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My 2001 Continental would not start. It cranked good. I put the pedal to the floor, it started and smoked for a few seconds. After the smoked cleared, it idled good and ran good. I drove it locally and at highway speeds. It ran fine. I drove it daily with no problems. Should I be concerned?

1987 mustang gt convertible

1987 mustang gt won't start without starting fluid. Once it starts, it sounds like it has a radical cam then dies

Re: 2005 lincoln town car headlight

No you don't have to take the whole bumper off. You do have to take the side of the bumper loose though.

1998 ford contour elec door locks

my driver door is locked. I can hear the motor working when I push lock .when I push unlock no noise no nothing. the other 3 doors are fine. could be a fuse? relay? if so where would it be located ? please help

Ford Taurus Just Stops running

my 1998 ford taurus station wagon dies after I drive it for 10 minutes and the battery light comes on. After I wait for a few hours it starts right up! It been leaking oil from somewhere? Check oils all OK.

resetting codes new speed sensor 98 mustang 3.8L 6 cylinder

A diagnostic scanner reported a bad speed sensor, so i replaced it with a new one. There was no improvement, and i was told the old codes needed to be deleted and allowed to reset. How is this done? No one seems to know and i havent been able to find any videos on youtube for it.

Re: 2006 Freestyle ABS issue

If everything was working normally before I would go over the work that was done. If you did it yourself, go back and recheck everything. If you had a shop do it, take it back to them.

What should be done is have your vehicle scanned for codes and graph the wheel speed sensors to see what they are doing.

High revs when clutch depressed

[b]I have a 1998 1.8 zeetec petrol ford focus. I have a problem that when I press the clutch in, the revs go high until the selected gear is engaged when it returns to a reasonable level. When in neutral the revs idle normally and the engine is smooth. It only happens when the clutch is depressed. any help would be appreciated. Thank You in anticipation


Cruise control problem on a 2004 Ford Freestar

2004 Ford Freestar with a 4.2 engine has a cruise control that is no longer working and the diagnoses is that the Brake Fluid Control Switch is bad. The brake fluid control switch is in the brake fluid reservoir but I am having a problem in removing the switch. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove and replace the switch and not damage the Brake Fluid reservoir? There is a two wire connector attached to the switch.

mercury villager 2000 air conditioner

Trying to locate the orfice for the air conditioner has front and rear air need to change it built too much pressure on high pressure hose believe its plugged up and need to change also will I need to run somthing through the line to clean it out. You might ask how I know that it built up too much pressure on the high end well it blew up the high

pressue line.

96 ford mustang brake fluid in steering

I let my dad borrow my car & it had a power steering leak. He fixed it, but he used brake fluid to fill it. Is this a big problem or should I have my power steering drained & filled.

1993 Mercury Sable Radio Wiring

I'm about to buy a new stereo to replace the original in my 93 Sable and was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram for the stereo on this make/model. I have 2 wiring harnesses connected to the current original stereo, as well as another connector that is for two blue/red wires. The two connectors have these wires going into them:

Black Connector:









Grey connector:










So basically I'm just trying to figure out the functions of each of these wires. My replacement stereo needs connections for: Amp Turn-on, Illumination, 12v battery, 12v ignition, ground, and +/- for the front left/right and rear left/right speakers. Thanks!

P0451 DTC on 2004 Taurus (Vulcan)

My '04 Taurus has about 155K and CEL came on. Code is 0451 FTP (fuel tank pressure sensor)

Since you have to lower the tank to get to the sensor I am trying to do some trouble shooting first.

When I first purchased the car there was a loud "woosh" when you removed the fuel filler cap.

It doesn't do that any more.

I have cleaned the cap and it seems to be OK, fits tight and "clicks" as it should when you tighten it.

I tried putting a piece of cling wrap over the fuel filler. Nothing, no noticable pressure or vacuum at idle.

Something strange: with the filler cap off, a tapping sound coming from inside the tank after idling for a few minutes.

Lasts 5 or 6 seconds, stops for 10 seconds, starts again.

I believe if tank pressure is too high I should get a P0453 code, if pressure is too low, P0452

I don't seem to have any pressure or vacuum and I'm getting P0451

Any help would be appreciated. JayKay aka John


I have a 2002 Lincoln Town Car ... It seems that the gas tank is not venting and eventually collapses inward and the car stalls out ... and the gas station attendants can not add more than about 6 or 7 gallons before it kicks off ...3 mechanics thus far, including a Lincoln dealer, have not been able to fix ... they tell me they get no 'codes' ... one told me to drive without the gas cap so it will be able to vent ...

anyone ever had this type of problem? .... I am in the Ramsey, NJ area if anyone knows a mechanic good with Lincolns ...[/color]

Re: 1993 Mercury Sable - Turn Signals Not Working

have you tried replacing the flasher? Behind left side of the dash above the fuse block

Re: 2004 Taurus car won't start! HELP!!!!

It tries to start when I turn the key. I smell gas when I'm trying to start it, so I'm assuming it's getting gas. The lights come on when you turn the key on, dash lights also. However, the theft dash light comes on when I try to start it, not sure if it's always done that.

Town Car A/C not working

2001 Lincoln Town Car - A/C stopped working. Replaced fan, still not working. Nothing comes out. Check fuses also. Any ideas?

Re: zx2 at idle makes a sound like a constant tone

try using a stethoscope and listen to the compressor. clutch bearing my be making noise. compressor may be making a slightly different noise engaged. idler pulley, tensioner pulley the make a whirring to rumbling sound when they are getting worn. Take the belt off and start up the engine for just a few seconds. if the noise is gone shut the engine off and spin the pulleys by hand. a bad pulley will make the noise when you spin them by hand

Ford Focus High idle, stalls, battery light on

I hope someone can give me an idea whats wrong with my car. I have an 02 Ford Focus zx3, for a little while my car has been jerking back and forth while I'm driving down the road but only on occasion and just for a second or two. But now it has started to idle high even after its warmed up. Its been idling between 1200 and 2100 RPM's. It also has started to stall when I stop at a stop sign or light and the battery light came on a few days ago but it goes out if the RPMs are above 2000. The battery is less than 6 months old and so is the alternator but I went ahead and did a load test on the battery. The battery tested good. I checked the alternator with a voltmeter at the battery, its charging around 15v. I have checked for any loose or cracked vacuum hoses with no luck. The check engine light has not come on so I don't have any codes to point me in the right direction. Thanks for any constructive input.

Re: Ford Taurus auto trans issues?

when does the shifting problem occur and what does it do? shift hard, slip, go in and out of gear? is it every shift or only at highway speed? you may want to have the trans scanned for codes or pending codes. It may not even be a trans issue if you are having a misfire it could jerk the vehicle under light loads at highway speed.

Fuel injector question

96 ford thunderbird lx 4.6 engine v8. Could one bad fuel injector cause my engine to shut off when put in drive or reverse but only when the engine is warm?

2005 ford free star

How to change spark plugs

Mercury villager 2000 Rough idle white smoke

Now that I got my van to start again an old problem that hadn't showed it ugly head until I cleaned and repaired oil leaks and cleaned trottle body. When starting in cold weather it idles rough and exhaust is white also a very bad oder is present from the looks of it I have a coolent leak I determined that it could be one of these bad head gasket , cracked head or egr spacer plate how do I pin point the problem ? Noticed that intake manifold and egr ports had more than just light carbon when cleaned.

Car makes fast clicking noise and doesn't start

I cannot get my mother's 2003 [url=][b]Ford[/b][/url] Taurus to start.The lights come on and normal alarms.The battery cables are making good connection.It makes a fast clicking noise when trying to start.I guessed it is either the alternator or starter,but I am not a mechanic. Thanks

05 mustang gt battery draw, batt dies after charging 12hs

I own a mustang gt and was in a driver side radiator core support, new upper apron new hood and new fender and headlight! I recently noticed I have a bad battery draw, I would charge it overnight on 2amps and it would go from 12.8v to 9.8v just being hooked up in hrs and my alternator works fine .....the only way I know how to diagnose this type of electrical problem is to disconnect the neg. battery, put a test light or multimeter on eithet/both neg. ends (batt and the battery clamp while having them separated) then star pulling fuses, relays and connectors until the light goes out or gets very dimm (test light that is)......due to memory I know a small glow is acceptable! Is there an easier, faster or different was to find a draw. I have a genisys scan tool and everything seems normal, no engine light and all moniters pass but I have 3 codes that will keep coming back KOEO and I'v been getting these same three codes for years now so i dont think they have anything to do with the problem........They are B 2477 (2) If I remember correctly they have to do with not being calibrated with my cars vin and or no controller ID for the radio (audio) and the other is a 3rd upper brake light failure (gem/ctm) which I believe is due to not having a bulb in the socket because of a ducktail spoiler which covers the light anyway so I took it out. Can anyone help me? Also what is an acceptable draw 350 milli amps? What else can cause a draw besides something being left on a broken part or a pinched wire or bad alternator? Sorry for the long question but the more info the better...... Follow up question is the stock grounds enough I.e ground strap from engine to fire wall and smaller misc ones or will adding more be a worth while idea? Please help any info is better than none! Tanks -Mike

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