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2018 ChevyCruze Premier, Missfire at lower speeds, But when i step on accelator hard it doesn,t missfire?

Chevy malibu

I am trying to find and change the knock sensor on my 2013 malibu turbocharge

2007 cobalt

2007 chevy cobalt. engine light on, say engine power reduced and rpm needle jumps and car engine kind of shakes and jerks even when idling. i have a very basic obd meter that shows codes p0123 and po223. i have replaced the throttle body and the map sensor.

dropped throttle body cleaner straw in throttle body

Will this harm the engine if a start it?

2003 Chevy trailblazer solenoids

I have a 2003 Chevy trailblazer and I need to know exactly how many solenoids and what they are called it has in the transmission

1993 Camaro Z28 no start or crank issue

I've had this Camaro for about 2 years now The first year and a half I drove it everyday.

Then I had a TV cable issue where it wouldn't shift out of first gear and burnt up my 700R4 transmission so I'll rebuilt it but now I've got a no start or crank issue I turn the key and nothing I've already bypassed the vats security system by using the chip in my key I'm tying it into the wires under the dash that go to the security system. Starter is good I've checked it but it had a viper alarm system installed before I purchased it and it never worked right so I've went ahead and unhooked it and spliced the wires that it was hooked to back to factory the best I could I've got a Gray and black wire that I have no idea what it ties into and now my automatic door locks on the passenger side do not work and my interior lights are staying on all the time and my RAP doesn't seem to be functioning right either but still no start issue no crank I think I'm going to try to bypass the theft relay that is by the hatch button on the passenger side dash but I don't know what wires to hook together to bypass that any help would be awesome I love to get this thing back on the road

1996 camaro 3.8 skip

hi i have a 96 camaro 3.8 just bought it has a skip when i short out cyl with test light first cyl passenger side does not make much of a difference all the rest do .checked comp 145 changed spark plugs ,wires eng mod. and coils . no change . now the last coil has no spark at all changed it and no difference dont know where to go from here i guess i have been getting bad advice thank you for the time to Lisson to me

2012 Chevy Cruze eco

I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco 1.4L turbo charged engine with a manual transmission. My problems began 2 weeks ago when while driving the 30 miles to work I randomly got an “engine power reduced” message and the car wouldn’t accelerate over 15 mph. I attempted different gears, releasing then re-engaging the accelerator but all yielded the same result. After calling my coworker to swoop in, and save the day by picking me up, I pulled the vehicle into a parking lot and killed the engine. While gathering my necessary belongings it occurred to me that this could have been cause by an electrical short or failure which might self resolve if I recranked it so I did. Everything was normal and I was able to continue the commute to work without incident. A few days later during the same commute I caught a slight whiff of oil burning and upon arriving at work noticed smoke coming from under the hood. Opening the hood would reveal that the oil cap had been blown off and oil shot all over the engine. Keep in mind it has been 3 months since my last oil change but I suppose it’s possible that they did not reattach the cap correctly. Added oil and replaced the cap which I luckily found caught below the engine. Later that evening upon starting the car all the gauge needles shot all the way to the right, then back again and the car died. Several attempts to restart it yielded a no crank no start condition. As I began to pull out the jump box my son said mom try it one more time which I did and it cranked right up. This exact situation occurred randomly 3-4 more times over the next 2 days. Friday morning it did this again. After waiting a few minutes the car started and began driving normally. Then the engine power reduced flashed up on the screen and i immediately killed the car where it was and waited. I restarted it again and the anti theft warning flashed up on the screen. Once again I killed the car, restarted it, and a new traction control warning was displayed. I killed the car again and was able to restart it and drive 5 miles to the gas station without further incident. Attempting to leave the station proved more difficult beginning with the car dying immediately after start and not cranking for longer than 5 minutes. Then it started and died while I was reversing out of the space and since it wouldn’t crank I opted to push it backwards out of the way. After waiting a while I was finally able to start and drive the vehicle but as I turned out of the gas station “service power steering” warning came on the screen and I had no power steering

All the way to my street where I finally killed it and restarted it with no issue. I dropped my son off and proceeded to head to work but within 12 miles I got the engine temp too high A/C off warning (fyi a/c wasn’t even on) I immediately pulled off and killed the engine before the guard reached H. When I opened the hood I discovered that water was everywhere and the overflow hose going to the overflow bottle has been blown off and was sitting on top of the engine along with the 2 o-rings. I left the car, got a ride to work and bought a thermostat after work to put on it. After replacing Taft the car weak cranks but won’t kick off

I just bought the car in March and have had no issues with it. It does have 165k miles though and I’ve been wanting to take it in for regular maintenance/ check up but haven’t been able to afford to do so. Regular oil changes only and I replaced the water flow outlet and that overflow hose which blew off last month when it overheated and was Spraying water out a crack in the side. I’m wondering if this could be the anti theft system or the ignition coil pack.

2011 Chevrolet Equinox shutting off when running

Car stalls when running. Does it several times or goes for a while and not at all.

Oil leak

I just changed the valve cover and gaskets on my 2014 Chevy Cruze. It’s still leaking oil. Now what?


what are the codes that you are getting?

2001 chevy impala wont go over 35 mph

Okay so about 6 months ago we purchased a 2001 chevy impala that had been sitting for a couple years. They did not know what was wrong with it so we got it cheap but the problem is we have never been able to get it to go above 35-40 mph. The security light is on, on the dash we have tried a couple different things that we have found online to reset it but cannot seem to get it out of what ever funk it is in. It starts and runs but it wont shift out of 1st and 2nd gear. Is this a transmission problem or is there something we can do to fix it? That Is cheap and easy? It does have a recall on a part of the car and needs to be serviced would this have anything to do with that? Please HELP any information you can give us is much appreciated as we are on a fixed income at this time and have two babies.

2006 Chevy Impala won't start

Chipped key for the car will not start the car anti-theft indicator off check engine light airbag lights on not flashing when attempted to start you get one click there's power to the radio windows and headlights the power to the battery reads like 13 right now we unplug the battery doing the 30-minute wait and seeing if it resets the CPU to see if the car will start story is I locked my vehicle went into 7-Eleven I came out use the key to unlock my door guardian we just started one click cars doing nothing else I look over to the right my passenger door is unlocked I believe somebody attempted to steal my vehicle and the anti-theft was engaged and yet there's no indicator on the dashboard there's nothing wrong with the key I've had this car for a year I also I forgot I also tried to jump start it and that didn't work either

Re: 06 HHR Hard shift from park Into drive or reverse

is your check engine light on?

Re: 2006 equinox rocker arm specs in ft pounds

tighten the rocker arm bolts to 24 lb ft (32 N.m)

Re: Installing new cylinder heads on 2001 Chevrolet Impala 3.4 Vin code E. Are they just bolt down and go?

the torque specs have a revision. the revision says to replace with new head bolts. (common becuase the bolts are torque to yield) Torque the new head bolts to 60 Nm (44 ftlb) Once they are all torqued to spec, using a torque angle meter, rotate the bolts an additional 95 degrees.

since you are asking about torque specs I thought I might mention that the intake and exhaust push rods are different lengths. Make sure you put them in the correct order or you could damage the engine you put so much work into.

For pushrod locations and specs. see this link...

Car dies when put in gear

When I start my 2015 chevy malibu and put in gear it dies. And battery is drained.

2007 trailblazer low beams not working fuses ck ok

2007 trailblazer SS day time lights & low beam not working checked & replaced bulbs ,fuses ok ? still no high beams lights work turn signals work is tere a relay some were bad !

Re: van

If you have a no crank and no lights verify that you have battery voltage ay the battery terminals. If you have 12.5 volts at the two posts of the battery then you need to track down the open circuit. Could be the negative or the positive side.

If the battery is dead then charge the battery and look for a draw on the battery. Something is draining the battery down.

Camaro 1994 3.4 24x sensor

Hello, i have 1994 camaro v6. It starts and then after couple or more seconds (or if i press gas pedal) shuts off. Obd1 diagnostic shows 36 code for 24x crank sensor. I tried to test it with multimeter and it will not show any signs of life. All wires are good, sensor gets 12v ground and signal wire to pcm is okay also. I changed pcm and nothing changed. Changed crank sensor and nothing. Then i tried to put a3144 hall efect sensor but still no change. If you have any clue whats wrong please help!

Re: Head gasket??????

if it looks like a pressure hose that's leaking what does it go to on each end? Can you see oil squirting out? Does it just have oil on the hose and it's dripping off the hose?

If the leak is coming from a hose what makes you think of a head gasket problem?

Re: Serpentine belt

make, model and engine size would be needed to view the belt routing.

I have replaced some serpentine belts to bypass the AC compressor when the compressor went bad and they didn't want to fix it but needed to drive the car but Never tried to bypass the power steering before. Why would you want to not have power steering?

Most power steering vehicles (that the power steering isn't working) are harder to drive than manual steering cars.

Newer cars tie in the braking to the steering system. Traction control will activate during normal driving and cornering. Power steering not working may affect handling more than just steering.

Re: 2000 malibu camshaft position sensor location

Here is a picture of the engine

Vacuum Hose Location

[image][/image]There are two openings under the throttle body plate for hoses don't know which one goes where what hose comes in the firewall one comes from the water pump is which one goes on the left which one goes in the right or does it matter

Re: ABS code c1233 impala

C1233 is set when the brake computer sees that the right front speed sensor is open or shorted. If you have the scanner that you read the code with, can it graph the sensors? What would be good is if you can graph the wheel speed sensors and see what data they show. Most likely, you won't have any right front signal. It could be a bad wheel bearing. (sensor is built into the bearing) It could be a break in the wheel speed sensor wiring. It's not uncommon for the harness that goes to the sensor to break where it is always bending when the vehicle goes over bumps and when turning.

If you see that you have no sensor signal for the R/F sensor, I would jack up the front of the car and unplug the wheel speed sensor wiring and use a volt meter in the sensor. Connect to the two prongs that go to the sensor and turn the wheel hub. you should see the rotation by spikes in voltage. The faster you turn the more you see the meter move. Check the right and left side. see if they both look the same when you turn them. If the left side looks normal (it should since you don't have a code for the left) does it look like the right side? If you don't have a signal from the right side then you probably need to replace the wheel bearing. If you replace the bearing I would go ahead and replace the wire harness for that sensor too. Since your there anyways.

If the right sensor looks good and matches the left side when you turn the hub, then plug the sensors back in and look at the scanner while the hub turns. Does it match what you saw when you measured the sensors? If you don't get the same signal at the computer that you got at the sensor then most likely you have a broken wire in the wire harness. The harness that connects to the wheel speed sensor is a wire that plugs into the sensor just goes from the sensor to the main harness. It doesn't go all the way to the computer. So it's not too bad to change. Just make sure that you run it the exact same as the old one comes out. This way it won't rub or chafe in other components.

Jacking up the vehicle: make sure the parking brake is on. Make sure you have safe jack stands under the vehicle. Be safe. Do not test the sensors with the engine running. Testing at the sensors is with the engine off key off. Testing the signal to the computer is with the key on and the engine off.

let me know what you find out.

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