1998 Pontiac Bonneville Won't Crank Over To Start

1998 Bonneville SE 3800 V6. Question = Engine will not crank. New battery, power is available when ignition is on. I've heard that the crank sensor might be the cause?

There is absolutely nothing when the ignition is held in the start/crank position. No sound, i.e. Clicking, just silence. Any suggestions? My stepson complained that when the engine was idling and the car was warm, the engine would die prior to this happening. We took it to Autozone and no codes were found? Thanks for your advice!

You may have a poor connection at one of the battery terminals, a bad starter, or a security / theft problem. Test for power at the purple wire at the starter while trying to crank, it should have power. If it does, you have a bad starter. If not, then a possible security / theft problem. Look at the dash after trying to crank, and release the key to the ON position. If the theft / security light is on or flashing, then you have a fault in that system and it would need to be diagnosed.

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2000 pontiac Bonneville SSEI. Question = the fist code was bank 1 running to lean changed plugs wires now this code comes up mass circuit voltage low what could that be.

You could have a vacuum leak. Suggest checking for that first. Next, check all fuses, then check the wires at the MAF sensor connector. Sometimes they break inside the colored insulation. Pull slightly on each wire at the connector. If a wire is broken, then the insulation will stretch. This will give the P0102, which may also have given the lean code.

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