aha that's a bad coil so without the electrical draw from the starter there's enough juice for sparks (the battery is new). I bought a new coil from NAPA but that made no difference. I didn't drive this vehicle last winter anyway but as soon as spring came around it would start and run as if nothing was ever wrong. If this is an indication of another weak component to do with producing sparks what do I look for, I don't want to spend money on parts I don't need. Thanks for your input.

FRONT END GMC Yukon noise turning right


No power to gagues GMC truck

Hello, I have a 93 GMC 3500 the gague fuse was blowing everytime I turned the key switch on, so I relaced the switch, now the gagues do not work at all, only thing that works is the glow plug light, also the alternator is not charging after I had it checked it was good. The alternator does not registor at all on the gague, could that be a ground, the dash lights do come on..

1989 GMCsierra 1500SLE 5.7 v8

runs fine in park or at idle. go to put the truck in gear and it stalls out, will not take a load under power. I am thinking vacuum advance here, or the pcv egr or tranny vacuum regulator. guess I have a big morning coming my way. just don't know what to purchase first. Replaced some cracked old vacuum line, got two miles from home, did it again. Had to abandon truck and walk home with dog.

1989 GMCsierra 1500SLE 5.7 v8

runs fine in park or at idle. go to put the truck in gear and it stalls out, will not take a load under power. I am thinking vacuum advance here, or the pcv egr or tranny vacuum regulator. guess I have a big morning coming my way. just don't know what to purchase first. Replaced some cracked old vacuum line, got two miles from home, did it again. Had to abandon truck and walk home with dog.

1976 Ford RV Truck Electrical

Hi, You guys are always so unbelievable great in answering me. Thanks to all. I have a 1976 Ford RV TRUCK. I think it is a 450 or 460 as that is the matching size for parts I have matched in the past. The RV is 32' with a good motor.
There are two batteries above the motor, each has it's own relay. #1 main battery is on drivers side and seems to be o.k.
my question is where where is the alternator wire is the wire from the alternator to the #2 battery on the passenger side
connected? I may have a short in the main fat alternator wire. Is it hard to change and just see if that solves my problem.
Problem is various workers have put that wire in different places and each time the wire gets overheated. At this point if
you could direct with info on replacing that wire and telling where it should be put then I want to try that. Please include
information as to where I can find the wire underneath and then where I connect it to either the relay or the battery or?
If you know the number battery wire size then that would help. If you know RV's then can you tell me if I put the switch on the inside of the cabin on battery or converter. at present I have it hooked up at a rv camp and have removed the converter.
I always thought when not hooked up but engine running then it should be on battery and on converter when using the park hook up?
Look forward to hearing from you and have a blessed day.

03 envoy. Thermostat OE temp

What is OE thermostat temp suppose to be for a 2003 gmc envoy with the 4.2. Inline 6. I see on different site it says 187. And some say 190. I believe my thermostat is stuck open. I get a po128 code. I replace cts sensor and still comes up. 1 part store has a 187 degree thermostat. Another. Has 190 degree. What is OE suppose to be. Thanks

99 Sierra has no heat

99 Sierra pickup has no heat.
I flushed the heater coil and have hot water both sides.
Fuse is ok.
Blower and control for vents, defrost works ok.
Turning the cold to hot control, temp stays the same, although it sounds like something is moving, but not certain what the noise may be.
Just for info, the instrument cluster needs to be replaced, but I can't see where that could be related.

2010 Yukon hvac question

10 Yukon w/110K Suddenly front ac/heat does not work, however rear blower/control work fine. Very shortly after it happended I hit one of our many chuckholes and that seemed to kick it on for a day or so and then stopped. Went looking for chuckholes to try again but to no avail. I get nothing up front, defrost, vent or floor. Thanks for any help/advice

GMC Yukon ABS module part number

Good morning. Can anyone tell me the difference between the ABS module part#119122252 and # 119122253. I have a 05 Yukon and had the mod changed but the old part number ended in 53 and the new part number ended in 52. the mechanic said there was no difference in the parts. Any help?

GMC Envoy p/s cooler

why does a 02 envoy slt have a power steering cooler. Does the fluid get that hot without it?

Re: Z71 GMC new fuel pump still wont crank

ok, cranks means turns over. cranking, turnover, is when the starter engages the engine and rotates the crankshaft. What you have is: the engine cranks but doesn't start.

if the engine runs with adding fuel manually then you only have to look at fuel pressure and injector pulse. fuel pressure should be 60-66 psi. a new fuel pump should give you that if everything else is good. Now, what about your injector pulse? That's the computer sending the signal for the injector to open and let fuel into the engine. to check the injector pulse is a little tough since your injector are not easy to get at. you will have to check the wiring that goes to the injectors. All the injectors have a battery voltage power wire that is pink. That battery voltage comes from the ECM1 fuse (20A) in the underhood fuse box. If you have battery voltage from the pink wire then that's good. T fire the injectors the computer grounds the circuit.
Injector1 black
Injector2 light green/black
Injector3 pink/black
Injector4 light blue/black
Injector5 black/white
Injector6 yellow/black
Injector7 red/black
Injector8 dark blue/black

you need to know how to check for the computer ground signal. A logic probe or an LED test light, some kind of lighting device that will use less current that the injector, in series with the injector being tested.

No injector pulse but the battery power side stays up at battery voltage, you may have a passlock problem where the antitheft turns off the injectors. What is your security light doing? Would have to scan the passlock for codes and/or look at the resistance/voltage coming back from the key.

No injector pulse but the battery voltage side goes down below battery voltage by a few volts or more, you could have a shorted injector that will rob the power from all the other injectors.

1981 chevy wont start after shut it off for a while

yes my 1981 Chevy 350 engine it starts up when its cold after you drive it for about 20 minutes and then shut it off and when you come back it has nothing no spark no nothing until it cools off again. can't find the problem.

won't start after warm up

I have a Duramax 2008 2500HD why will it not start or turn over when shut off for short time after warmed up. Have new batterys and been to a couple of different shops. It seems to never fail when taken to shops so makes it hard for them to trouble shoot. I can hear relays clicking when I try to start, but will not turn over. Cold weather I wait for glow plugs but that season is now about over. I'm needing help.

08 Canyon Speaker door problems

Hello, I just got a 08 GMC Canyon SLE truck. However my grandfather owned before and did something stupid. Long story short he made a hole in the door to shut a nose the car was making. (The seatbelt bing sound) Anyway, I am looking for some help on fixing it. The speaker no longer works and I was wounder if anyone has any diagrams for the wiring and door of the driver side Or maybe tell me were to find it...etc. I took some pictures of the door so you can see what I am dealing with.

Yukon Envoy Transmission

Can you install a 03 yukon xl 4x4 transmission into a 03 envoy xl 4x4?

2008 GMC Envoy quits running

I have a 2008 gmc envoy with 26000 miles all of the sudden it started to shut off while driving it for no reason
i took it to dealer they put ign switch in and said that was it 1 week later it is doing it again
when it shuts off i pull over wait 3 min. and it starts back up and its ok for couple of days

any ideas ??????

gas gauge

Gas gauge not working 1992 sonoma

How to wire horn

How do you wire a button for the horn 1992 Sonoma?

89 gmc sierra no power

Has very little power acts like it's choking down it won't throttle up. No power,,, runs ruff,, started after front end fell out,, only had lil miss before.

1992 GMC sonoma not starting

Turn on key in my 1992 Sonoma 4.3 and get nothing.

Re: pos chevy cheyenne 1993 4.3l v-6

the sway bar won't make your vehicle shake. Even if it's broken on one side. all the sway bar does is hold the truck down when you go into a turn. It may male a lot of noise when it rattles around over rough roads but no shake. Look for some other reason for the shake. Wheel balance? Out of round tire? Engine misfire? bad U-joint?

if the turn signals work until you turn on your running lights or headlights on I would look at the light bulbs. someone might have put a single element in a dual element socket. if not then you're going to need to look at your wiring and the turn signal switch. The brake and turn lights should be on a separate wiring systems but they might be using a common ground. so if there is a problem with the ground in one circuit the other circuit may become the ground.

fuel gauge is another circuit all together. you will need to trace the circuit and see if it's a wiring problem, a bad gauge or a bad sending unit.

Re: 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 dies w/out starter fluid consta

So my boyfriend took the tbi apart and the fuel pressure regulator, cleaned it and put it back together so now it is running but idleing rough... Any guesses?

GMC Sierra No brake lights

2006 gmc 3500 sierra have no brake lights or cruise control. new brake switch && have checked fuses many times. Also the tow button on shift leaver does not work. Have checked all fuses with test light & ohm meter. Does this truck have a cruise mod under the dash that controls all of these things.
Truck has duramax & Allison trany.

2003 GMC van with a 5.3L vacuum

I changed the upper intake gaskets properly and changed valley cover gasket however it still sounds as if there is a vacuum leak! I checked the vacuum lines which aren't many, all of them look good. I do know that when I accelerate it sounds as if the leak goes away! but it has a hard time shifting gears in the transmission! Please help if you got an ideal, I am ready to breakdown...


Would one get more pulling power in 4wd high up a steep grade ?

4wd shifting

97 GMC 5.7 auto. 4wd. Can't shift from 4wd back to 2wd ?

Re: rear pinon seal

before you disassemble the diff, mark the pinion, pinion nut and the yoke. A mark that will line up all three components together. You're going to need to have an inch pound torque wrench that measures from 0 to at least 60 inch pounds.

after replacing the seal, put the yoke back on with the pinion and yoke marks lined up. Then put the nut and tighten the nut up and make the mark line up like it was when you took it off. Then using the inch pound torque wrench, see how much torque does it take to rotate the yoke. (the wheels and brake drums should be off the vehicle when rotating the pinion yoke to measure the torque)

see spec chart:

oil sprayed all over passenger side of motor

Hello! I have an 2002 GMC Envoy. SUV currently has 186,000 miles. I was taking my wife to work this morning (with wind chill it was -18 degrees out) after driving for a few on main roads we could smell oil "burning" I chalked it up to vehicles around us because mine has never leaked a drop of anything in the 2 yrs we have owned it, anyways the smell would come and go then it didn't go away. By this time I had been driving the vehicle for approx 15 mins motor was at normal temp which is just under 210. I pulled into a gas station and looked underneathe and could see oil dripping so I turned the truck off popped the hood and the whole passenger side of the motor had been sprayed with oil. I had it towed to the shop and they cleaned up all the oil and can not find out where it is coming from. They said nothing is leaking and everything is tight and I had a full 7qts of oil (4.2l carries 7qts) they (the shop) said they had another envoy in a couple weeks ago with the same problem and like with mine, they could not find the problem. Please I need help I'm at my witsend with this envoy

2003 GMC Envoy SLT 4.2 will not idle

I replaced my alternator yesterday and now the engine will not stay running. The engine light came on saying that the #2 was misfiring repeatedly. I replaced the coil pack and the spark plugs but it is still doing the same thing. My engine ran perfectly fine before the alternator went out and my mechanic friends are all kind of at a loss. We checked the fuel pump, exhaust, rechecked the alternator and battery and everything seems to be fine. Does anybody have any thoughts on what is going on and what I should have checked next? I do not want to keep throwing parts at it.

my camera dont come on can you help

hi my name is al i have a 2007 yukon denali xl the camera don't come on at all when i put the truck in reverse it stays on radio it don't activate the camera at all all the posts i see are that they get the warning sign on top and a black screen i dont get anything i checked the radio setting and its set to activate in reverse. can you help me i took it to gmc and they checked a dianostic test and didnt show anything wrong they said they need 3 hrs to figure it out i just cant see giving them 330 to check it is there some thing i can do

New battery leakage or overheat on a 2002 GMC ENVOY

2 new batteries in a week after changing the alternator.
What is the problem.
Please someone help.

GMC Safari van (rear differential)

I have a 2002 GMC Safari ALL Wheel drive van and I am having problems with the rear differential. I was wondering if I need parts for the rear differential if I could use parts from a Safari with simply rear wheel drive or do the parts have to come from another Safari with all wheel drive. I don't know if the gear ratios are the same on both models. Thank you.

06 gmc envoy xl 4x4

installing strg whl. sensor now..oem part noticed 1/2"wire & spring on back of it..also do u have to "time" w/ anything or just clear codes??? vehicle kept coming up w/ code c0455 before i started repair

Cold weather rough idle

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500. In the winter when I start it it starts fine but idles down to almost nothing and revs back up. It does this until it starts to warm up. I have been dealing with this since Nov 2010. I take it to the shop every winter and no one can find it. They say there is no intake leaking, have replaced and cleaned several sensors. Now they are saying fuel pump. I am at a loss. HELP!

2003 GMC Sierra squealing and check engine light

I have a 2003 1500 with a 4.8 liter engine. The check engine light is flashing and there is a loud squealing noise until the engine warms up. After it warms up the noise goes away and the truck runs fine but the check engine light is still flashing. I know it is not a belt or pulley because i ran the truck with no belts and it was still squealing.

93 GMC Sierra 5.7L - Sputter and backfiring under load

I have a 93 Sierra 1500 with the 5.7L V8 and it runs and idles find in neutral or park and when it is cold. When in gear under any load on the engine and once it gets barely warmed up the engine will start to sputter and backfire intermittently. The RPM's jump up and down by a couple hundred as you accelerate and then sometimes the engine drops out completely and even back fires before immediately regaining power. Sometimes it just seems as if it is starving for fuel.

But as soon as you put it in Nuetral the engine revs just fine!

I have no clue where to start. I can replace parts but diagnostics are not my thing.Please HELP!

sensor location 1987 GMC Safari 4.3

I need pictures of the locations for the sensors on a 1987 GMC Safari 4.3 TBI automatic. I have a fluid leak coming from a sensor near the oil filter. Oil is dripping down the wire connector.

Mass air flow sensor location on a 05 Envoy 4.2

purchase MAF sensor, Auot zone shows MAF is on the throttle body, car does not reflect that. Purchased Envoy book, it does not show a MAF or provide information how to change it.
Semper Fi

2005 Envoy 4.2 in line 6 cyl, rough idleing,

Rough idling engine, accelerats fairly good but does lack power, have replaced spark plugs, boots, air filter and air temp sensor. Can not locate the MAF sensor. Cleaned the MAR sensor to no avail.
have pulled plugs twice and checl boot springs.
Code shows 0300 mutli/randon cylinders misfires but trk runs out fairly good. Help??

2005 envoy and p0301 code

2005 envoy with 127k miles. Changed the plugs and put in a new coil in cylinder1. Still have the issue, next I took out the throttle body and cleaned that and while I was at it switched coil 1 and 2 even though I put a new coil in 1just to see if the new coil was the problem. Still have the same issue code P0301. Any thoughts as to what to try next? Thanks for any help.

1992 gmc safari won't start

have a 1992 gmc safari van. engine cranks but will not "hit" to start. appears to not be getting fuel.
tank if full and running yesterday.
was told to turn key on and listen for fuel pump to turn on. heard no sound
possible no electric to fuel pump. bad fuse? bad fuel relay? or just a bad
fuel pump?

Time to ditch the Denali - 2007

Have a terrific 2007 Denali XL. Stabilitrak and check engine light coming on occasionally and disappearing. Car has been overly serviced and taken care of entire life- 175,000 miles now. No performance issues at all currently. Took to dealer and was given following codes and information to sell car now, do not service and that will need a new motor very soon. Is this legitimate - common issue on these cars - do I need to get out of this and in what time frame? Shocked by the information provided this morning. Notes from dealer- DTC's P0523, P0011, P0989, C0900, C05661, Internal Cam, AMF and Piston Wear. Greatly appreciate any insight from forum members.

2004 envoy back gate

my back gate will not lock when it messed up the back glass shattered can anyone tell me what could be wrong

2004 envoy xuv wont start

my envoy will not start dash comes on turn key nothing battery is fully charged :?: please someone help.

1997 GMC running lights

I have no running lights when I turn the lights on. I checked all the fuses I could find and they all check good.
Truck is a 1997 K3500 GMC.

p/s pressure hose

hello just new today and have a question what else would i be here for I had a p/s pressure hose replacer on my 2002 envoy the people at the shop cut the hose where it crosses the cross member and fits into the holder and installed a 3/8 peice of pipe and two hose clamps. Is this a common practice because of the trouble putting the line in? thank you

88 Gmc Brake PRoblems

I have a 1988 Gmc Sierra 1500, and my brakes are soft(goes to the floor with little to no resistance). This is after i replaced the brake booster , and the master cylinder. Anyone have any ideas I don't know what to do next already put 200$ worth of parts on it , which didn't fix the problems , and
yes I've bled the brakes on all 4 lines , and the on the ABS system. and its coming out
with no air in the lines!

Jimmy 4dr SLE DTC P0442

Small evaporative leak. I have had a lot of fuel pump issues and want to know if this could cause a fuel pump failure over time.

2003 GMC Envoy battery not charging light

2003 GMC Envoy XLT Light came on saying battery not charging. Check engine light has been on for awhile. Is it the alternater? Is it expensive to repair?

GMC Ignition Wires Wont Start

In surfing your site I was able to read the existing car problems and answers, however could not type in my problem nor find one exactly like mine. Here is my problem. The car motor stopped and I was told it would cost $500. to repair after I towed it into a AAA approved shop. The shop did not want to take the time and explain what needed to be fixed to I opted to get a second opinion. I had it towed home and the next morning did my regular maintenance check and added to it a finger pinch on the joined electrical connections that all come from a cluster connected to the ignition module. The car started and ran great for 2 weeks and then did the same thing. From there approximately 15 mechanics examined my car and all had a different opinion but none really knew what it was. Each time after the car sat for a while then it would start and run for a while and then again stop. It feels like a fuel tank issue but I had the fuel filter changed and some said ignition module but I had already replaced that. I could write a book and am trying to shorten my story.

Finally, last Friday I had an medical emergency that was about 8 miles away and got there by just adjusting the wires in the cluster going to the ignition module (I had already put the old one back in as the so called new one the mechanic had put in did not work) The car stopped on me about 10+ stops which including coming back. It stops more after the car warms up. One thing is wrong and I found it. It is the red wire in that cluster going into the ignition module and it was loose. When I pushed it back in then the car would start but then the movement of the car after a while would loosen it and the car would cut out flat again. One thing is that in forcing the car to run at some point I heard a growl which makes me concerned that I might have damaged my alternator.

NOW THE BIG question is this: what can you tell me about fixing the wire back? It does not seem to be damaged; just loose. Also, the reading on a $45.00 Home Depo purchased scanner was I think 332 which is the knocker #2 and reads that it has poor input which to me is the electrical but if you could tell me where the #2 sensor is then if after I fix the wire then I should change the sensor if I don't have to get the car up to high. Also, what should I buy to use as a cleaner on the wires? The job looks easy but do you think it is or should I just once again put myself in the hands of $##@. also, do you know of a sensor on this car that looks like a bracketed casing? The shop that put in the bad ignition modular also said they put in a sensor and gave me this type of looking bracket in a box as a old part. Also, I am a peaceful person however I wonder how you would handle a shop that just did not do the work needed and used what appears to be a used part. My lose is shy of $400. and he said to me that if I send the parts then he will send them in for a refund but said nothing about refunding the labor even though I told him my old part was working and back in the car.

I appreciate this opportunity to write to you and hope the following will help you in analyzing my problem. I checked the fuses and replaced two, battery connections replaced, replaced a vacuum hose, took heaviness off my key chain, looked up all the recalls on this model as I have not had the car that long (what is best way to deal with GMC because their diagnostic is expensive) They say I have to pay for all and then if GMC pays them then they pay me>:( there is only heat coming into the car from ac so according to the recall the door that switches and opens up below the ac needs to be replaced (is that a big job? any help with pictures for that job? ac does not work even though I have plenty of Freon only hot air comes out and there is a noise behind the dash board that indicates its the door. could it be something else?

I look forward to hearing from you and tool List I need for repairs would help as I am away from my home with very few.

Have a blessed day and life and thanks!


rear air not working

I have a 2003 gmc Yukon xl denali and the rear air does not work. I have replaced the blower motor and resistor and fuses. When I try to power up the air from the back seat consul it lights up and just says" off" and goes out. Is there any other things I can try? The front air works fine.

1997 GMC Jimmy V6 engine swap.

What year engine can I replace my V6 with without to much trouble?? I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy V6 aotomatic and have to replace the motor.

2004 GMC Envoy Rough Idle

Have a 2004 GMC Envoy with 100k miles. Have a rough vibration in Drive. Put it in Neutral, vibration goes away. After driving on the freeway for 10 minutes and come to a light the vibration is gone, Motor mounts look good. Any idea on the issue. RPM stay the same when it idles rough. 4.2l v6

disconnecting air conditioner

Can I disconnect my air conditioner and use a serpentine belt without the air conditioner?

1997 GMC Jimmy V6 engine knocking as RPM increase.

My engine starts to clack at about 1800 RPM and gets louder as the RPM's increase. The oil pressure is great when it's cold or driving but drops way down when idiling. There are no oil leaks or signs of burning oil and the oil level is at the full mark on the dipstick. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

1997 gmc 5.7l running cool

Hi I have a 1997 gmc 5.7l that is running at 70•c. So I went and bought a new thermostat that opens at 90•c ( 195 F). After I installed it I took it for a drive and it still opened at 70•c. What should I check next?

shift indicator lights

I have a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali with led shift indicator lights. The rest of the panel works fine but slowly, over the last year or two, the shift indicator has gone dimmer and dimmer to where now I can't see it at all but just have to count the clicks. I have read about whole clusters going bad but the rest of mine seem fine. Any suggestions?

1997 gmc hard starting hot

Hi I have a 97 gmc 1/2 ton 5.7 l. It has trouble starting when it is hot. I have changed the starter and battery and alternator. It cranks over slow when it is hot and sometimes it cranks over for awhile before starting. Where do I start looking?

89 gmc 2500 4x4 350

the speedometer stops working and makes the transmission downshift, we replaced the vehicle speed sensor with no luck

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