Pontiac Montana C1223 And C1225 ABS Codes

2004 Pontiac Montana.I am a law student in Canada, working on a small claims file for a client with respect to a 2004 Pontiac Montana she purchased and has had several problems with. A few days after it was purchased she took it to a mechanic and the following codes came up: C1223 and C1225.

It is my understanding that these codes are related to the ABS system. My question is, should/would these problems have caused the ABS light on the dashboard to go on?

pontiac montana


Yes, these codes would turn on the ABS indicator on the dash. That is, when the fault occurs. These 2 codes have different criteria that must be met when the fault occurs for the light to come on and the code to set.

If the faults happened, and the light came on, but then the there was a specific number of drive cycles without the fault, then the light would go out, the code would remain in the modules memory (history data) for some time, then after more time, it would be erased.

Another scenario is that the customer is feeling a problem with the ABS system, as it seems to buzz or activate while turning or driving slowly. If it happens for a period of time shorter than the requirement for the light, it may not set a light.

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