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2003 Ford Sport Trac

Purchased a 2003 Ford Sport Trac, low miles but it sat undriven for a year. Brake lights were out, changed the bulbs and they worked again, then went out the next day. Fuse is not blown so we change the brake light switch. They were working and then this morning they stopped working again. Another weird thing that may or may not be related, the blinkers seem to not work in the mornings, like, no click or anything at all and I heard a bit of an electrical short sound one morning when I was trying to turn them on. Only things I've found are possibly a ground wire(where?!) And something about a bad blinker switch can cause brake lights to act up? I don't know, someone help?

2009 ford explorer wont crank

I have a 2009 ford explorer that will not crank over All dash lights are on turn key nothing Security light is blinking fast tried reset the key using ford procedure using door then ignition switch Checked all fuses and breakers every thing is good tried using cheap code reader but reader says it cant find car but reader works in other car Could reader plug be dead also

please help

thank you Bob

f150 Fuel Pump Driver Module

2010 F150 started stalling and running very rough. took to shop to have diagnosed. He said it needed a Fuel Pump driver Module. so I changed the Fuel pump driver module and truck ran great for two weeks, then it started doing same thing again. I changed the fuel pimp driver module once again. and it ran great for two weeks. NOW it is doing same thing AGAIN. I am confident it would run great if I changed it again. but what is causing these to fail. thank you

Starter turning over without key

I have a 2001 Ford F-250 7.3 diesel the starter is turning over without key In the ignition

03 Ford expedition trac light

I have 03 expedition and my traction control/stability light is flashing and I believe my 4x4 isn't working due to that. Now when I change it to 4x4L I do feel the vehicle jerk as it should but still doesn't feel like 4x4 is working properly because I'm still fish tailing....what can I do or fix

Chewing up starters

Recently replaced the trans in my 80 Ford f100 Ranger. 351w c6 trans. Started eating up starters,so I changed the flexplate and starter and it is still eating them up after only 10 cranks tops.Does it need to be shimmed or is there a deeper problem?

F150 battery makes a sizzle sound

I have a Ford f150 4/4 xl 4.9 it won't start new battery new solonid new starter my problem is when I put the negative cable on the battery the positive wire makes a sizzling sound can you help

Hot battery cable

Hi my alternater and negative battery cable gets really hot after running for a short time ford Explorer 2004

Ford F-350 Truck Illuminated Emblems

Hello, I'm looking for an Illuminated Emblems for my Ford F-350 Truck. I saw Recon Emblems but they are too costly. Can anyone please guide me to get the best quality at reasonable price. Thank You.

Ford F-250 Accessories

Good day to you folks on this forum. I'm interested in buying a Ford Accessories for my F-250 truck model year 2011. If anyone has a good deal regarding the same.

Thank you.

2003 ford escape xlt car will not start no power

I had my car parked for a year without the battery installed. I came back to town and bought new battery installed it and car started up no problem. I drove it two or three times very short distance no problem. This morning I went to start and completely drained. I could not use key fob to unlock, I had to unlock manually. I used a multi meter to check battery and got a reading of 1.53. Had a friend come over and attempt to jump battery. Lights and gauges all came on but when trying to start all I got was click click click, more than what I got before. So I let it charge for a about ten minutes. I used the meter to check again now voltage read 11.66.

Still no start only clicking. I then unhooked cables. As soon as I unhooked them I then had to manually lock my doors I was back to no lights no nothing. Not understanding why it would instantly lose power. And why did this happen all the sudden?. I went and bought another battery installed it. The lights didnt even flicker on . It showed no sign of power . I have a viper alarm 3305v model. It responds normal when the car was trying to be jumped . But again as soon as we took the cables off all was dead, Then my friend put his battery in and it drained it instantly we had to jump his car.

What engine do I have?

1992 Ford F250 4WD V8 Gasoline. Is there any way of finding out which engine is in the truck?

93 ranger 4.o

My truck is not getting up to speed properly and has white smoke coming out of tail pipe and valve covers if open oil dipstick or oil cap. The catalytic converter has been already been replace last week. Any ideas of my problem.

running board lights

had car towed to mechanic had battery charged when i picked up my 99 ford exlporer, now the running board lights wont light when i hit the remote, and also interior dome light dosent go on when i open the door it worked when i brought it in what can be causing this and what can i do

93 f150 fuel problem need answers

Have a 93 Ford f150 dual tanks had it running one day and the next day wouldn't start it's a fuel problem, none getting to the engine any suggestions

95 ford fuel system 5.8 f350

truck runs perfect when cold. when it warms up fuel pump stops working. relay is good in fuse box. any other relays or computers that would shut down the fuel pump?

99' Ford Explorer Sport turn signal multi switch

I'm searching for the color diagram for the multi switch. Which color wire goes to which pin.

I'm most interested in pin 1-8.


2004 Ford Expedition oil leak at radiator

With my 2004 Expedition,(5.3-auto), I am having difficulty with an oil leak from the hoses/connectors to the oil cooler at radiator.

The snap plastic connectors which attach the metal oil lines to the oil cooler leak just enough to coat the underwood with mist attracting dirt/grime as well as causing a slow drip while engine is running.

I have searched for the replacement plastic push in fittings where line inserts into oil cooler.

At this point I m ready to purchase both steel oil lines which I believe have the proper plastic connector fittings with - I think o rings necessary.

Long winded question- can anyone recommend parts vendor who can provide oil lines with appropriate connector fittings for both lines?

In the past I have had poor luck with vendors requiring use of old connectors as well as a reputable mechanic whose "fix" lasted less than 5k miles.

I do almost all work on this vehicle in house and need to identify a good vendor who is knowledgeable and stand by parts-any help advice from someone who had been down this road before is greatly appreciated

Again thanks for any comments/advice

1994 ford bronco xlt 5.8 351 win no heat

So just recently and of course when the temperature outside drops it decided to stop blowing hot air into the cab... the air is still blowing and the switch from cold to hot air still operates just fine. Water level is good and no engine over heating issues... so I'm not sure if it would be the water pump thermostat or heat core.... so curious to see what you guys might think it is...

Wheels locked up

My 2004 F-150, 5.4 triton 3V, wheels locked up my son the other day. He was at work and the vehicle was operating normally. When he got off work, I got the phone call. The front brakes and rotors were definitely overdue for a change...I was planning to do it this week.

When I moved the vehicle back into the parking spot it was like trying to climb over a curb...very pronounced jerking. I needed to get on the gas to get her to move. It sounded like one or more tires were dragging across the pavement. I have messed around trying to do as much of my own maintenance in the past several years, by no means do I declare to be a mechanic, but I'm baffled. It is possible for all the brakes lock up? I'm pretty sure that I didn't have all calipers go bad at once. Master cylinder? Not sure what the technical name is the vacuum module in line with the master cylinder...if that fails due to the lack of engine vacuum, would/could that lock all the brakes, just one, or a pair? Driveline issue? Bearings?

Totally confused!!!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Ford 2010 explorer 4.0 overheating when not accelerating

first thing you want to check is your coolant level. while the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning, open the radiator cap and check how much coolant is in the radiator. low coolant can cause similar symptoms as you are experiencing.

a partially closed thermostat or a plugged up radiator could also exhibit similar symptoms. When the engine is idling there is very low circulation from the water pump. If there are any restrictions like the thermostat or the radiator Or low coolant it will compound the loss of heat dissipation. Once you get moving and rev up the motor, you increase the flow from the water pump and also to air flow through the radiator (as the car moves air is forced through the radiator)

anyways, that's where I would start looking.



88 f150 electrical no dash or ignition power

On my 88 f150 man. Trans.4.9 was running OK but went to start it and nothing does not turn over no dashlights stereo blower motor all dead fused links all good so are fuses touched a hot wire to the power side of stereo and windshield wipers moved dashlights came on then the fuse blew in the panel battery is good headlight and dome lights work

f250 5.4 starts then stall no fuel , changed most fuel parts

I have a tough one , my 06 f250 superduty with a gas 5.4 is stalling right after starting , at first if I started it and pressed the pedal I could keep it running at 2000 rpms but let off and it would stall now it wont even start . it isn't getting fuel even after changing fuel pump , fuel filter , fuel pump drive module , throttle position sensor , fuses and relays are good . it runs as long as I keep spraying starting fluid .

this started out the blue 2 days ago and wont start since

this is the returnless fuel system .

keep in mind that me being tired and dumb that I tried starting the truck by mistake this morning while diagnosing forgetting the air filter assembly , throttle body and intake manifold was off the truck , all unplugged. it threw a bunch of codes

pulled codes and they show

p061b internal control module torque calibration performance

p2106 throttle actuator control system forced limited power

p2110 throttle actuator control system forced limited revs per minute

p0122 throttle / pedal sensor a circuit low input

p0223 throttle / pedal position sensor / switch b circuit high input

p0104 mass air flow circuit intermintent

p2100 throttle actuator control motor circuit open

u1900 control area network communication bus malfunction receive malfunction

cleared all codes and none show up while trying to start it

if I press the pedal the throttle butterfly does open and close

I put inline fuel pressure tester at filter and get 40lbs which should be plenty for a returnless fuel system to start

I can start the motor and it stalls or press pedal and just makes sucking sound though intake and stalls

best that I could I checked wiring and plug connecters , all seem ok

I didn't change the ECU or the fuel rail pressure sensor or pedal sensor yet , getting exspensive

any suggestions would be appreciated

Ford 302 exhaust problem

Hi, a couple months ago I installed a dual Magnaflow exhaust system with no catalytic converters onto my 84 302 ford e150 van. I'm getting very little sound out of the left pipe, the right is nice and loud. But just by putting my hand next to the pipes I can feel the preasure difference. does anyone know what's up ,possibly? Thx

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