Pontiac Montana and Transport Questions

Cruise Control Stopped Working
All of a sudden the cruise stopped on my Pontiac Montana minivan. When I turn the switch on it does not light up or anything.

Transmission Slipping
My Pontiac has a check engine light and the tranny will not stay engaged if I accelerate. Should I change the trans fluid and filter or test the shift solenoids.

Antilock Codes C1223 C1225 Pontiac Montana
It is my understanding that these codes are related to the ABS system. My question is, should/would these problems have caused this?

No heat in van
1998 Pontiac Transport has no heat from the vents.

2002 Montana Lights
Turn signal and brake lights dont work. I checked the fuses.



Code P0452, P0440.
Pontiac Transport has a check engine light OBD 2 codes.

Where is the TCC solenoid
Looking for the transmission solenoid in my 2000 Montana minivan, 3.4l v6.

Brake light bulbs
How to replace brake light bulbs in my 2003 Montana.

2000 Montana Hard to start
Van is hard to start when wet or damp outside. Runs rough.

A/C blower motor low airflow
1998 Transport Montana vents only blow on low speed.

Transmission falls out of gear
Transport 1998 transmission falls out of gear like it is in neutral when i come to a stop.

2001 Pontiac Montana DTC p1639 5 volt reference

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