Pontiac Bonneville EGR Code Repair

1998 Pontiac Bonneville. Check Engine Light.
GM Computer codes = EGR and Bad Gas.
Put in a new engine in October. New water pump in November 2009. Put in a new battery Nov. 2009. Flushed radiator Nov. 2009 Work done to repair this problem = None at the moment. Was planning on changing the EGR this month

My check engine light is on and the computer is reading EGR valve and bad gas. I know my car has a lot of miles but I just put a new motor and water pump in it. I would like to drive this car from Memphis, TN to Roanoke, VA on December 23rd, 2009 and need to know how to fix these problems. Please help me get home for the holidays

What are the code numbers you are getting? There is no code for "Bad Gas", so need to know the numbers. Well, a code for EGR is usually the valve is the problem. Also after valve is off, make sure the passages dont have any carbon chunks in them as this can also give EGR codes. The problem is that the other code number we dont know- just "Bad gas"; may be causing this EGR code, or can be caused by an EGR code.

pontiac bonneville

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Pontiac grand prix 2006 3.8L.
Check engine light codes = P2440.
Changed secondary air pump and secondary valve no loose or cracked pipes or hoses dealership found 1short in wire harness and fixed that also changed EGR valve. Question = How do I fix code P2440 if I clear the code it comes back on every 2nd cold start what could cause this. I know the code is secondary valve stuck open but changed he valve the pump dealership found a short in the wires they fixed that . Light keeps coming back 2nd cold start every time tried the egr valve for the heck of it still light is on.

You should check the relay for the air pump system. If there is a problem with that, it will set a P2440 code. You may also have other wiring problems that the dealership did not find. The EGR replacement has no affect on this type of problem. Check also for any restrictions in the hoses to and from the air pump and solenoid valve.

A last possibility would be a faulty PCM, it may need replaced and programmed. There may also be an updated calibration for your PCM that the dealer could try and reprogram your current PCM with.

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