2002 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8 non super charged.
Check engine light codes = p0300 and p0410.

Question = My car has no power when I push the gas it takes a long time to pick up speed and
the car shutters a lot.  Then when I go about 25mph it won't shift out of first unless I let go of gas
and push the gas again.  But after it shifts it had the same issue no power and a lot of shaking.  
Some people say it's the tranny but the codes it gives me are p0300 which is random misfire
and p0410 which is secondary air injection problem.  So I want to know if it's the tranny going
out or something else.

Answer: It sounds like the main problem with the way it is running is related to the p0300. If it is
misfiring on several cylinders, then that would explain the lack of power and the shaking, and
shifting problems. The P0410 is probably not related.
Basic checking of the ignition system and the injector circuits is needed. You need to find out
which cylinder(s) is misfiring, then diagnose why.
Corroded ignition coils, spark plug wires, spark
plugs, faulty injectors can all cause this.

This also could be a plugged catalytic converter. This will usually set a P0420 code, but not
always. An exhaust back pressure test would need to be done to check for that.
Basically this does no sound like a transmission problem. The engine must be repaired and
running properly before any transmission problems can be addressed.
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Pontiac Bonneville P0300 and P0410