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Steering wheel question

2002 Grand Marquis. Car had a damaged output shaft from the steering box. It was twisted and cracked. Ford offers 2 boxes and tried both of them. Steering wheel is now upside down. Car was in a collision before I got it and suspension pieces of the right side were replaced.

Ford 2.5 engine

Ford 2.5 contour, does not start when hot and wamred up, starts when cold

Ford Edge completely loses all electrical. 20 min later, everythinh is fine

I have a 2013 Ford Edge 6 cylinder with 224,000 miles. I was driving yesterday, and it quit. I mean, it went COMPLETELY DEAD. ALL POWER WAS GONE!!! Couldn't even unlock doors with unlock button. The ONLY thing that worked was the horn. PERIOD!!! NOTHING WORKED OR LIT UP OR ANYTHING!!! Once I put it in Park, it wouldn't even shift out of park.

20 min later, the power came back and i started it and it ran fine. Until about 20 min. later when it did it again. Again, after about 15 min, it came back on, and I drove 2 miles to my house.

(You know how when you disconnect your battery the radio goes to a preset station? This did NOT do that. everything was exactly like I had it. Which makes me think it WASN'T the battery.)

2016 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8

my car has had an issue with burning oil about 1qt a month, I used seafoam in the crankcase by adding it to the oil, I did an oil change drove the car for around 100 miles after changing out seafoam oil and now my car smokes like crazy. the smoke is white and smells of oil, I have catch cans on both of my pcvs and they never fill up. the intake manifold is dry with 0 oil inside of it, I did a compression test (cyl 1:215, 2:215, 3:212, 4:210, 5:215, 6:212, 7:190, 8:190) and used a borescope to look at the piston tops. I cannot figure out the issue I assume it's the rings or head gasket, but I want to have professional input before I pull the motor.


My 2001 Continental would not start. It cranked good. I put the pedal to the floor, it started and smoked for a few seconds. After the smoked cleared, it idled good and ran good. I drove it locally and at highway speeds. It ran fine. I drove it daily with no problems. Should I be concerned?

1969 Mustang 302 heater valve

What direction does heater core water flow, toward water pump or away from water pump.

2015 ford focus

Where is the transmission speed sensor

Wiring diagram on a 2004 Mercury sable LS for the factory stereo

I cannot for the life of me find the 12 volt or the accessory wire on my factory wiring harness on my 2004 Mercury sable LS can you please help

Low Oil Pressure

When I turn my ignition to acc the dash reads low oil pressure. The oil light is not on and doesn't come on at all. There is no indication of low oil. The car runs great and makes no obvious low oil related sounds like ticking or clacking. Got different answers online like possible oil sending unit, possible camshaft sensor unit. I don't have a diagnostics device so no codes available. Any ideas?

Re: 03 Crown Vic engine=tran's

try removing all the spark plugs and see if you can rotate the engine a couple of revolutions. It's possible that you have a hydrolocked cylinder.

2011 Ford escape Xlt 2.5L Engine oil Question

So today I was charging my battery on my car and I saw this [see picture below]. It was not there a week ago because I topped of my windshield washer fluid and I didn't see it at that time. I used my finger to wipe some up and this is what it looked like [see picture below]. It either smelled like engine oil or transmission oil im not sure which one. I can also tell you that it had some little metallic stuff mixed into the fluid as well. The transmission oil has also never been changed at all. I also drive the car everyday and it has not been driving any different however it has been shifting at higher rpms then normal. Also I just got a remote start and I've been using that all the time. Any help you can give me would on what is happening would be greatly appreciated.[image][/image]

P0430 code

My 2006 Ford Taurus keeps coming up with P0430 code. I've tried everything recommended including drive cycles. The car sounds and runs great even tho she's past the 200,000 mi count. I've added Guarantee to Pass, new gas cap, plug wires, used non-fouler tip amongst other things. Originally had misfire code and P0420 has popped up randomly and on the recent smog check. Basically it's the 0430 that's not completing. The other codes have pretty much cleared.

Anyone have any tips before I have to believe I need a new catalytic conv.

1987 mustang gt convertible

1987 mustang gt won't start without starting fluid. Once it starts, it sounds like it has a radical cam then dies


1987 mustang gt won't start without starting fluid. Once it starts, it sounds like it has a radical cam then dies

Mercury cougar-1999

When the battery is connected and the key is off the car makes a ticking sound from under passenger side dash.. when they key is on and the car starts it goes away.. What do I do? I believe it drained the last battery and I put in a new one today.

Ford Truck Accessories

I need truck accessories for Ford F150. Can I get any help to finding it because I don't know which sites are trustworthy? I would thank full if I get any help.

beautiful 97 Lincoln Continental transmission DESTROYED

My car has been having alternator problems, and I've fixed it for the third time. First time I had a friend do it, second time I brought it to a monro muffler for a warranty, then when I brought it to another monro muffler recently they still charged me for service as I didn't buy the part from them originally. I upgraded to a Duralast Gold to replace the Duralast alternator that had failed after being replaced for the second time.

I'm at school away from home and my alternator went for the third time. I was busy, so I let the car sit in a parking lot from the beginning of October when it was warm, to mid November when it got to around freezing (not continuously freezing, but this is the first cold weather I've had with the car.

I had a lot of AAA towing miles left as I'm the only one in my family who drives a non-leased car. When the truck driver came with the flatbed, the car started up and ran since there was still juice left in the battery. The truck driver was able to drive it up on to his flatbed, but he hit the bed HARD on my long wheel base car when he was driving it up his flat bed. It did not make a nice noise. I'm talking you could see the bottom of the car flexing a fairly decent amount. He had to give it a lot of gas when it got stuck. I'm pretty sure the car's supposed to be towed on a dolly now, or a longer bed. This is where I think it may have happened, but I was not there for when they got the car off the bed.

So in order for the tow truck driver to get the car up on the truck, he would have had to give it power and would have said something if the gears were slipping.

When I got the car back from being fixed, the guy at the shop called me up and said the transmission had a minor problem. When I get there, he tells me it only goes in reverse and you have to give it power to move it. I don't know why I paid before I inspected the car, I guess you're supposed to trust people you're already paying hundreds of dollars to for a simple alternator job.

The second time I had it towed, after I got to the shop, AAA called a driver with a much longer bed that was much less steep, and the car wouldn't go up in the gear it's stuck in. It had to be dragged on, opposed to when the guy just drove it up on the bed the first time.

If someone could point me to some possible liability laws in NY on the tow truck drivers part or the shop's part, let me know.

I played with the transmission a bit to try and figure out what's wrong; had to get some details even though it would most likely damage it more. I don't care about damaging it more since the car's worth, at max, was $2000 when the transmission was good. I also don't really need a car.

[b]The progression of the problem:[/b]

When I first picked it up, it would only go in reverse. When it was in Drive, you could floor it and it wouldn't hit the rev limiter and it wouldn't move.

I drove it downhill for a 1/2 mile away from the shop. Then it got weirder. I was sitting in a parking lot moping that my beautiful classic luxury American automobile was destroyed. I got frustrated and floored it about 4/5 the way to the red line in drive when it wouldn't go forward. It lurched in to gear and would finally start going in 2nd, and it wouldn't shift when it should, only stayed in 2nd. At this point, it would no longer go in reverse.

I got the car towed back to my school. I drove it to the liquor store 2 miles from my school because it was a Friday night and I wanted to show how badly my car was messed up to my friend. I was trying the reverse again to get out of the lot when it kicked back in. A new situation arose: I could go in reverse, but I could also shift the car in to 2nd. It would stay in 2nd until it felt it was supposed to shift, when the gears would slip and I'd lose power. I had to keep it under 2500 rpm to prevent it from attempting to shift and slipping.

I bought this car from the son of a 95 year old ex-cop who probably died in it. My parents knew the old guy, and he most definitely babied the car. It only has 107k miles on it and there has been regular maintenance with only synthetic oil. My car NEVER had a transmission problem for the 1000 miles I've driven it. I drove it across NY from Buffalo to NYC.

The car is in beautiful condition. There is only minimal rust. With the care and preventative maintenance I had taken with the car, it would have lasted me to 300k; these old 4.6l v8's are built like tank engines.

Re: My escort please help

what fuse keeps blowing? does it have anything written by the fuse or a fuse number? What fuse box? Inside the passenger compartment or in the engine compartment?

if it's the 30A fuel injector fuse, it powers up the pcm power relay and the fuel pump relay and goes to the alternator.

does it blow right away or does it take some time? If it blows right away, you have to look for a short to ground in the circuits. If it blows after you drive for a while you may have to separate the circuits and see if you can narrow down what circuit is the problem.

it's going to be tough to find if it takes a while to blow the fuse. You will need something that can measure the amp draw on the different circuits while the car is driven and see how much the draw is. Try looking at the wire harness for anywhere it might rub on the engine or the body and rub through. Wiggle the harness to see if you can make it blow the fuse.

a direct short would be easier to find. They make tools that send a tone through the circuit and you can follow the wiring until the signal stops and that's where you look for the short.

'97 Mercury Sable-How to Refill Coolant After Overheating

'97 Mercury Sable, V6 Engine, (pretty sure it's the Vulcan engine, it's the one 87% of them have, not the other).Since the heater was leaking, I had someone bypass the heater until I put a new one in, which I didn't do, (only use the car for very short trips into town). Was driving yesterday and the serpentine belt slipped off. suddenly the car became hard to steer, I noticed it was overheating, and the battery light went on. I pulled into a supermarket parking lot, got the permission to leave it overnight, and am borrowing my cousin's car. The engine temp dial showed it went very near the top, and when I opened the hood the overflow reservoir had leaked coolant all over, (which I expected).

Surprisingly, the belt is not broken, only stretched a great deal. I had no problem fitting the belt back on according the diagram on the inside of the hood, only of course there is too much slack. Assuming I have no problem putting a new serpentine belt back on, I was just wondering about two things.

1. Assuming the water pump is fine, (put in a year ago), instead of coolant, can I fill the overfill tank with plain water, then drive the car the 5 miles to my house, drain the system, then refill with water again, drain, and maybe repeat the process again before putting in the coolant/water mixture? I don't know how to reverse flush the system, though I do have a water hose at the house.

2. Can I trust the oil in the car to drive home with? It's due for an oil change anyway, just wondering if overheating the engine might have destroyed the viscosity of the oil so it shouldn't be driven even 5 miles.

Any advice is sincerely appreciated.

2004 pontiac grand prix throttle position sensor

I took my car to pep boys and they told me the throttle position sensor and the accelerator pedal needs to be replaced. Though I just replaced the pedal a few weeks ago. Auto zone told me that the throttle position sensor cant be replaced, it has to be the entire throttle assembly. Yet they sell the position sensor online that is an exact fit for my car. Advance auto parts sells the exact fit for my car as well. So how do I know if I need to replace the entire assembly or just the sensor. Especially since the sensor cost roughly $350 and the pedal sensor was about $55.00. Pep boys was goona replace both for 500. and the sensor part that they quoted me for was only $150. Help someone, anyone.

I can attach photos of engine if clarity is needed.

2007 ford freestyle wrench light comes on and will not shift

my 2007 ford freestyle wrench light comes on and I can start off but the vehicle will not shift into drive , so while driving, I turn the ignition switch off and right back on the wrench light goes off and it will then shift. But once I stop and turn the vehicle off the wrench light comes on again and I have to repeat the process?

I noticed that the vehicle started a noise (helicopter) if in park or in neutral, but noise would go away if in reverse, low or drive.

Any thoughts as to what part/parts have failed?

Re: 2005 lincoln town car headlight

No you don't have to take the whole bumper off. You do have to take the side of the bumper loose though.

Ford Contour PCV Valve replacement

OK, I own a 1998 ford contour 4-cylinder. That I have to replace the

PCV valve. This is not an easy part to change on this vehicle.

It is located up front next to the Exhaust Manifold. However, there is an Exhaust Manifold Cover in the way. The Problem is that the bolts are siezed.

What I want to know is, do I need the cover? Can I torch or cut it off and won't have any problems?

Re: fan motor/heater core

it would be better to find out what is leaking and fix that. Is the leak coolant or is it water from condensation collection from the evaporator?

if it is water, check the drain for the heater box that goes outside. It's probably plugged up

1998 ford contour elec door locks

my driver door is locked. I can hear the motor working when I push lock .when I push unlock no noise no nothing. the other 3 doors are fine. could be a fuse? relay? if so where would it be located ? please help

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