Pontiac grand Prix Tire Pressure And TRAC Lights

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 V6. ABS check tire press and traction TRAC off lights codes C1242 rear ESB will not hold motor. Question:
Why does my pontiac have ABS light with this C1242 code? What is rear esb and how do i fix it?

ESB stands for 'expansion spring brake' and it is internal to the brake modulator assembly. This code is because the piston is slipping in the abs assembly. A common cause for this is that the motor gear nut has loosened up on one or all three and the gear is slipping, therefore not holding the ESB and giving the code.

The cover underneath the motor pack can be removed, and the nuts on the 3 gears checked to see if one is loose. It is also possible that the EBCM (electronic brake control module) is faulty. What needs to be done is have the system hooked up to a scan tool that can read data and control the functions to watch voltage numbers and decide what is at fault.

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1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. ABS, Trac off, check engine, tire pressure. Transmission strainer replaced. Question I need all the lights off. Please tell me what need to be done. Cause every car place I take it to tells me they dont deal with my type of car.

I can't give you an exact diagnosis without knowing what trouble codes are stored in your car. The trac off and ABS codes lights are probably related since the antilock problem will always turn off the traction system and set codes in both becasue the computer cannot control either without knowing the wheel speed. So most likely the cause is a bad wheel speed sensor, the wiring to a sensor or even a bad hub bearing.

There can be a wiring harness problem as well if any moisture has gotten into the harness. The check engine light is on because you have a problem with one or more sensors on the engine/drivetrain. Again, would need the exact codes to help you more. The tire pressure light can be resolved by setting all the tires to the correct pressure, and then resetting the light.

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