Buick Regal Won't Start

1997 Buick Regal gs Engine size 3.8L. SES Light is on. Battery changed four months ago at shop. Car has power but still won't start. When you turn the key you get nothing.

Answer: First be sure to check ALL fuses in all fuse blocks. There is also a crank relay that may be bad. Assuming the battery is good, You need to check for power at the purple wire on the starter as someone tries to crank the engine, If it has power, then the starter is bad. If no power, then you can have a neutral safety switch problem, or look at the dash to see if there is a security or theft light on. If so, you have a problem in the theft system.

buick regal

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1999 Buick Regal My husband borrowed this car from his dad. It had been having some problems before, and while he was using it the car just shut off while he was driving. He was able to restart it several times after it kept shutting down, and oddly it seemed to be every time he would use the blinkers. Now it won't even start, and every time he tries, the whole car makes a terrible noise and all the lights inside start blinking and flashing wildly, and it won't start. What would cause this, and how would it be fixed?

Well, with that many things going on, it leads me to believe they may all be related. Sounds like an electrical problem for sure.

The basics-

Check the battery connections carefully. Make sure they are clean and tight. Make sure the positive or negative lug is not about to fall out of the battery by grabbing hold of the cable at the battery and try to pull it out. The lug may also twist out when trying to tighten the bolt, or you may notice acid leaking.

Could also have a ground problem. Follow the negative cable down to the lower front portion of the engine block and make sure the bolt is tight. Have also seen a few engine wiring harnesses rub through on the bottom of the a/c accumulator (dr. Front of car, next to coolant fan -aluminum tank with 2 a/c lines attached) causing several different electrical problems. Check these things and let me know.

2000 Buick Regal 3800. Check engine light on. Replaced Oxygen sensor's both, gas filter, air filter, oil filter and Mass airflow sensor. Code reader-diagnostic says it is running lean and won't pass smog test.

A common cause for a lean code is a vacuum leak. Be sure the air cleaner duct is secure. Check for vacuum leaks on the engine. Also check for low fuel pressure. That can also cause your code. But is will normally also have driving problems like hard to start, hesitation or running rough.

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