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2000 Pontiac Montana.
Question: i have a Montana that wont start when its cold or damp or when it sits for 8 hours or more. But if i plug the van in with block heater it will start. When it does start it run a little on the rough side until the engine warms up. ,Just wondering if it could be the temperature sensor. Let me know what you think thank you.

Hard starting when wet or damp outside is usually caused by corroded ignition coil towers and spark plug wires. Just pull them off one at a time and look for corrosion or rust on the coil tower and inside the plug wire. Plugged injectors are a common cause for running rough. Also the fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum line will cause a hard / no start and running rough, but damp weather would not make a difference.

pontiac montana

Question: I have a 99 pontiac Montana that won't start. Brand new starter. It turns over when done manually but not when using the key. Have checked battery connection etc. No signal to ignition from starter. Help!

If you're not getting power at the starter when the ignition is in the 'crank' position, that could be really only a couple different things. You could have a bad ignition switch, although that is not really a common problem on your type of van. You could have a security problem which is more likely than an ignition switch. This could be either a bad key or a faulty ignition cylinder. A quick scan of trouble codes would tell you if you have a theft deterrent problem. Otherwise, a wiring problem or bad computer could cause this. You might also want to check the starter relay and/or fuse.

2005 Pontiac Montana V6.
Question: My cruise control just stop working, it has worked fine and then nothing, you move the switch and no light..nothing.

You're problem would need some in person diagnosing, as it could be many different things that are causing the cruise control not to work. First off, you should check the fuses and make sure that one isn't blown, that's about the easiest first step I can suggest. If the light doesn't come on, there is a possibility that the cruise switch is shorted out, or there is a problem with the wiring to the switch.

Another thing that could be faulty is the actual cruise control unit itself. It is called the cruise module and does the actuating of the cable to the throttle to control the speed for the cruise control. When the module goes bad, it causes no function to work. Usually the switch will still work and the light will come on, but not always. As you can see, there are quite a few possibilities here that can be at fault. It would take some looking into by a qualified technician.

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