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2007 Saturn Vue 2.2L ecotec Vin D

lest week i came out of the gas station started my car and was sitting there and it quit running. i discovered that it jumped the timing. replaced the timing chain the balance shaft chain and all the sprockets and guides as well as the water pump and a used head from the junk yard but still would not start I have spark and gas but it just wont start. I replaced the cam shaft sensor and new injectors but will not start what could it be that is not letting it start

horn problem

i am not a good mechanic i have a 96 saturn sl2 4 cyl it old da problem is da horn works and half da time it dont work da battery is good all electrical system works good wat could be da problem with da horn

Car stutter or something going up some hills.

When I'm going up a steep hill and have to push gas more my car starts to like stutter or something, not all hills but the ones I really have to give gas pedal a good push any help please?

L300 won't start

Got an 05 Saturn L 300 my buddy said sometimes the car would start sometimes it wouldn't it's ran once since I've had it but it turns over fine but won't start its getting fuel to the shrader valve but i don't have a fuel pressure tester has a new fuel pump and I don't know how to check the spark

Re: Air and temperature hand not working

the guy at advance, did he scan the car and get a code? Thermostat is not just if your cr overheats it is also for if your car runs too cold. So, if the scan had a code like P0420 it may be runnig too cold, bad thermostat...

Is your check engine light on?

You should have your HVAC scanned for codes and look at your door actuators, It's possible that your blend door is not working. the blend door is the door that switches between the heater core and the evaporator,

Coolant leak

While I was riding down the road I heard a pop or like I ran over something, and went up the road and pulled over and I noticed water leaking from the front of my car in the middle, and next i noticed coolant leaking from the same area, can anyone help on what this may be? I have a 2008 satrun aura

Saturn Aura gear shift

Hi can anyone tell me why my car started shifting hard when changing gears as driving I don't shift gears it's a automatic car,but when I parked for about 20 mins and drove car again it shifted out right and not hard any help would be greatly appreciated?

Leak after being parked

I have a Saturn Aura 2008 and i have had valve cover gaskets put on new radiator hose and cap, so I just got car back and it was parked a few minutes and I noticed something leaked out after being parked. I wiped it with a white napkin and it looks clearing a way but I know it's not water can anyone help it's on driver side could it be something to do with my heater /air circulation??

Clutch drag and hard shifting

I put a new slave cylinder and clutch kit and my 96 Saturn SL 2. Now, as experiencing clutch drag And shifting hard.What is this from

2000 saturn station wgn

Everytime I come to a stop pr just slow down the engine rumbles, bogs down then shuts off, even if I turn a corner. Then I would have to start it in neutral so I won't get rear ended.What do I do to fix this problem. I've had it in the sop 3-times and they can't seem to find the problem.The funny thing is, there are no codes that come up! some days it runs fine then other days it does it.

My Saturn Astra!

Hello! Something happened with my Saturn Astra. The engine began to run unevenly, appeared to vibrate, and the oil consumption increased. Has anyone encountered this problem? What is the reason?

Acceleration and power problems

My 2002 sl2 saturn just started looking power last night and would go in reverse . This morning ran good and now again no acceleration power and when I hit the window buttons or push on breaks power bogs down .

Leaking intake coolant hose

Replaced old coolant hose from intake to heater core.Still leaking at intake stem and hose.New clamp,checked to make sure it was tight.Took hose off and checked for crack in stem,looked ok.Still leaking at same area as old hose so now what?

2006 Saturn Vue intermittent, frustrating problem

My daughters Saturn has 118,000 miles on it. Had a new transmission installed 4 years ago at 47,000 miles. Car sat for 9 days recently, and when she drove it again, got check engine light flashing intermittently. Scan showed misfire Cylinder 3. After clearing it stayed off. Car began to slightly shudder at between 35-50 mph. Took it to mechanic, they put in a new coil for cylinder 3, changed plugs and cleaned injectors. Car ran fine for a day or two, then same problem. Took it to Transmission service, they stated it was not the transmission. They ran diagnostics and drove it for a few days, thought they located problem, they replaced coil number one. Car ran fine for a couple of days and then same problem, now more often when stopped at a red light.

While it is an intermittent problem, it is strange that each time it runs fine for a couple of days and then starts up again.

Not putting any more money into this car, but, any ideas???

As an aside, the car was detailed in and out the day she came back, but, the engine compartment was not touched.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Lots of issues with my 03 Saturn Ion 3 Sedan - automatic

So I have lots of issues going on with my Saturn which has been a great car and would like some advice on how to fix and if I need a mechanic about what is the normal price range so I don't get ripped off since I am a woman.

1) There is now a ticking noise when I start the engine and it is warming up, eventually it goes away. I thought maybe it is an exhaust leak but someone told me it wouldn't tick if it was an exhaust leak. Maybe this is a common Saturn issue?

2) The front end has always been very "clunky" which driving, turning, going over bumps. A mechanic has looked at my car and said the suspension is fine and nothing is loose. I am thinking maybe the front stabilizer bar links or lower control arm bushings are worn? (found that answer on this website just want to confirm)

3) My coolant sensor will not turn off even though the coolant is full. I detached the overfill reservoir and cleaned it out and refilled it and still the sensor goes off. Do I need to replace the overfill reservoir?

4) My car has started to shake when I get up to about 80mph on the freeway - I just got new front tires back in September so do I need to have them remounted and balanced, or rotate them? Maybe an alignment? car seems to drive straight.

5) For the past like 2 years my car sometimes slips out of gear (automatic), doesn't do it all the time is very temperamental. Sometimes I think it gets stuck in a gear too because when I come to a stop the car wants to jerk forward and idles high even if I put it in park or neutral or try to put it into 1st gear. I have been told I have a "sealed" tranny so the oil change place can not do a tranny flush. I had my friend drain what fluid he could and replaced the fluid and that seemed to of helped but now the car is doing it again.

6) When the heater or ac is on it squeaks - how do I get rid of the squeaking?

7) How do I check to see if my belts are still good or if they need to be replaced?

Thank you for your help!

2000 Saturn whinning sound

I tried to start my 2000 Saturn this morning and after I turned the key on it acted like it was going to start then all I could hear was a whinning sound. I have power. I have replaced the starter and still have the whinning sound. Help.

My Saturn ION wont start now

Ive been having issues with my car overheating for a few weeks now, it began with my cooling fan which needed a new plug. Before I could get that fixed it got really hot the other day and was making a funny screaming noise out of the overflow tank and the water was boiling and it caused it stall I let it cool off then started it again to limp it home but it died when the idle fell too low but I was able to limp it home.

Today I tried to start it which took a few tries and even though the car had not been running for over 24 hours the coolant got very very hot and started making the screaming sound after running for only 2 minutes.

Now it wont even turn on. Now I may be just a girl but I know that's all very bad. How can I diagnose my car? Is the engine blown? How to diagnose whats making it overheat? Is it something I can check myself because the mechanic tells me it's this that or the other and it's just gotten worse, he's obviously not fixing jack. Please HELP!!! Please only respond to this if you have experience with this type of issue I don't need anymore problems due to suggestions like,

'try changing your fuses"..." or "have you checked the battery?" no offense meant it's just that I've checked all the basics and I know it's much more serious and internal so I'm not trying to waste mine or anyone elses time. Thank you in advance

02 sensor

I have 01 SC that is reading a code for a bad 02 sensor. My problem is that it won't stay running. I didn't think 02 sensor would keep car from running. Could it be the fuel pump

Trans replacement

I have a 98 SL2 DOHC with a 5 speed. I have an automatic from a 99 SL2 DOHC with computer. Will this auto bolt into my 98?

Girl asking for assistance 01 Saturn L200

Bear with me I'm far from a mechanic so you may have to "dumb it down for me on the automobile lingo" I am however a do it yourself girl so I will attempt to describe my problem a best as I can. I drive an old 2001 Saturn it had the motor replaced a few years back so this one has approx 100k miles. Just recently on the freeway the car felt like it was losing power not getting enough gas to make it go the speed I needed. At the same time the check engine started flashing.

This happened for about 3 minutes then all of a sudden it seemed to get a burst of gas and went just fine until I exited the freeway and came to a stop. It started shaking, sputtering and felt like it was going to die but never did. The next morning I drove it to work 30 miles away no problem. Later that day on the way home same thing as the car and temp got hotter the car started losing power. Seems to happen when it's hot out not so much when it's cool. In my self diagnosis I thought fuel filter, changed that and the next morning ran great. Again in the afternoon same thing but worse so I pulled over and had it towed home. I had it in park revved the engine and realized that at 4k RPMs exactly is the beginning of the lag, it also backfired and smoke came out the exhaust.

Additionally there was a significant gasoline odor inside the vehicle. More research and I decided it was spark plugs, changed those no difference. Now I'm thinking fuel pump or vacuum intake hose. Again all guesses derived from the vast knowledge I received on you tube. Any ideas I really need to stop spending money guessing. I have concluded the outside temp effects it considerably. Thank you in advance.

Saturn Ignition Module

Saturn 2002 L100/2.2L had a misfire, coil pack replaced, runs fine but "service engine soon" light still on and P0340 code comes up. What could be the problem?

2007 saturn vue

Is a 2007 Saturn ion 2.2 engine the same engine as the 2.2 one in a 2007 Saturn vue And are they interchangeable? Thanks CHRIS.

saturn crank sensor question

what happens when a crankshaft sensor goes bad ?

Saturn Sky 2006 the trunk of my car don't open, please help

How can I open the trunk on my sky Saturn. I tried the fuses related to the trunk but still not open please help

saturn engine swap

will a 2000 dohc saturn engine fit in a 1999 sl2 saturn

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