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Re: 2002 envoy cranks no start

is the security light on or flashing?

Re: 91 GMC 5.0Distributor Question

So, to continue on...stopped to get gas after work (2nd shift) and set the pump to auto fill, ignition key off. Popped hood and pulled dipstick to check oil and saw a spark as the dipstick came out of the tube. Spark was down where the tube contacts the heat tube from the exhaust manifold to the TBI air inlet. Pulled the spark plug wire away from where it contacted the dipstick tube and pulled the dipstick, no spark. Don't know why there would be any power to anything with the key off. Looks like I'll be chasing some wiring and replacing plug wires.

2006 GMC 2500HD brake switch failure

I have already read a couple of the posts on here about this. I am getting plenty of power which I think is my problem. I replaced my alternator thinking that it was sending too much voltage at 19 V to the that battery. The new alternator came with a spec sheet that said it should be putting out 19.6 V. Is there something between the alternator and whatever else to bump down the voltage? I'm getting full 19 V at my taillights. I've been through 14 brake light switches

GMC Sonoma not starting

I found a nice diamondback cover that is on a 07 gmc classic style long box truck. Will it fit on my 08 new style long box truck??

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97 Sierra, lost turn signals and hazard lights

I have a 97 Sierra, and I lost the signal and hazard lights. I have checked the fuses and relays and they are good. I had heard there was alot of electrical trouble in these trucks associated with the switch for the hazzard lights mounted in the top of the steering column on the left side, just in front of the steeeing wheel. Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and what solves this issue? Please help

04 Envoy intermittant cruise control

When I start my Envoy in the morning the cruise doesn't work. After I shut it off and restart it cruise works fine. Same thing happens after it sits at work all day (13+ hrs). It is now becoming more prevalent and needs shut off and restarted more often which doesn't always fix the issue. I haven't found anyone else having this problem. Please help.

Gmc envoy

Check engine light on its reading misfire on cylinder2 i tried everything pretty much,new plugs new coil pack new injectors, dont know wat else it could be please help thx.

2004 GMC Envoy P0410 Trouble Code

This trouble code keeps coming up on my Envoy. Reading information about this code points to the pump not coming on as the primary problem. The pump comes on when the ignition switch is turned on so I'm at a loss as to what to do to repair this problem.


Hello there, can someone please tell me why my 2007 Envoy vibrates only when I turn the a/c on? Spark plugs and and air filter has been replaced. Also check engine light is on and the code says that it's the thermostat. Not sure if the thermostat can cause the vibration. But it will be replace in a few days. Thanks

99 Tahoe 5.7 with 4L60E

I have a 4L60E from a 99 4x4 Tahoe with a 5.7, and I have a 2002 4x4 Yukon with a 5.3 with a bad 4L60E. Will the 99 work in the 02 without electrical or mechanical modifications, and if not, what needs to be changed? I can't afford to buy another transmission

I need help with my gmc enovy

Please somebody tell me what you think is wrong with my truck .. I changed the ignition switch out and its still not starting

1991 gmc c1500 4.3

my knock sensor is on bottom of my block.,should antifreeze came out??? there is a blockage of black crap inside the hole where the knock sensor goes,should i scrape it out,or leave it before putting in new sesor??

4l60e transmission swap from a 99 tahoe into an 02 yukon

I have a good 4L60E out of a 99 Tahoe and I'm putting it in an 02 GMC Yukon and I've been told that there are differences in these Transmissions what do I need to do to make this transmission work in the Yukon? I have already purchased it and don't have the money to buy another one

2007gmc sierra classic hd

GMC pickup won't start! I just put another engine in it its been down for about a year and a half. When the key is off, there I be got 12v at starter . when I turn key on it doesn't . the instrument panel has the security light on along with everything else. The only way to get power to go off is disconnect the battery. Anyone have any clues?

95' GMC G2500 5.7 won't stay running

1 1have a 95' g2500 vandura . it has had a full tune up , changed out MAP sensor,oxygen sensor ,full flush of coolant system , had a mechanic check through the spark plugs and get a clean bill of health however it will emits smoke and will stall within 2 milesw of driving . it runs strong untilit just gives up . It has been in the garage 2x now with the same complaint and because they dont drive it around town it doesnt show them whats going on .

things I have replaced to try to fix this .

MAP sensor

Ignition module

Ignition coil

Oxygen sensor

Fuel pressure regulator

All new plugs / wires / distributer cap .

New air filter .

Fuel filter

Complete flush of the coolant system


Re: 2002 GMC K 1500 front drive shaft

does your vehicle have locking hubs? (is there a means to disengage your axle from your wheel hub)

2002 Gmc Envoy No Start

Need some help here ran great one day next day wont crank over ,starter will crank when jumped with screw driver,battery good tested, also have no gear indicator or fuel gauge,thought ign. switch but has power and send power when held in crank position..need some direction as to where to go next since no gear indicator and fuel gauge is reading E ..Thanks for any advice.

Can you help me with a few codes that came up with my 2010 Y

the 1st code is P0AC4 and the 2nd one is P0BBD. Today is the 2nd day that my car has stalled in the stop and it is fine until the next morning and does it in the exact same location. When it stalls I cut the engine off and restart it and no problems with it until the next morning. Could you enlighten me on the causes that may be happening and what I may need to do. Thanks

4.3 engine swap

Hey everyone! New to the sight and could really really really use some help. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with a 4.3 Vortec that's blown. I have a donor vehicle which is a 1998 GMC Jimmy with same motor and transmission the Jimmy is four wheel drive my truck is 2 wheel drive what do I have to do to swap the motor from the Jimmy into my truck and use my transmission? Thanks for all the help!

2004 Yukon 1500 XL Denali suspension air dryer

I just replaced my rear shocks and compressor. In the process I also used an air dryer kit. As I was cleaning out the air dryer It looked really bad so I decided to try to blow through the top portion of it to see if I could push any debris out. I found that I could blow air from the inside to the outside but not from the outside in. Is that normal? I don't want to risk burning up a brand new compressor because it can't get the air it needs. Do I need to consider replacing the air dryer or is it OK as is?

Gmc envoy wont restart gauges dont work

I have a 2003 gmc envoy. This morning it started fine but once I turned it off it would not start. The light come on. My radio and gauges dont work. I have checked the battery and the contections. Sometimes my security light stays on and sometimes it goes off. Any ideas?


I have a diagnostic code showing up on my car which is P0521. Can you explain that code to me and tell me what I may need to fix on it.


Vehicle is a 2000 Jimmy 4x4 with auto trans and 4.3 eng.

Tranny is bad-

Due to the wiring, is a 2000 transmission the only year that I can replace it with or are there any other years that will be a drop in replacement?

Thank you.

another what is this

what is that pump for? I'm guessing its for exhaust emission.

the hose piece in the picture is hooked up with the pump.

Can this be removed completely and still run?

Thanks in advance for your help.

What is this thing?

I just bought a 1987 GMC Sierra3500 and this thing was hanging down from under the dash by the brake.

anyone know what it is for?

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