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2002 Pontiac Montana 3.4 V6 Engine.
Question: My tail,turn,brake light do not work. The
fuses and bulbs are all good. When I hit the
brakes shifter,and turn indicator lights go dim. Please help me,I have to leave town(sick family 3000
miles away)my wife needs to be safe. Thanks! God Bless.

Sounds like you have a short or other wiring problem. A common area of odd electrical problems
for rear lights is the circuit boards in the rear assemblies that the bulbs plug into. Sometimes they
short out internally, and cause back feeding into other lighting circuits. Also, look into the plug for
both of those circuits, and look for corrosion.

This assuming that all bulbs ARE good. The incorrect bulbs, or bent terminals on the bottom of the
bulbs can also cause this sort of back feeding. Turn signal switch is also a possibility, but those
rear circuit boards are usually the cause.

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Pontiac Montana Tail Lights And Brake Lights Not Working