3800 v6 engine in pontiac, chevy, oldsmobile, buick. Operation and description.
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where is camshaft position sensor.
The camshaft position sensor on the 3800 V6 is located
on the front timing cover. Behind the water pump pulley.
If looking straight at the water pump, it is a little to the left.
location of speed sensor
where is the oil pressure sensor?
That depends on which speed sensor you are referring
to. The vehicle speed sensor is located on the output of
the trans. ABS speed sensors are located at every wheel.
On the 3800 engine, it is located behind the power
steering pump, on the engine block.
color of the 2 wires connected to IAT sensor on grand pix 2006 V6
if the gasket under the PCV valve cover is leaking is the engine shot
Not sure why you are asking this. If the small gasket
under the PCV cover is bad- which is not a gasket, it is
an O ring-  then the seal is JUST bad, and is causing
whatever problem your engine is having. It is not the sign
of a bad engine.
were is the fuel vapor hose tube located on a 1999 Grand prix ct 3800 6 cyl.
Where is the
Oxygen Sensor?  Bank 1 sensor 2 to be exact.
That sensor is the one behind the catalytic converter.
Where is the crank position sensor located?
The crankshaft position sensor (CKP) is located behind
the crank pulley on the front of the engine.
I need vacuum line info on 3800 6 cyl supercharged engine.
3.8 2002
Buick Spark plugs black now likes you start runs for a second then
dies as good feel pressure.
Check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator. That would cause it to stall and run
rich, which would turn the plugs black from fuel.
It is easy to replace Camshaft Position sensor? As mention above it's behind the
water pump pulley. Thanks Sam
can you substitute water for antifreeze in a 3800 V6
If the system is all water, it will freeze. On the other hand,
when hot it will boil over easier. Coolant prevents
freezing as well as raising the boiling point of water.
Is there a sensor on or for my power steering pump or I dont have one.
Most 3800 engines do not have a sensor on the pump. If it did, it would be
visible from under the car.
There is no EGR on my 3800 or a place for one ever heard of that
Yes. What make, model and year vehicle?
On a 3800 V6, Series II, VIN K, does the DIS alternate polarity of the coil when
firing each set of companion cylinders? Thanks.
Not really alternating polarity. The module powers one
side of the coil, while the other side becomes the ground.
Then when the other tower needs to fire, it is switched.
What would be a resistance range for the temperature sensor? I have a reading
of 352 ohms and my gauge always stay at the lowest point.
Coolant does little for boil-over protection, only increases by 8* with a 15#
radiator cap. Water actually conducts heat better than a mixture; about 20% of
the cooling system capacity is due to the decrease in heat transfer.
However; antifreeze has many additives in it which keep the water pump lubed
and reduce corrosion. Antifreeze is also needed in summer believe it or not...
You can freeze a heater coil on some cars with the AC
I have a 2003
Pontiac Grand Prix with the same problem. It is the ECM. I have
not change it yet. To by pass it DO NOT USE THE REMOTE KEY AT ALL, AND
THE DOOR. Been driving for 6 months now no problem. The ECM is also VIN
SPECIFIC, about 450.00. Dealer is the only one to install because they have to
be calibrated when installed. When you use the remote or the electric lock
button it send a message to the ECM. Because it is gone bad it acts as if
someone has stolen the car and shuts it off after a couple seconds of running.
That is why you can't use the remote or electric locks.
Can anyone pinpoint the location of the vacuum hoses on this picture?
I as a courtesy, recommend that any person whom has torn the engine down to
the point where they can replace the head gasket or intake. Please take the
time to replace the seal that terminates the distributor. If u do not do this and a
leek begins, removal of the upper intake in the very least will be necessary.
Where is the transmission control solenoid located on an
Pontiac Bonneville
All transmission solenoids are inside the sidecover of the
trans. But it depends on which one you are looking for.
Shift solenoid A, B, pressure control, ETC.
Can engine coolant temp sensor display correctly and still provide bad info to
the PCM such that when warmed up, the engine idles at 2,500 RPM?  Replaced
the TPS and IAC sensors, fixed coolant leak at intake manifold-to-throttle body
interface, checked sensor connections, and had PCM reprogrammed but still
idles fast after warmed up...seems less frequent on cool days.
Yes, if you have 2 different sensor- one for the
gauge/light, and one for the computer. Check for vacuum
What is the OHM of the pressure sender for the oil is it between 10 and 180.
Yes, that is within the correct range.
Does this engine have a cruse control sensor?
There is no sensor that you are asking about. If the
system doesn't work you need to check that I can brake
switch and vehicle speed sensors.
Where would I locate a map sensor on a 99 Buick LeSabre? I have no idea
about cars. LOL.
Click this link for Sensor Locations.
Own a 1989 Buick Park Avenue 3.8l V6. Check engine code says cam sensor
and repair shop says it fell out.  Car starts but runs a bit rough.  They want
$800 and to change timing gear and chain kit...will car continue to run? Or can I
just replace cam sensor?
The part that failed is not the cam sensor, it is the
magnet that the sensor reads. The magnet is on the cam
gear. You can run without it, but may be hard to start.
i have a 89 Pontiac Bonneville LE with 3800 engine. The engine bucks on quick
acceleration,hesitates,hard starting,performance bad,jerking,timing seems off.
Changed fuel filter and control module,fuel pump what is the problem? Would
throttle position sensor,or the knock sensor be the solution?
Yes, it could be a stretched timing chain. But do the
basics first. Check plug wires, spark plugs, coils. A
throttle sensor could do it, but not the knock sensor.
I have a 1989 oldsmobile royal. V6 engine  3.8  liter .Where is the engine
temperature sensor.
It should be located in a similar location as the 3800 coolant temperature sensor.
We have a 2001 Pontiac grand am gt 3.4 that is shifting hard in reverse then to
drive. Replaced the PCS and now it is shifting harder than it was before.
Transmission is fine otherwise. Changed fluid and filter, ran Seafom trams
cleaner thru it. Still doing it. Now looking at the mass air flow censor. Question is
I have been told by several tranny "experts" that the hose from the
mass air flow censor could have a vacuum leak. Looking at this one in this car
and not finding this little hose they are talking about. Any ideas where it could
be at?
Is there a special way to remove lower intake manifold from series II engine with
thick aluminum gaskets.
No special way to remove them. They come off just like
3800 engine.
Coolant leak under throttle body.
OK. Throttle body gasket leaking, lower intake manifold,
or coolant port cover.

3800 Engine Operation And Components

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Question: do you know what the tubing is called that goes from the top of the throttle body to the back side of the manifold?

Answer: What model in your vehicle are you talking about?

2002 buick century 3.1L.

The black plastic tube?


If I remember correctly that tube goes to the top of the rear valve cover.


I think they just call that the valve cover breather tube.

I have looked numerous places and cannot find a replacement for it.  the rubber bushing (or whatever you call it) is warn and does not
have a good seal.

Yes, that is a very common problem with that tube. Your best bet is to just go to any GM dealership. They will know exactly what you're
talking about. You may have to buy a kit which includes that tube and that seal.

Ok, great, thank you for the help.

You're welcome.