Some Popular Pontiac Bonneville Questions

Pontiac Bonneville Radiator Fans On
Live Chat: Both the high and low speed fans come on at the same time. I need a schematic to find the bad temp sensor or relay. We replace the thermostat and coolant.

Ignition Module Keeps Blowing
The ignition module keeps blowing on my car. We checked the coils, crank sensor, alternator and battery. Could this be a ground problem?

Bonneville 3800 Series II SES
My check engine light is on and the computer is reading EGR valve and bad gas. I know my car has a lot of miles but I just put a new motor and water pump in it.

3800 engine Lags Power and SES
Don't too much trust the code give me dont no a lot about cars but my question to you my car lags from take off in regular drive and then around 25mph will kick into gear.

A/C Clutch Won't Engage
Checked all fuses and the relay works. My manual tells me that the PCM grounds the relay, but i cannot find its location.



Pontiac Won't Start Even With new Battery
I own a 1997 pontiac bonneville and when i try to start it there is a loud clicking noise and all the lights flicker i was wondering if it might be the battery that causes this even though i just put in a new one.

1995 no heat
No heat, only blows cold air from the vents.

1996 pontiac Bonneville theft light
The security light is on and my car wont start.

Code P0102
Car still has a check engine luight and codes after changing plugs to fix lean condition.

1998 Bonneville wont crank
Car has power to most other things.

1998 Security Light
Security light flashing and it won't start.

Codes P0300 misfire and P0410
2002 3800 V6 code for secondary Air Injection system problem.

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